Friday, December 29, 2006

Most fun I've had in awhile!

Long story short: Impromptu ice skating outings with The Boy and two other friends of ours (a total of my three favorite boys who go/went to Celtic Night on Thursdays!) = SO much win. :D

Long Story:Even though I kinda suck at it, crashed into the wall multiple times, and had some pretty interesting near-wipeouts. At least I got slightly better with time. Time to add ice skating to my list of activities that I enjoy doing, even though I'm no good at them! Right up there with laser tag, mini-golf, and bowling (bet you don't know anyone else who spent a game getting strikes every time she fell on her rear!). Hehee....The Boy snickered at me when I said "It's a good thing I enjoy doing the things I suck!"

Heh, discovered in the shower this morning that one of my wall collisions left a bruise on my knee. I shouldn't be surprised, my knees are prone to bruising.

Best part from the outing: When I was taking a 5 minute break from skating (the right skate was angering my poor foot's big toe joint :( ), I spent the whole time leaning on the railing outside of the outdoor skating rink to watch my friends go by. Every time The Boy came past, he slowed down to deliver a drive-by kiss, wink, and skate off again.

Stayed there till it closed (midnight), then hit up a resturaunt/bar so we could warm up, get some hot drinks in us. Cue another comment from me: "I'm just glad to get something hot in me" and much snickering from the rest of the group. The Boy's amused that I'm making double entendre comments now. O:-)

Spent the night at The Boy's....again. It was the second night in a row. Wednesday, he invited me out for dinner and hanging out, but he picked me up at home and I forgot my keys, so was going to be locked out if he dropped me off at home. Neither of us complained about that arrangement, though.

Ear Update!
This'll be the last of these until something "interesting" happens, or I can suddenly hear again.

Went to the doctor today and got my ear looked at again. He was very impressed with the fact that the ear's almost 100% healed, aside from the fluid that's trapped in there still. It'll probably be there for 2-3 more weeks (ugh!!) and told me to keep up with my sudafed and gave me some nasal spray which, I guess, is supposed to help as well. Sinuses are sinuses, after all.

Over all, it doesn't feel like there's glue or jell-o in my ear anymore -- unless I stupidly drop my head below my heart, like when bending over to wrap my hair in a towel or something. I feel pretty much normal!

Well. As normal as I can get. ;)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Knishmas/Christmas! (LOTS to read here)

Hope you readers had a good few days of holiday. Tell me all about what you've done!

As for me, let's sum up the past few days:

Dec 22, Folk Music in Berkley!
Yes, I did go to the Folk Music event in Berkley with The Boy. It was a LOT of fun! Got to hear lots of songs that I didn't know, a few that made me giggle non-stop (particularly the one about the pickles.....I really want the lyics! I bet my brother would love it).

Oh, I also gave him the gift I knitted for him. You can see it in my Craft Blog.

Dec 24 (dubbed "Knishmas Eve" by The Boy)
Family came over at around 1:00, which resulted in putting my brother, sister, and sister-in-law to work decorating cookies before they could have lunch. Eventually, all of the cookies were painted and everyone was fed, and we had lots of chatting and merriment. Niece got picked up from work at 3:30 and came here, which was when we opened presents and stockings. LOTS of fun, as always. :) That day, I got:

- Interchangable Knitting needles (parents)
- 3 DVDs from my sister: Beyond the Sea, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and The Da Vinci Code.
- Lots of entertaining random things in my stocking from various family members.

A quarter to 5:00, and I went over to The Boy's place for dinner. Three other people ended up showing up, so there was a total of 6 of us there (including The Boy's curent houseguest) of which I've known as long as The Boy, one I've known through Friday Night Waltz for awhile, and the other person who showed up I'd met once before. Remember when I mentioned The Boy and his "Friend Of The Same Name" in October? That was him. :)

Dinner consisted of Brisket, mashed potatoes, muffins (made by your's truly), greenbeans, and fruit compote. It was all VERY yummy -- except for the pineapple sparkling wine. That stuff shouldn't exist! Anyway, after dinner, the only other female and myself washed/dried the dishes....she feels in her element while washing, and I love feeling useful while drying things, so it worked out. Once the table was cleared, we played about 5 rounds of "Fluxx"....which is a card game that consists of changing the rules constantly until someone somehow wins. It's fun!

Game over, there was dessert. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Mmmmmm. Then we moved The Boy's 24 inch Mac into the main room and watched 2 DVDs. First up was "Party Monster"....very odd. Never seen Seth Green and Macauly Culkin dressed in drag before. It was interesting, a little depressing due to the movie content. After that came "Cannibal! The Musical"....MUCH lighter and highly entertaining. Personally, the best part about watching these movies was when The Boy tugged me over to cuddle on his beanbag chair with him part way through the first one, and I got to stay settled there throughout the second one.

Everyone else left after the movies, at about 1:00, but I stayed until a little after 3:00. I really wish I had stayed the whole night, since I was invited to, but there was the family obligation of Christmas morning, and he understood that.

Dec. 25, Christmas Day
Typical events of the morning. Wait for everyone to be awake and functional before emptying out the Santa stockings. HOLY CRAP those socks hold a lot. Don't ask for specifics, I don't even remember what all I got from the sock alone.

After breakfast, which was actually cooked and served to the family -- it's the only year that we don't fend for ourselves for breakfast -- we opened the gifts under the tree. For the curious, here's the haul:

-The world's most comfortable swing dance shoes! (I'm really excited about these, and the next thing)
-A super cute/comfy/fun black and red swing dancey dress (Now I need a reason to wear these things!)
-Sterling Silver earlings shaped like garlic cloves (randomness FTW!)
-A really nice knitting bag to carry projects in
-"Handknit Holidays"....a pattern book full of wintery patterns for all holidays, not just Christmas specific. :D
-Clothing. Black slacks, which I needed, two waaaaarm soft fuzzy sweatery things, and a pink/black light weight wind breaker. Good for hiking! Now I need to go hiking, too. ;)
-A Jewelry box to hold all of the earrings I've been acquiring
-A very cool chemise/blouse thing that's loooong, but also able to be worn with jeans and without a bodice. Kinda fancy-ish.
-A dress that is very....odd. It's purple, black, it's kinda like a witchy dress....would be great for a Wicked Witch or Elpheba costume, or for FNW's Waltz Macabre. I don't have much reason to wear it, but it's kinda spiffy. Like a Wednesday Adams party dress. :P
-A stuffed Holy Hand Grenade from Monty Python's Holy Grail, as well as the cute and cuddly bunny with Big Nasty Pointy Teeth!


After gifts, I realized I had nowhere in my room to put my totally rocking swing dance I spent about 2 hours cleaning my room. I ended up with 3 bags of trash that weighed around 50 pounds at least....probably due to the amount of Archie comics I'm tossing. There's also two bags that have shoes (good condition), clothes, and various little toys that I'm going to be tossing off to Goodwill.

The one really sucky thing of the day was when I checked SJSU's website to find that my classes for next semester had been dropped due to lack of payment.....when the website hadn't sent me any e-mails to tell me that my account had notifications on it. ARGH. On the 2nd (first day the offices are open), my mom and I are going down to straighten it out......hopefully, I can get those classes back.

Other things:
- Have a Doctor's appointment to get my ear looked at again on Friday, just to make sure it's doing okay. It doesn't hurt anymore, but it feels like my ear has been used as a Jell-O mold. Hopefully the fluid trapped in there is going to drain's very annoying! I'll update on the ear after the appointment.

