Friday, May 18, 2007

A Crappy Day Made MUCH Better

So. Statistics final. Longest, most grueling, and probably most futile 2 and a half hours of my educational career. It was 8 questions long (some had three parts), and it took Two. And. A. Half. Hours. I was getting so frustrated that I ended up crying. By about 5:20 I was so upset that I essentially said "Okay, I can't do this anymore" and went to turn it in. I was the second to last person there, I kept dropping things as I tried to get everything together, cursing only slightly under my breath the whole time. I ran the four blocks to the parking garage my car was in, drove home as quickly as I could (and I'll tell ya, I was so ticked that I was screaming at other drivers while I was in my least I realized I needed to calm down and did my best to do so.) Got home - where thankfully no one else was - and slammed things around. Stole a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and made myself take a shower to calm down.

After the shower, I went over to The Boy's, and we headed off to Felton to see a band that someone he knew from high school was in. The band was called Hot Buttered Rum, and they played some really amazing bluegrass/jam music. It was SO MUCH FUN. The energy, the music, the dancing -- especially some of the slower swoon-inducing dancing -- totally lifted my mood out of the gutter it was in to the point where I felt like my bouncy self again.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Okay, I'm a coward

Yes, certain topics make me tear up for no readily apparent reason. Yes, I've had difficulty communicating with people about various things -- such as what I want or what's bothering me -- for as long as I can remember (even since preschool).

...Despite all that, I think I'm going to attempt to swallow my fear and tell The Boy how I feel next weekend. It'll be really biggest fear is that it'll come out wrong, or that it won't be received as well as hoped. That's pretty much what's been keeping me from saying things outloud -- knowing that, while things won't go forward as well if I keep my mouth shut....opening it could make things a lot more difficult.

Still. I'm going to try...because there's always the possibility that things might even get better. Besides, I have a week to get my head ready to do that should make it a bit easier, right?

Christ, I'm already nervous...

Friday, May 11, 2007

A sure fire way to sweep The Kitola off of her feet

Waltzing is good. Singing is good. But waltzing while being serenaded to? Amazing. Just wow. Love it.

Life is so very good.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Well...that was an adventure!

First and foremost, it seems that The Boy's grandma is doing okay. His parents are coming back up tomorrow.

Let's see....well, my weekend started with discovering that my best friend from high school is engaged. Then, a few days later, I discovered that my OTHER gal pal from high school is engaged. I get the privilege of telling our mutal friend B-Bear -- as long as I bring a camera along to record his reaction.

I did go to FNW on Friday, but it was extremely crowded and I was kinda in an "off" mood for some reason, and ended up heading home after the second set of music. Got called by The Boy and invited to head over after I picked up my stuff, so of COURSE I did.

Saturday was.....eventful, to say the least! We got together with three of The Boy's friends and went for a veeery long hike in Pacifica. It was gorgeous out, and the trail was veeery pretty. It went along what used to be Highway 1, and occasionally tou saw abandoned cars that were totally rusted out. The top part, though, was such a pain (literally!) to get to. It was so steep that my asthma was acting up so bad that I kept getting lightheaded and dizzy by the time I'd -finally- get to the top. The Boy was super sweet and would fall back to keep me company or wait for me to catch up.

After the hike, we went down to the beach nearby to goof around (I'd gotten a "hot spot" on my foot from my boot rubbing on it funny...ow. So no barefoot in the sand for me). The Boy decided that he had to dig near the base of a small sand wall. He ended up digging a really decent sized hole with some of us helping out by building retaining walls or tugging away the endges if they looked like they were going to fall in a bit. Well, once he started to dig into the sand bank.....that's when it got exciting. The wall of sand fell down on top of him and covered him past his nose, and I swear, my heart stopped. I was TERRIFIED. I pulled off his hat and started to pull sand away from his face while some of his friends started digging him out. I tried to help, but was kinda pushed back whenever I was attempting to, and wasn't strong enough to help pull him out. It took a long time to pull him out....but he came out none the worse for wear, aside from being covered in sand -- THANK GOD. I laugh about the mental picture now, but it scared the hell out of me.

After the near-death-experience, we all grabbed food and went to see the movie "Hot Fuzz." Extremely silly movie, so go see it if you liked "Shaun of the Dead." It was a long exhausting day, full of adrenaline, and many of us left sunburned -- particularly The Boy and I.

Today (Sunday) was a lot calmer, but still much fun. We went out and looked at some interesting homes for sale in Los Gatos of them was gigantic and GORGEOUS (as well as way too expensive), one was cheaper but....oddly built (seriously, the bathroom was tiny, had a huge window behind the toilet, a shower next to the window, and on the other side of the room was the washer/dryer), and the third one had a lot of charm! Favorite things: Window enclosed eating nook, a room with a big ol' stone fireplace, and a room that was two levels with a "stage" like area about 4 feet off the ground. Oh, and the woods? GORGEOUS. A pain in the butt to get to, mind you, due to windy narrow roads, but it was sooo pretty out there.

Afterwards, we went to a park to listen to local folk music music. We ended up staying out there for about an hour and a half, and it was very relaxing. Grabbed some Chinese food for dinner, then collapsed back at home for a movie.

All in all, a very good weekend. I love my weekends with my favorite Boy. <3 This Tuesday, we have tickets to go see "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," which were gotten for us by our whistle player friend who works crew for these plays. Really looking forward to it!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Boy, when it rains it pours..

Got a call from The Boy today. His grandma (the one who lives in Texas) got into a real bad car accident today. Poor Boy....I sounded so upset that I even started to get tearful, despite having never met the woman.

I told him to call me anytime, and if he ever needs company that I'll head over at the drop of a hat, but I really want to do something more for him. I just don't know what.

Update from when originally posted:
The Boy just called and told me that grandma is out of surgery and in stable condition. Very good news. Hopefully, she'll pull through and have many more years with her family.