- I'm going to a New Year's Party with The Boy and his houseguest/roommate. :D Looking forward to it...I've never been to a proper New Year's Party.

- Going to a Wassail party hosted by a friend who does the Irish Dancing bi-monthly that I go to. Will be carpooling with The Boy to get there.

- To anyone curious, yes I've talked to Joey recently. The videos still aren't done, he's stressed out and depressed and has been put on "enough antidepressants to make Eeyore chipper," and says that he probably won't be talking to me anymore after the videos are done. He says that he "can't be around happy people right now" and that the fact that I'm seeing someone again is, apparently, having an affect on the guy. I feel bad for him....I really wish that he wasn't surrounded by drama, and that we could still be friends.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

General updating

Chinese Style Chicken Noodle Soup = Yummeh!
Feeling generally pathedic due to a cold = Lose.
Cold going away the next day = Yay!
Getting a SEVERE ear infection that was full of CRIPPLING EAR PAIN the next day? = TOTAL lose.

Went to the doctor, where the response was pretty much "Wow! Can my student get a look at this?" Yay for being interesting. It hurt sooooo bad......seriously, I started crying multiple times due to the pain. Got a perscription for Vicodin and some antibiotics. Ended up having two vicodin yesterday, total, as well as my antibiotics and sudafed.....and felt like I was going to throw up by the time I went to bed. So, of course, I opted to not have any more pills, aside from the sudafed, when I went to bed.

I actually managed to sleep the WHOLE NIGHT. Without the vicodin! Woot!! And today I'm feeling MUCH better. Still somewhat achey, and my ear feels like it's still got some cotton in it or something, but SO MUCH BETTER than yesterday. Hopefully, the pain won't come back and I won't need to ask for a ride to The Dell for Celtic Night.

Tomorrow, I'm preeeeetty sure I'll be going to a folk music thing in Berkley with The Boy. :D

Monday, December 18, 2006


When The Boy heard that I was feeling so crummy due to my cold (I only got 2 hours of sleep between 11:30 and 5:30 last night....which was when I finally gave in and got some Tylenol PM into my system), he perscribed that I have lots of chicken noodle soup and then told me that he made some "Chinese style chicken noodle soup," essentially inviting me over for dinner tomorrow.

Hopefully I won't be too snuffly/coughy/pathedic. :)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Quick bit of entertainment

So, I went to a party last night with The Boy that his dance troupe was having. It was muuuuch fun. At one point, I was snuggled up next to him on a couch while he was next to two other people (CA - female, and GR - male) when this bit of conversation started up after we'd been settled there for about a half hour or more.

CA: So who is this lovely young lady to you?
Boy: This is Caity!
CA: And?
Boy: .....?
CA: Is she a friend or what?
Boy: ....::Nervous laugh:: Uh, don't think we've had that conversation ye-
GR: Put it this way, if we try to seduce her, would you be upset?
Boy: ::More nervous laugh:: Uh...why don't you ask her?
Me: Wait, they're going to ask me if you'd be upset if they try to seduce me? ::Grin::
Boy: Nevermind.
CA and GR: ::Snerk::
Boy: I need to go mingle again.
Me: ::Giggle::
GR: ::Is a massage therapist:: Ah, good! Caity, you stay here and let me massage the other arm, and we'll see how quickly he comes back.

It amused me. :) ALSO amusing, a bunch of these people had danced at my brother's Renaissance Themed wedding 5 years ago and I had apparently met them before. ::snerks::

In other news, I'm battling an annoying cold and it's making me cuddly feeling and semi grumpy that it's still around!

Okay, gotta git. Time to print out directions to the Dicken's Fair, take a shower, then go pick up my friend.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Love having The Boy live so close :D

Last night, I went over to his apartment and helped him make pumpkin muffins. :D Nummeh.

Also, staying until 1:00 (only leaving because I have finals and he has an 8:00 confrence call or somesuch) with snuggling and whatnot = win.

Amusing thought: So, apparently his coworkers were really impressed with my swing dancing and they're bugging him to get the two of us to teach them how to dance. ::Snickers:: I told him that I wouldn't have looked nearly as spiffy without his ability to lead so well.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Happiness is...

Going over to The Boy's apartment for a dinner he made (soup from SCRATCH! I was impressed), getting cuddles and hugs, and just generally hanging out with him and his houseguest for a long time. Oh, and playing with his awesome 24 inch iMac's features. He recorded himself singing and used the "Transform voice" feature with the "Male to Female" option. It kinda sounded like me, it was WEIRD.

Sadness is...
A broken furnace at home. ::Shivers:: Plus, The Boy has his houseguest (who will prolly be around for a long while.....long story) and work in the morning, so staying over in his *heated* apartment with added bodyheat from snugglesleep isn't an option. Foop. :(

But I still got to hang out and had a great time. :D

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Procrastinating on Papers and Sleep

...So I made this!

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Yes, I know I'm a sap. ::dies::

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Last Night...

Was the most fun I've ever had, seriously.

At 2:00 I went and got my nails done in a French Manicure. They look soooo clean and nifty, and it was quite a different experience....I'd never done a manicure before, and it was kinda fun. I enjoyed it! And they just look so dang purty.

Well, that was done at the same place that my stylist is at, so pretty much as soon as it was done I got my hair played with. She actually managed to curl my hair, which is not an easy thing because, typically, my hair does NOT like holding a curl. These lasted all night! She also had fun putting in little clippies that were white flowers (sadly, you can't see these in the pictures).

5:15 rolls around, and I start with the make-up, playing around with mixing and matching my browns and purples in eyeshadow to see if it brought out the green in my eyes like it was supposed to. I think the desired effect was achieved. :) By 5:30 I was attempting to wriggle into my nylons (control top = less fun to get into), putting on heels and the infamous LBD -- Little Black Dress! I still can't believe that dress is a 6. The last fancy dress (except for Cinderella) that I got was for my sister's wedding, and it was a 9.

The Boy picked me up at 6:00-ish in his incredibly handsome tux (yes, it's his, he owns his own tux!) and brought a gorgeous boquet of flowers, which was sooooooo sweet and unexpected!

The drive there consisted of listening to Louis Armstrong (both on the car's stereo and The Boy's impersonation of him. I find it adorable), and much giggling over how an impression of Louis sounds a LOT like Animal from The Muppets. He kept tossing in Animal phrases/sound effects. Much fun. :)

Okay. SF City Hall. That place is flipping GORGEOUS. And huuuuuuge. Seriously, the only words I have for that place is "Wow".....go do a Google Image search for the San Francisco City Hall to see what I mean.

One of the most memorable and surreal events was after an announcement was made (essentially to the tune of "What a hell of a year we've had! Sadly, this'll be the last Holiday Party we're enjoy the hell out of it!), the people in charge decided it'd be a good idea to drop huge yoga ball sized balloons on a room full of people, food, wine glasses, vases of roses, etc. It was so fun! The balloons started bouncing off of folks heads, The Boy and I were dancing and kept getting bonked or volley-balling them off. Eventually, people discovered they could pop them with their forks and had a lot of fun doing that.

There were three areas to be, essentially. There was a room with blusey/swing music, the main hall where you could slip into the back for the company party pictures (we got one, but I don't have a copy yet....The Boy has it, but when I have one expect to see it!), and a room that had a wonderful big dance floor and "casino," but it was sooooo loud in there that you couldn't hear anyone.

We spent most of our time, after dinner, in with the swing band dancing the night away. It was way too amusing that the straps on my dress kept slipping down my shoulders, we'd both start laughing every time I snuck in a "wardrobe adjustment" whild dancing. There were also some professional/competitive dancers that were brought in, and they kept commenting to The Boy and me about how much fun it looked like we were having. Well, that's the point of dancing if you're not being competitive about have fun! And he is my favorite dance partner, partially because you know he'll improvise and attempt new things just to see if they're possible. He's an absolute JOY to dance with, and a good lead. He tells me I'm a great follow, too. Hee.

I was introduced to a lot of people....more names than I even remember now! It was a little awkward being the person who didn't know anybody, so I probably came off as extremely quiet. Except for on the dance floor. That's my element, baby!

By the end of the night we were both exhausted. My feet were killing me from being up and dancing so long in those heels (I've even got a blister on one foot, but it'll go away). After the long drive home, we just went back to his place and crashed for the night. Mmmmcuddles.

Got home this morning at about 8:30. Now I'm bundled up in wool socks, jeans, a sweater, and just enjoying reminiscing over the night. Le sigh.

I'm one damn contented Kitola.

Oh, yes. Y'all want pictures, I guess. Here we go!

These are the flowers he brought me. Aren't they purty?? And the eucalyptus smells heavenly.

Full picture of the LBD. Not a great picture, but still....check me out, I'm girly!

Headshots! Lookit those curls. Wowyzowy.

The holiday party picture of me and the boy will be up as soon as I have a copy. Swearsy!


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Crank Callers can go to HELL

So, at Friday Night Waltz. I was already kinda edgy because I had to park somewhere new and find the new venue (which was a lot smaller than the usual about traffic jams during the waltzes!), and new areas make me just a little tense.....even if I've been in the area before.

So, cue the phone buzzing in my pocket. It says restricted, but I dart outside to answer it anyway. All of the conversation here is essentially paraphrased.

Me: Hello?
Them: Yes, I'm from Victoria's Secret and I'm calling to confirm an order that was given.
Me: ...Uh, I don't know what you're talking about.
Them: I'm going to find you and rape you and then I'm going to kill you and-
Me: ::WTF....HANGS UP::

I then went inside and gave a hug to the first friend I saw, one of the DJs who's really big and intimidating when he wants to be. Told him I just had a scary call and then my phone buzzed again.

Him: Lemme answer it!
Me: Be my guest. ::Hands over the cell::
Him: Hello?.............No, wrong number. Yeah, you do that. ::hangs up::
Me: ::Holds out hand to take phone back::
Him: They're going to call back. They said that your daughter made an order.
Me: ::WTF:: Um.....I don't have one.
Him: Yeah, and they said they'll try again.
Phone: ::BUZZ::
Him: Ohhhh goodie! ::Answers, switches from happy voice to "you will NOT fuck with this person" voice:: Yeah, you really do have the wrong number. Nobody here made any orders, so -- ::pause:: --Yeah, this is a crank call, and if you call back again I will star-sixty-nine you and then the police will deal with you. ::Hangs up::
Me: What'd they say?
Him: ::Gives phone back:: "Now listen here young man, I think I should know what I'm talking about"....and their voice started cracking.

They didn't call back after that, thank goodness, and he was all gloaty about how intimidating he is. Heh. And yea, I know it was probably just some punk kids, but it wigged me out enough so that I wasn't having as much fun as I should've been having. Plus, my worst-case-senario paranoia kicked in and as I was leaving I kept looking behind me to make sure no one was following me....and when I got in my car, first thing I did was lock all the doors. Half the drive back I checked the rearview mirror constantly, too.

I'm doing a bit better now that I'm home. Still uneasy, though. I need a great big bear hug.

Well. Tomorrow will be better. And busy!

Friday, December 01, 2006

This takes a certain kind of special....

Welcome to the perils of having your girl-talk friend right next to "The Boy" in your cell phone's contact list.

I just text messaged the wrong person. A general "boys are confuzzling" thing straight to The Boy's phone. ::Facepalm:: Smooth......

Well, at least no names were mentioned.....but......urgh!!

Seriously. Wrong AIM window, that I understand.....but who texts the wrong person?

::slinks off to die of embarassement::

Sunday, November 26, 2006

...Why am I not surprised?

Progress of the Cinderella DVDs:

1.) Show ends, Joey takes all the footage.
2.) Supposedly will have movies by end of Sept./Beginning of Oct.
3.) Computer dies
4.) Work drama
5.) Life, in general, drama.
6.) DVDs will be ready by November.
7.) ....Make that mid November....
8.) .....Thanksgiving.....
9.) ......Okay, deliver them the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
10.) Still no DVDs (It's officially Sunday)

::Sigh:: Guess that I'm giving Joey's phone number to my dad tomorrow morning, since he's decided he's going to call him to figure out what his excuse is for not having the DVDs ready this time.....::Sigh:: I feel like such a bitch to do that, though....

I really don't want to feel like a bad guy. Blegh.

At least I got out and away from the chaos of cousins today by having dinner with The Boy before his high school reunion. Much grinning abounded from that. :)

And not that I'm counting down,or am really excited or anything (yeah right!).....but it's officially under a week to that black tie affair. Hehe....gonna go down to the salon my hair is going to be done at to see if they do nails as well. It'd just be easier to show up, like, an hour or whatever before my hair appointment and get them done there, yanno?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cinderella Pictures!

Taking a break from the gushing over The Boy and the upcoming formal event thing, here's a post to inform the few who look here that the Cinderella pictures are FINALLY up on the web! I miss all of the cast members, especially the family that consisted of the prince, his wife, and his kidlets (one of which is the tiniest mouse carrying my veil!)

Cinderella Pictures!

I officially need to switch my face-clensing stuff to prevent acne......this stuff is making my skin iiiitchy and red in places. ::Tries not to scratch!::

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

::Dies:: This is horrible...

I'm all bouncy and excited about getting ready for the event on the 2nd.

-Little Black Dress purchased
-New Shoes acquired
-Reticule (aka handbag) bought
-Hair appointment made
-About to go look at wraps (because it's COLD in SF, donchaknow)

Gawd, I'm even thinking about getting a manicure done......dangit, I've been turned into a girly girl.....I must hang my head in shame, now. :P

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Strange Dream.

I had a dream last night that I was at some sort of event....that was kinda like a mix of Disneyland and a Renaissance Faire. I was walking around, and saw Joey with a group of people dressed as pirates. He tossed someone into a lake, and I beamed and waved -- showing my support that it was someone ELSE who got tossed into the water as he's typically the patsy in whatever stunt Martin and ex-TechTV people do. He basically went "Oh shit...." and waved at me in a forced way. Like I was the LAST person he wanted to see.

For some reason, that hurt my feelings and I went storming off, though he chased after me...I guess to explain himself. When he tried to, I basically glared and went "Oh, fine. Whatever, forget it."

That's when I saw The Boy dressed in his Ren Faire garb. Instantly, I'm feeling better and I go over to give him a hug and get a kiss on the top of my head, then my lips. Stuck around to hang out with him for the rest of the dream.

Aaaaand then I woke up. It was odd. Guess it was sorta like the event that happened the other day. I called Joey to check on the progress of the videos for Cinderella -- since he's supposed to be working on them -- and the conversation consisted mostly of pissing and moaning about how much life sucks. It was kinda like talking to Eeyore. I mean.....I understand being stressed out about things, but it's come to the point where people can guess who I'm talking to by how soon into the conversation I say "I'm sorry."

Anyway, when I got off the phone with him....not two minutes later did The Boy call and I had a long conversation with him that was completely the opposite. Bouncy, happy, jokey, and getting invited to that event mentioned previously (SQUEE!!). It was amusing to have such a big contrast in phonecalls, one on top of the other.

I'm a happy Kitola. :)

Monday, November 13, 2006




This moment of girliness is brought to you by the fact that I've been invited to a fancy formal event with a certain someone. If you can't tell, I'm kinda extremely excited. :D

Saturday, November 11, 2006

So, yeah....

Had dinner last night with The Boy.

....Kinda just got home 15 minutes ago.

Sooooo, I'm gonna take a guess he's interested, then. :P

::Giggles:: I'm pleased. Been a loooooooooong time since I've been able to sleep and snuggle at the same time.

Also, I want to punch my girly-bits in the girly-bits. Periods have the WORST timing, swear to God. >:(

Friday, November 10, 2006

Not Complainin'

A quick little "goodbye" peck on the lips is still a kiss. :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006


So, every second and fourth Wednesday, I do Irish Dancing. I've got friends there, now, and it's lots of fun.

After about a half hour or so, The Boy showed up to be social but wasn't feeling up to dancing. But there was a shortage of female folk, so I ended up dancing nearly the full time, thankfully avoiding the last one to chat with him. That's all well and normal, and soon after he left.

Cue the entertaining British fella sitting down with me and saying "So when are you and him going to be an item?" ::Snerks:: That's the second time someone who knows us both has asked me that....and also the second person to not believe me when I say "I'm shy!" as to why I'm less obvious than I should be. The extra amusing part was that he added in, at some point, "he's a nice chap, but a bit slow on the uptake sometimes." Hee!

Well, that's that.

Oh, and I'm going out to dinner with The Boy on Friday. :D

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Twelve kinds of WIN is....

...having lunch with The Boy, and then hanging out and goofing around for about a half hour or so. Fun stuff! I also got to see the Bender costume he'd made for Halloween. SO awesome, SO well thought out, SO much bigger than I thought it was going to be. :P

OH! And in other news, in the Wizard of Oz, I've gained another role......I'm now one of the Jitterbugs as well! Which is SO good, 'cause I love that song more than any of the others in the show. ::Dances around:: Yay! Though it does mean more

Hokay, guess it's back to paper crap for me.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Went down to the Oktoberfest in downtown today, and at around 3:30 The Boy called to say that he and his Friend Of The Same Name were there and gave me a place to find them. :D So I got to wander around with him and his bud through the craft booths and stuff, stole his hat at one point, got to link arms with him, and oh....we polka-ed randomly in the less crowded areas. I think that embarassed/annoyed Friend-Of-The-Same-Name. T'was amusing.

Also amusing, we were wandering in a painting store when this occured.
Cast list:
Me - Ta da!
TB - The Boy
FotSN - Friend of the Same Name

Me: ::staring at a painting of a guitar.....with an ostrich's head infront of it::
FotSN: ::Blinks:: Uh...
Me: I don't know...I just....what...?
FotSN: I dunno, it's kinda cool.
Me: Well, yeah, but....what the heck, yanno?
TB: It's great if you're into Emu Rock.
Me and FotSN: ::GROANS::

Heh...I'm still wincing/giggling over that horrible pun.

Well, anyhoo, they weren't there long since they were taking a break from the costume project they're working on. The Boy said that once that's done he'll be more available to do things, so yay. :)

I spent some money, too! I got some pretty pretty dangly earrings that I probably won't get to wear unless I go somewhere fancier. And I got a camisole/tank-top from Dash Hemp that's 100% hand loomed hemp. It's a veeeeery pretty blue, but not sure when I'll be able to wear it. Oh wells.
Back to knitting I go. Though I should be finishing up my 2 page paper that's due in a few weeks...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Here's the World War One Flying, wait, that's wrong.

Anyway, this here is my attempt at making a "Tickled Pink" costume from this, that and the other. Crappy Cell phone quality, but that's okay. I'll try to get pictures from FNW.

The outfit includes this:
- Two tank tops, one black and one pink, for layering.
- Pale pink plaid skirt.
- Light Pink tights
- Hot Pink fishnets over tights
- Dance Pants (not seen) because holy crap that's a short skirt.
- Black heels
- Pink cheap "jewelry"...plastic beads, jelly bracelets, possibly pink feather earrings/accessories if I can find any.
- Hair in two low pigtails with pink ribbons (can't be seen here)
- Pink ostrich feather for tickling...and wearing in my hair when dancing. Heh.

So, aside from my room being TRASHED, whaddaya think? Does it look like Barbie threw up onto a school girl outfit?

Some Yays.

Yay hour long walk with The Boy. Also yay that the last half of the walk was arm in arm. Warm arm and friendly contact yay. :D

Essentially, I was antsy and said "I'm urging to wander/ too busy to join?" And he said that I had perfect timing since he'd just put down his project and that "a walk would be lovely!" Decided to walk around his area instead of mine (He's only a mile or so away, but he's closer to downtown than I am), because mine's not too interesting at night, and invited me up to show me the place and offer water. NICE place.

Boo having to get up in under 6 hours to throw myself together for the day AND take my niece to West Valley College due to her having been kicked out of her house. That's a VERY long story that I don't have all the details of.

Boo also for having realized how many papers I've got due next month. But UBER YAY for the walk having calmed me down from my anxiety over it.

Tra la la. I'll update whenever I get more ideas as to what the heck this'll end up as. :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Costume for Friday Night Waltz

So, Friday Night Waltz is doing a Halloween thang this week. I think I've decided to go with "Tickled Pink." In case y'all don't remember, here's the description:

Tickled Pink: Wear pink clothes and carry a feather.

The reason for picking this? Well, as my friend put it: I can be wicked sexy playing with that, and the feather = instant flirtation.

Soooo tomorrow, I go on a excursion to go find pink stuff. Thrift stores, Goodwill and the like. Plus, hi, it's October. Breast Cancer Awareness month. The month of PINK!

Edit: Awww. My favorite dance partner isn't going to FNW this week due to having a project to work on. :( Foop.

Friday, October 13, 2006

::Dies:: More cowardice

So I e-mailed and offered to go see a movie if he's ever still up for it.

I now have a reply to that, AND a comment he left on my livejournal account sitting in my e-mail box......and I'm cowardly about OPENING them.

I win. ::snerks::

....I'll look at 'em when I finish these drawings for class...

Edit: That wasn't so bad. Essentially, he's pretty much booked this month buuuut says he might be able to free up a few non-Friday-Night-Waltz Fridays. And yeah, the comment to the livejournal makes me think that now he's at least got the notion that I'm interested. ::Snickers:: Yay?

Thursday, October 12, 2006


My uterus is trying to claw it's way out of my torso. ::Grumps:: I wanna just stay home and knit. Stupid classes.

Oh, and I've done a few projects recently, and posted them in My Craft Blog.

Did Irish dancing last night a little, but my dancing buddy wasn't there. Sadness. :(

Edit: It figures that once I get my courage up enough, he isn't at The Dell either. And, not sure if it's related or not, but wow my esteem is doooown tonight for some reason.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Updating outside of Comments :P

School has a lot of stuff it's throwing at me at the moment. Working on a 3-5 page paper, and I've got to illustrate 15 pages for a storybook in my Children's Lit. class (Already have 2 done) in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, I'll be going to Irish Set Dancing, and then on Thursday to a local pub for Celtic Night. I've got a lot of friends at the pub, but I'm still new to the Irish Dancing so I'm extra glad my favorite dance partner will be there.

Back to my paper now. Almost done with page 2!

I'm still a coward. Also, thinking about possibly suggesting "Fly Boys" for a movie, if I get the guts. :P It's a war movie, but it's an old style war movie....where it's not about the blood and guts, but about the people and their relationships.

Friday, October 06, 2006

In short:

Boys are confusing. :P

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wizard of Oz and other things

So we got a call from the JCC people for Wizard of Oz. Mom and I are gonna be appletrees. What FUN. And the costume is just ever so attractive (From what we saw, the head piece looks like Cthulhu mated with a tree). May or may not also end up as an Ozian and/or a Winkie, since they don't know that yet. Man, I wanted to be Munchkin #3. Hmph.

Hope all the folk at the Ren. Faire are still dry. It's been all grey and drizzly today over here. Not quite helping my mild down-and-outs that I've had since I came home yesterday. Just happens sometimes, not sure why.

Um...oh. In other news, my parentals were handing out the bulletins as greeters at church today. There was something in the bulletin about the committee that was put together to decide whether the theater company would stay or go. While them having to hand that out at church was probably stressful, there were apparently a bunch of folk that came up to them afterwards and told them that they would call the members of the committee and speak positively on STC's behalf. That might be helpful, at least.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Renaissance Faire

Hokay, I'm home from the Ren. Faire. I've....had better times, but all in all it wasn't bad. Because so much happened, this update is mostly in list form. :P

First, the not so good:
- It was really...REALLY cold. For me it was, at least, and I spent most of the time with my arms folded or rubbing myself in an attempt to stay warm. I should've worn one of my thicker skirts.
- I still haven't warmed up OMG.
- The boys I went with kept ditching me. In retrospect, 4 guys and 1 was bound to happen.
- Due to the constant disappear of my companions, yes, I did have a small cry when it was too crowded for me to join them at the joust (when I'd found them) and it was too crowded to go see Moonie and Broon.
- I didn't get to see Moonie OR Broon.
- Ninja-Boy's mocking me randomly. Yeah, I know it's his humor to do that sort of thing, but it still bugged me.

The stuff that made up for all of that:
- I got to see my dancing buddy, J, as a wandering singing drunk and as a leech seller, YAY!
- I saw the Bartender from The Dell and kept running into him. I don't think he actually remembers my name, but I don't mind that he refers to me as "Cinderella" all the time.
- Seeing the Bold and Stupid Men again. I swear, Bolt Upright is one of the top reasons that I even attend the faire, and when I told him that I got a kiss on the hand.
- Making the Puritans yelp because I siddled up next to one of them and gave him a drive-by-peck on the cheek. He still had lipgloss on him by the end of the day, ha.
- Baklava MmmMmmmm...
- Aramil converting the Puritans to Catholics. He went as a priest and essentially told them that the church allowed wine at the services.
- One of the performers, Kenny Kline, convincing us to see his show by telling us about dead gerbils and Catholic girls gone bad. Also, by attempting to sweet talk me.
- On that note, all of the random folk at the faire who kept hitting on me. It's enough to make me want to wear a bodice all the time.
- The guy at the food stand who kept commenting about every time I lept onto a bale of hay directly across from where he was stationed. "There she goes again!" It made me grin.
- Seeing the troll ride by on an old time bicycle.
- People watching. Particularly watching the faire workers. When I got ditched by the boys for their joust, I wandered around then parked myself by the front gate to watch the Puritans shove communion wafers at people and saying "Do you know what this is!?!? YOU DO?! CATHOLIC!!!! CAAAAATHOLIIIIIIC!" I also watched the leech sellers, too, and just about had a giggle fit every time I heard that infomercial-esque "Are you tired, run down, listless? Then you need LEECHES!" Mmmm, better than Vitameatavegamin!

So now I'm home, still trying to warm myself up, and in DESPERATE need of a massage. Also, to cuddle up against someone. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a cuddleslut. I just love me my physical contact -- and after a day with those boys, whp really don't lend themselves much to being cuddlesome, I really need just a warm friendly fella to snuggle up on.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Huge WTF and even bigger ARGH!!!

An e-mail the pastor at our church sent out to everyone on the Theater Group's Board e-mail.

"After much discussion and consideration, the Session voted the
"To suspend the operations of the Shoestring Theatre Company pending
an investigation by Session reassessing its purposes and practices, and
to create an investigative committee to address the Shoestring Theatre
issues." "

You can't blame the theater company as a whole for one disturbed individual! ::Fume roar.....and most of all cry:: I don't want Cinderella to have been our final show...I hope they won't axe us for good....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

That was fun!

Mom and I randomly went to the Renaissance Faire today out of boredom. It was different going there in my civies, rather than all decked out in garb, but that was fine. I ended up doing a little shopping that would bore my buds when I officially that's good. We also got stopped by William Shakespeare -- who spoke in sonnets at us for somewhere around 3-4 minutes. I giggled the whole time. :)

Next Saturday, the 30th, is my "official" outting to the faire with a couple of my buds. Can't wait! I get to be all dressed up and you get lots more interaction when you're walking around with folk your own age and dressed out in participation. Or at least, I do. Maybe it's just the bodice. ::snerks::

Anyway. That'll hopefully be lots of fun...even if I do have to be the one to drive 152. I hate that highway!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Yarr, a Belated Update.

So, how did I celebrate my "Talk Like A Pirate Day," you ask? Why, I went and put holes in my head - of course!!

See, for a year or so my friend B-Bear and I have had this sort of "Well, if you do it then I'll do it" thing when it came to getting ears pierced. And, well....ever since Cinderella ended, I've been feeling incredibly "girly." Anyone who knows me knows that this is odd behavior for me, as I'm typically a fairly big tomboy. While I'm still fond of rough-housing and everything, I've had an urge to be all....girly! Heck, I've even been hoping for an excuse to wear my purty blue dress that's been in my closet for a bit.

Well, long story short (too late, I know)...B-Bear and I went to Valley Fair mall specifically to get my ears done. Of course, as soon as we got to the place I started to become a total coward. Cue a substantial amount of hemming and hawing over the decision. What was the cure for this? He went first, of course.....I couldn't NOT do it then! It hurt about as much as I expected, but now it's pretty much fine. :D

Now I have a whole new world of accessories open to me! 4-6 weeks, I will. Right now, I've got to clean and twist it every day and keep it in. Talk about WEIRD.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I've auditioned for The Wizard Of Oz at the Jewish Community Center, and I've got callbacks on Tuesday with my mom. She thinks they want me to be Dorothy or something. I'd be a freakin' OLD Dorothy! I'll keep y'all posted on how that goes.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dress me!

Alright folk, it's possible I'll be off at a Halloween Ball thing, where "Creative Costumes are encouraged" problem? My brain is run dry! So, all of you out there.....send me any thoughts you have. Funny, cute, entertaining, goofy, off the wall....even horrible puns. Hm, make that ESPECIALLY horrible puns. Just so long as there's enough movement ability for waltzing, polkas, swings, and all that jazz.

Have at!!

Edit: Here are a few ideas that I found and kinda like. Thoughts?

Cat's Pajamas: Wear an "instant" cat set (ears and a pin-on tail), with drawn-on nose and whiskers. Then add your favorite colorful pajamas!

Tickled Pink: Wear pink clothes and carry a feather.

Devil's Advocate: Wear buttons and carry signs that say "Devil is #1" and "Vote for Satan," etc.

Monkey Wench: Dress up as a pirate wench, then add some monkey ears and a tail.

Inspector #12: Make a name tag that says "Inspector #12". Just like the real Inspector #12 who puts the stamp of approval on clothing, or appliances, etc., you can carry a magnifying glass, put a pencil behind your ear, and "inspect". You may also have a pad of Post-Its, printed with "Inspected By #12" and stick them on other people.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Friday Night Waltz

.....was the most fun EVAR. Much love to mah buddeh J (until he gets a better alias for posting) for telling me about it and inviting me along. I can't wait to go dancing again. 3 hours may have been hard on the legs, but SO worth it. And it kicked me RIGHT out of my funk....and is getting me out to meet new people, too. So so so so so so fun.

P.S. Thinking of getting my ears pierced.....because playing Cinderella's made me feel all girly and fun. Thoughts?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A lovely show, a lovely show...a finer show you know you'll never see...

Cinderella's Over. I'm......extremely depressed about it. I have only ever cried during the end of one other show - and that was Peter Pan.

I cried today before the show, after the show, during the "thank yous", before going on for curtain call, and for......about an hour during strike, at least. I'd even managed to give my crying to another girl from the show - and I feel bad about that, but it was good to have someone to cry with. I'm completely exhausted, and kinda sore......I fell out of the carriage yesterday at the end of act one. Heh...

Alright. Gonna go to bed. Pictures will be posted when there are some to post. Hopefully, it won't be too long...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another loooooong bout 'tween posts

Hey all. (Er, or hi to the few people who read this)

It's been craaaaazy here the past few weeks. The show opened this past weekend, and before opening was Tech Week. AKA Hell Week. And boy, did it live up to THAT name. I can't go into the specifics, but we had to emergency-drop a cast member and replace him at the last minute. Talk about exTREME stress. But it's all working out fine.

Um, let's see. My aunt is in town to be in the show....and Joey is doing the videography for the show. He says it's a pain in the ass to do for a few reasons. (1) Both casts do very different staging in some spots. I try to interact with the children playing mice and rats during a song, while my counterpart doesn't....and (2) The staging requires that he uses two cameras.

Ah, speaking of the show and the's a (crappy cell phone quality) picture of the two of us after a show. I'll have better ones up as soon as I'm able to.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think that's about it. I've been kinda depressed these past few days, but I'm not sure why. Pre-emptive show withdrawl I guess. Anyway, gotta go to bed soon. Classes in the morning.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy birthday tooooo meeeeee

Never. Eating. Again.

Went out to dinner with family people at my favorite place, La Fondue. Sadly, I always eating up way too much while there, and my stomach hurts like hell now. Uuuuuuuuurhg. And to think, just the other day I'd noted how I haven't eaten nearly as much as I usually do and have visibly lost weight this summer. :P

It was good to see family people. I miss my brother and his wife lots and lots since they don't live nearby (about a 2 hour drive away, so not TOO far, but still). Got lots of fun stuff for "loot" too.

- Roller Blades with ABT breaks & safety pads
- Dance apparel for rehearsals and exercise and stuff
- "Monk" soundtrack
- Pair of socks & $50 of Best Buy gift cards
- AM/FM adapter for my iPod and portable speakers as well
- A new watch (Which is GOOD since my old one was starting to smell)

Though my favorite memory from today, is from rehearsal. I was talking to the King and Queen from my cast (their real life son also plays my prince....they're a VERY sweet British family) about the fact that I was going out to La Fondue tonight.

Me: Yeah, it's expensive, so I usually only go once in awhile like on my birthday.
Queen: When's your birthday?
Me: Today.
King, Queen, Prince: Today!? Right this very day!? ::Start singing happy birthday! Prince tosses in "Cindy" as a Cinderella reference!::
Me: ::Giggles!::

After awhile, the King and Queen disappeared from the rehearsal, but I didn't worry too much since they're grown ups and had told my mom they'd be right back. About, hmm....30 minutes later, they return with some packages of mini-cupcakes to share with the folk who were there, and a bouquet of peach/pink roses for me. It was SO sweet that I felt like crying. I love that family sooooooo much.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Life? What life?

YahahaHA......I have no life until the show starts. Check out my weekly rehearsal schedule!

Sunday: 2pm - 5pm (Stage Rehearsal)
Monday: 7pm - 9pm (Stage Rehearsal)
Tuesday: 6pm - 9pm (Dance Rehearsal - 1 hour tap, 2 hours waltz)
Wednesday: 7pm - 9pm (Stage Rehearsal)
Thursday: 7pm - 9pm (Stage Rehearsal)
Friday: FREEDOM!!!
Saturday: 9am - Noon (Dance Rehearsal - 3 hours waltz)

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Woo....I'm all dizzy.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cinderella Update

Haven't typed much, since our summer show is keeping me inCREDIBLY busy.

But.... ::ahem::


Eeeeehehehe! Our show has a FOUR MINUTE WALTZ, and I finished coming up with choreography for it today. It's done done DONE...and it's the first dance I've ever put together completely on my lonesome! Normally, I have about 90% input from my good friend Kyrie, or videos, or other stage shows. I came up with this stuff aaaaaaall by myself.


I hope it ends up looking good on stage.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Yarr. I'm a PIRATE. Hehe.

Yes, I saw the Pirates movie at the midnight showing and thought it was INSANELY AWESOME. I have so much love for Captain Jack. I wish he was reeeeeeeeeeeal.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

home again

...and bloody tired. Gonna take a nap before going off to Celtic Night and (hopefully) to a midnight viewing of Pirates.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Out. Again.

going to Napa Valley with the parentals and my niece. hopefully i'll feel better when i come back. might get some internet access while at my brother's on the 4th.

be back thursday.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Some general updatage

1. Disneyland was VERY fun. I got to hang out with my buddy who works there YAY and go on a bunch of the rides. Space Mountain is SO FLIPPING AWESOME now that it's been revamped. The Disney folk are really great at making things pitch black. Um....the 50 year anniversary fireworks are incredible. If you get the chance to go before the 50 year celebration ends DO IT. Also, Pirates was closed because they're adding Captain Jack and all that jazz. I reeeeeeally wanna go back and see the ride when it reopens. Deeeeerrick, can you get me in for freee? ::bats lashes::

Kidding! I'll try to save up my own cash to make the trip, even for one day. Hm...maybe 2, so I can spend the day in Frontierland and swoon over the Laughing Stock Co. boys and The Billys.

2. WoW is FINALLY installed. But I think my 10 day trial is almost up. I don't think I'll be forking over the money to play it constantly. While it's a good game, and oddly addictive, it slugs my already chugging along computer to a crawl. Heh.

3. Umm...the Highland Games were recently. That was kinda fun. There was also a party afterwards where this guy touring from Scotland, Gary Ines, was playing at The Dell. He's SO CUTE and has a reeeeally thick accent. I should've introduced myself, but he's going back to Scotland. Bah. :P

Guess that's about all.

Oh, and here are the fireworks I was talking about. Can't really capture the 360 thing that happens a few times, but it's still very VERY cool.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm out

Going off to Disneyland for a few days. I'll be back on the 5th.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Big Closeout

So, the Gaslighter show closed last night, and with it the melodramas to be performed on that stage. I'm not exactly going to miss that particular show, but I will definitely miss the Gaslighter being there and being able to go see shows there.

Some highlights from the show:
-Joey showed up! It was really nice to see him again after 5 months. He has a new haircut and looks really good. Heh. He brought me a Red vs. Blue shirt, too. It says "I Like Me" on it.
-The guy who played the "villian" didn't show, so we had another cast member's boyfriend fill in. Thankfully, the 70's costume fit him.
-"Joanie" getting the entire audience to say the word "Bitch!" about 6 times in one scene.
-Using party poppers during Hand Jive.
-Using the party poppers while reinacting the death scene each time one of us did something that could've killed off the prom queen.
-"Corkey" Running out during the death scene reinactment with the biggest damn super soaker water gun I've ever seen and dousing the entire cast with water.
-Picking on random cast members at the end of the show to get a confession out of them...ending with the character "Jimmy" who was the detective of the show, having done it.
-The entire improvised bit about cyanide not really being poisonous, how it was a cover up by "The Man" and that it was really a common ingredient in pancake batter.
-Scrounging through boxes of crap during intermission with my friend from the Kid's Show, "Sterling," and finding some kick ass necklaces.

After the show, the lobby was PACKED with Gaslighter Alumni. Tamborines were passed out to anyone who could get one and we all sang the lobby songs one last time. After all of the audience had left - and the people from the show changed back into our civies - the owners introduced Mrs. Cupp....who was the ORIGINAL owner of the Gaslighter and had come out to see us off. We all sang the Gaslighter Rag then, too, and some of us even did the choreography that we'd learned. I tell you, there's a very cool kind of feeling when you get that many people together (at least 50) most of which might not know some of the others, and singing things that almost ALL of them know.

After that, and some milling around drinking/eating/chatting with people (I mostly hung around with "Sterling" because he was one of the few I knew), some of the Alumni got on stage and performed sketches that they had been in. When "The Doctor Sketch" started, someone I didn't know said "Hey, do you want the music?" and started singing the background music for that skit. I'd been doing that particular sketch for a year, so I started in too until our DJ turned on the CD with that song on it. It was surreal for "Sterling" and I to watch that sketch when we'd performed in it for so long...but very VERY cool.

And, of course, obligatory posting of a link to my MoBlog where I have posted 6 pictures from the evening (including one of the necklaces that "Sterling" and I found....titled "Found Bling"): Take a gander!

Well, long story short, I stuck around for 2 hours before I finally left due to the fact that very few people I knew were still there. I hugged everyone I knew, poked fun at the owner one last time, and left. I've been pretty much a rock through the entire thing, but I think it's finally starting to get to me. I'm never going to get to see a show at The Gaslighter again....or even do a show there. Granted, I was planning on taking a break after this one, but that doesn't mean I don't want it around.

Sigh. I'm being all nostalgic about something that isn't even technically completely gone yet.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Best thing EVAR

So, Children's Musical Theater was doing "The Full Monty" for their alumni benefits show. There were lots of folk there that I recognized from when I did COPA. But that's not the great part.

See, there's a specific trick to how to light the very last bit of the show. It's supposed to be virtually blinding from behind the stripper men, so that no one in the audience sees any...ahhh.....danlgy bits. Well, the lighting wasn't as strong as it could be....and I was in the third row. ::Snerks:: I just about fell out of my chair with giggles.

I'm soooo amused.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Laptop has RETURNED!

And it's charging wonderfully! Yeah, I had to send it to GeekSquad awhile back because it stopped charging all together. Not only was the DC jack broken, but the adapter wasn't working as well. But now everything is hunky dory!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Let's play "Spot the Source of the Stress Dreams!"

Dream the First:
Stage-Manager and The-Sound-Guy (who is actually a really super nice guy who I have no problems with) accuse me of stealing money from the tip jar. I cry, because it isn't true.

Dream the Second:

Producer-Who-Likes-Changing-The-Show decides to cut everything except the second act (basically....all of the plot that leads up to the murder).

Dream the Third:

Producer-Who-Likes-Changing-The-Show decides to cut the murder mystery all together and go back to the previous melodrama they did. For some reason I have to play the part of someone already in our cast. So, I have to print the script off a computer and only manage to get it finished printing in time to go on stage. Oh, and I'm in my street clothes the entire time, because no one thought to get the costumes from the previous show back.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fuck the world...

...I wanna get off.

A note to the general populace

Y'all should be glad I'm made of stronger stuff than I was in high school, and it takes more than someone accusing me of having issues with them and purposefully pushing them too harshly to send me into hysterics.

But, all things considered, I have this to say: Fuck. The. Gaslighter.

Once this show closes, I'm not going back. I don't care if they do need another cast member or something, this is too much abuse from various members of the so-called "team."

In other news: The man who was MCing our show last night had to leave part way through, due to his 22 year old daughter missing. I hope that she's alright...

A note to the general populace

Y'all should be glad I'm made of stronger stuff than I was in high school, and it takes more than someone accusing me of having issues with them and purposefully pushing them too harshly to send me into hysterics.

But, all things considered, I have this to say: Fuck. The. Gaslighter.

Once this show closes, I'm not going back. I don't care if they do need another cast member or something, this is too much abuse from various members of the so-called "team."

In other news: The man who was MCing our show last night had to leave part way through, due to his 22 year old daughter missing. I hope that she's alright...

Monday, April 17, 2006


I hate presentations.

No, really. I. Hate. Presentations. They stress me out so much that I am currently at the point of wishing for something like food poisoning to strike me down for the day so that I can't attend the class I have to do the presentation in.

Gordamm...::Pulls hair:: Gnargh...mnf.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

(Note: I didn't draw this. But I do like it!)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Laptop Suckage

Gaw. Three times in the past two laptop has chaged down to 0% and shut down. While still plugged in. I've replaced the battery and power cord already, so I'm thinking there's...probably a short somewhere? When I finally have the time (read: when I don't have papers and stuff to do and can't afford to be laptop-less) I'm going to take it somewhere to get it checked out.

Any suggestions/thoughts/comments? Help would be appreciated.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Wow LONG time since the last update

Quick notes before I leave for classes...

-My rib is doing better. I apparently had "slipped a rib" or something, and it takes about 6-8 weeks to heal completely.

-The Kid's Show I was in closed finally. Woots!

-The Night Show that I'm in was having some drama issues, but we're doing better now. This last show rocked the HOUSE.

-I have a new art gallery! Lots of black/white right now because I don't have Photoshop...but once I get it back on my laptop, I'll be able to color stuff when I have more time. Anyway, here's the link:

-School is trying to kiiiiiiiiiiiiill meeeeeeee.....

Friday, March 24, 2006

X-Ray Vision!!

Got my x-ray results back. Nothing's broken or cracked, so woot! Still painful, though, har. No clue what could be causing it and I'm being threatened with being sent to a sports doctor nooooo.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Series of Unfortunate Events

- Sick for 2.5 weeks
- Cough so much my ribs get sore
- Start to feel better, but have one cough triggered randomly
- Feel something in ribs go POP.
- Abrupt pain
- Have to pull into a parking lot on my way home to avoid blacking out while on the street.

......Ow. Very much ow.

I saw the doctor. Got x-rays taken for a wet readings, and get to call back tomorrow to see if there was anything exciting. In the meantime, I have vicodin for when I go to bed.

Actually, I feel better than I did on the way home. I could barely work the turn signal, turn the car, or lift my backpack on my GOOD side. The turn signal and car stuff is actually better than before. I've yet to try the backpack. Heh.

No situps or pushups for me in PE, though.

And now, at this very moment, I am on Vicodin and taking pictures of myself as a panty ninja. There's one in my MoBlog if anyone is curious! Wow. Vicodin is weird. Hokay. Going to bed now.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Update to anyone interested

Feeling better now. Had a sinus infection, like I figured, and am on antibiotics to make that go away. Bruised my ribs, I think, from coughing so much while I was sick so now I have paaaaaain. Pain in my left shin, too, for unknown reasons. And while being in sick makes me feel ubercuddlesome....pain makes me bitchy. So I'm sorry to anyone who's been exposed to my bitchiness lately. Don't take it personally.

Midterms next week, but SPRING BREAK is after that.

Gotta go for lunch and the Kid's Show at the Gaslighter.....then a break for dinner....then another show. I'll be SO glad when the Kid Show is done. I'm sick of it. I mean....I love the cast people. It's just....the show itself is getting to me. And I'll be glad to have at least SOME of my Saturdays back.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well then....

Four days of sinus headaches + Friend nagging me to get it checked out all night yesterday = Guess Who is going to the student health center again?

Monday, March 13, 2006


On the road to recovery, but I've been having uber headaches the past few days. The kind that make me want to stay in bed instead of getting up and doing what I have to do. Also, been having random fits of depression for....about a week.

Har. I'm a little ray of sunshine lately.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Wow. I feel like walking death.

Heeeey. Haven't posted for awhile. Thought I'd get my groove on over here before I have to haul my pathedic ass to school. Gonna do this in an outline format, though, for rapid fire updating.

-Been sick for a week, think it may have evolved into some sort of sinus infection.
-Had opening night last Saturday. Was sick for it and felt like death heh. Went pretty well, though! Aside from a few personal flubs. (Scarf fell from my ponytail and I slipped on it while dancing, in the same number my skirt tried to fall off when my heel caught on it, almost got hit in the face by my class-ring-necklace flailing about....)
-Got to hang out with B-Bear after the show and watch movies. We've both been sick and in ubercuddle moods, so we got to puppy-pile woot. ::dies:: Umm...we watched Boondocks Saints (AWESOME movie) and Zorro (AWESOME movie that I'd never seen before).
-Feel like a reject from "Night of the Living Dead" today. Got maybe two hours of sinuses were hurting so bad that they woke me up constantly. Only reason I'm going to school today is because I have a group presentation on Wednesday, and I think we're meeting up today or something. I'll get some sort of caffeine injection from the drive through coffee place on the way. Plus, I had some day time cold meds.

Guess that's all for now. Hope everyone else is doing better than I am today. Heh.

Found out that a paper I thought was due on the 15th was actually due last Wednesday....which was a day I didn't attend due to feeling like such shit. The teacher takes off 3 points per day a paper is late (including weekends and holidays) even if I had known and turned it in today, I'd have gotten 0 credit. I fail at college this semester. Heh...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Prepare to Laugh at My Expense

Laugh at me in my poofy blue prom dress of DOOM.

I'll be soooo glad to get a new one. Going to the Jessica McClintock outlets tomorrow to see if there's a 50 styles prom dress there that I can get for ubercheap.

Edit: Fixed the link

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Massacre

I woke up to find that the Valentine's Day gift that the parentals left me was....torn up and half eaten by the dog. Poor little gorilla. We hardly knew ye.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

La la la omg stress

SO BUSY lately. GAWD. With the rehearsals for my new Gaslighter show, work for school, the actual shows I'm in, and trying to make time for roleplaying as well.....gawr. Stressing OUT.

It doesn't help that my printer ran out of ink last night while I was trying to print something due TODAY. I bought some more ink this morning, it's printing everything I told it to yesterday (which included at least one article that I don't need right now...and is 27 pageslong).

::Sighs...waits for stuff to finish printing:: I'm so going to end up missing my first class today.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Classes are starting up again today. Saaaaaad. I wish I could get a degree and be paid for sitting at home and roleplaying all day long.

Leaving in 15 minutes. I ought to go brush my teeth and get my backpack. I still have to locate where the heck my classes are. Heh.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Woah ow my back. I must've slept funny, because I've got this really painful tweak in my lowerback. *Goes to get a heating pad*

Classes start tomorrow, so I've got to get to bed tonight before 3:00 in the morning. *dies* Ah well, after 4 and a half hours of sleep I should be able to pass out by midnight.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sleep is for the weary!

It's 8:17 now, and I have yet to fall asleep. Two more hours and I hit the 24 hour mark.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Oh fun...

I feel like crap, and I have an audition to do. Joy of joys.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Soooo, yeah.

....Ending on good terms doesn't make it any easier.

At least we both knew it was coming, and plan on remaining friends. Ehh....maybe our timing is just off...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Behold my awesomeness. For I got a Gallagher hug.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


So last night, B.Bear and I went to the Gallagher show. It was VERY awesome. When we got there, Gallagher was out in the lobby signing autographs, so I bought a new shirt and had him sign it in two different colors. I also had B.Bear take a picture of me with him, but it's on his camera so I don't have it on my computer yet. I also wish I had asked Gallagher to wear the hat that I had made special for the show (picture of it posted in My Crafts Blog).

Third row was great. We had a wonderful view of everything that got smashified during the finale, even though we were far enough to the side that we came home completely clean. Mostly that was due to the weaklings that were pulled up to help with smashifying the food (people who claimed it was their birthday). I understand why he pulls people up. I mean, he IS getting a bit old, and I believe he had a heart attack at some point, so he's probably unable to do it as long as he used to. It was still a lot of fun, though. It was awesome seeing the effects of stuff flying everywhere....especially the cactus that had gooey slug slime in the trails. It just hung in the air!!

B.Bear said that he was laughing and smiling so much that his cheeks hurt and were unable to move....which he'd never felt before. Heh, mine do that all the time!

So yes, Gallagher show was teh awesome, even if I wish we had gotten messier from it. Afterwards, we hung out here to play with our Nintendo DS systems and totally geek out for a few hours, then I took him home since he had church in the morning.

What I wish I'd done differently at the show:
1. Told Gallagher, while getting my autograph, that B.Bear had never even seen a show of Gallagher's on television....maybe we'd have been pulled on stage when he dragged the birthday people up.
2. Pretended that it was my birthday so that I could've been on stage to smash stuff...but then I'd feel guilty about lying. Grr.
3. Asked Gallagher to wear my hat for the picture.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Feeling Accomplished and a little sad

B.Bear and I finished off our very long roleplay storyline on our message board (it ended up 9 pages long with at least 5 characters played by each of us, excluding armies of guards, golems, and other such things). I'm VERY pleased with how it all came together, and that we were able to tie it together with our upcoming storyline. I love re-reading the entire thread over and over again, seeing how my characters changed and developed, characters who were previously never played becoming very complex in the span of the story, to witness my usually silent gypsy give his first words of wisdom (rather like Silent Bob), watching the friendships begin with some, strengthen with others, and see the seeds of a possible romance that is YEARS in the making start to sprout through the soil.

The sadness, though, is like the feeling you get after reading a really good book. You miss partaking in the story. Thankfully, a few of our characters will be in the next storyline, and we'll both be able to introduce new ones as well. It'll be an all new adventure. And I'm looking forward to that.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sometimes, you have to laugh

5:20 AM: Go to bed after a long night of roleplaying.
9:00 AM: Get woken up by dog nosing at me.
9:20: Realize that I won't get anymore sleep, so I get up.
9:21: Discover that dog was sick all over the family room and kitchen (poo and pee everywhere)
10:30: Finally finish cleaning up the mess
11:00: Go to SJSU to pay fees
Noon: Get fees paid after waiting in line for half an hour.
12:05: Find parking ticket on car for having a non-valid parking permit.
12:30: Get home and fix lunch.
12:35: Cat throws up first time
12:36: Clean up mess
12:36 and a half: Cat throws up again

This has been my day for the most part.....and I can't help but laugh at it, really.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Guess who has THIRD ROW tickets to go see GALLAGHER on Saturday! ME!!!

That's right, yeah, you all KNOW you're jealous.

Time to go bounce off the walls for an hour.