Monday, May 19, 2008


I've graduated! Go me!

Photographic Proof is here!

The bizarre thing is that now I have to do my finals....but I have noooo ambition to do so, because of having already done the graduation stuff. Roar. Oh well, I'll finish typing up a roleplay entry and then buckle down on my online class's final.

(Oh, and I have a new laptop. YES!!!!)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Make the stresses go awaaaay.

Cookie update:

She's off and on with whether she's going to eat or not. She didn't eat last night, but I got her to eat some turkey this morning.

According to my dad, when he made an appointment for her to go back and see the vet today, the vet wasn't sounding too hopeful for her since she hasn't improved dramatically by now.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Doggy Update

Cookie's not eating and refusing to take her pills.

Hopefully, she's just being stubborn right now, as opposed to having decided she's going to curl up and die.

We did finally trick her into taking her anti-inflamitory by crushing it up into peanut butter and smearing it on her tongue.

Long story short about how her blood work came back, it's like an episode of "House." You know, where some count in her blood is high so it might be this one thing.....except it can't possibly be that, because something else is low and that discounts the first theory. Essentially, anything that could go wonky in her blood has done so.

Fuck, I'm worried and sad and really need a hug. I don't want my puppy to be dying.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm such a slacker!

Okay, so I haven't been updating's been BUSY. I'm currently doing my final semester at SJSU as an undergraduate. Yes, The Kitola is graduating in May! As scary as that may seem.

I am also choreographing a musical at a middle school, while simultaneously prepping for the summer musical this summer. Yikes!

Outside of those two things, you can see what I've been up to on my Picasa Photo Albums.

In sadder news, my old gal dog Cookie is feeling her age. She's about 14 now, and has been off her feed a bit. I'm worrying about her.

For now, though, off to class. Missed my classes yesterday due to a blown tire!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day!

So, for Valentine's day, I got a bottle of Technu. It was the most romantic thing ever! As everyone should know, Technu is by far the most extravagant and romantic gift anyone could ever give.

Okay, I'm sure that doesn't make sense to anyone other than My Man, where it's been a running gag ever since he bought me some packets of it to keep in my backpack when we go on hikes back in summer.

And yes, I really did get a bottle of Technu in my Valentine's Day bag, burried under all of that tissue paper. It didn't even have any Technu in it, anymore, though. What was inside it, you ask?

And My Man loved the engraved silver pocket watch I got for him. :)

This weekend consists of:
-Friday Night Waltz
-Hiking in Muir Woods (primarily because I need to go for an individual field trip for my California History class)
-Dinner and Dancing at a restaurant in Palo Alto that has ballroom dancing and live music! I'm going to treat this as my romantic Valentine's Day outing, since My Man was so exhausted yesterday that we ended up going to bed at 10:30 pm.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Feeling unimportant/useless/not moving forward/not a catch.

What a winner I am. :(

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why the Kitola is a good girlfriend

My Man called me, too weak from a flu that he's caught to go pick up OJ and some motrin at the Seven-Eleven that he lives next to. So I went around and got the OJ, Motrin, Sudafed (because I took most of his last weekend while I was sick), a thermometer (because he asked for one), Zicam (in case it really is just a cold), and some flowers. Poor guy, he was confining himself to bed....and although he felt better than when he called me, his fever was still 100.3. He wouldn't let me get too close, just in case I hadn't given him the crud that I had and it was something completely different.

But yeah, last week we were both sick...him with a cold, and me with something ickier. Either an ubercold, or a mild flu (But I got my flu shot when they were being offered!...but I was sweaty one night and achey, so maybe it was something ickier). Anyway, we for some reason thought we had the same thing...since they hit around the same there was no acting like either of us had the plague. Lots of flop-cuddling, movie watching, etc. So maybe I did give it to him. :( I hope not. And mostly I hope he gets well soon!

Let's see, haven't updated for awhile. Well, long story short, two weekends ago we went to Tahoe so that I could learn how to cross-country ski. Photos!

Just started my final undergrad semester at SJSU. Graduating in May. Eek.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My Weekend!

Friday: Okay, I was feeling really crappy during the day on Friday, but thankfully my mood managed to get lifted eventually. I grabbed some lunch at a local chinese place, but it apparently was too spicy or something, because my digestive system decided to make me incredibly burpy and uncomfortable. I couldn't even enjoy all of the yummy turkey burger sandwiches that My Man made for dinner. We went for a walk after sitting for a bit, which helped with my stomach a bit, and picked up some DVDs to watch. We got back and popped in Spiderman 3, which neither of us had seen yet.....and I gotta say: I'm SO glad we saw it at home rather than in a theater. I kept wanting to punch the characters in the noses for doing dumb things. Hehe.

Saturday: After a good night's sleep, I felt 100 times better on Saturday morning. After (eventually) getting out of bed, we grabbed some food and set off to the Berkley Wassail. We ended up getting there at about 2 pm, which was in time to say hi at the stop and head off to the next one. I have no complaints with singins and snacking pretty much all day long, and we met some new people that were quite fun to torment. I mean torment in a nice way, of course. :) After we hung out at the last stop for awhile, we went to Saturday(Friday) Night Waltz for the first time. It was fun, though I think I prefer the Friday Night Waltz in Palo Alto. Maybe it just feels more like home. :)

Sunday: Get up at about 9, have some breakfast, throw ourselves together, and out into the world we go to hike at Pinnacles! I had never been, so it was quite an adventure to me. The weather was GREAT...about 60-something throughout the day while we were doing most of the hike. We hiked about 8-9 miles, I guess, but we also climbed around on the really cool rocks. Well, My Man climbed around more than I did...since I'm still pretty cowardly about it...but he did manage to get me to climb up on a big rock! Hand hold and foot hold climbing, and even though I kinda froze and had a bit of a panic attack when I had a few slips, he kept talking me through it and helped me to the top. Which was GREAT for me, honestly...that'll definitely help me over come the irrational fear I have of climbing things like that. Maybe I'll be able to climb with ropes and stuff someday, like the folk we saw.

There were parts of the hike where there were "stairs" carved into the rocks...basically, it was kinda like someone dug foot-holds into the big mountain, put a railing next to it, and you basically climbed up it like it was a ladder (definitely not enough foot space to be thought of as stairs). These were fine, though a little daunting to look at, for going up....but going down, they were kinda terrifying! There's a great photo that My Man took of me heading up these stairs from behind, and you can check that out in the pictures I've uploaded.

We also came across some caves that were mostly closed off due to the season, but they were fun to climb around in, even if they were freezy cold. I could actually see my breath!

Animals that we saw: Lots of ground squirrels, quail, a California Condor, and a coyote!! The condor was really cool, but I was SO jazzed about the coyote. I wanted to CUDDLE it.

Here are the pictures from the hike: Lookit all of the big rocks!

After the hike, we stopped in Gilroy for dinner and headed home. First thing I did was take a shower to wash up, then turned it into a hot bath so I could just sit and soak in the warmth. A hot tub would've felt a lot better, but the tub was good enough. :) I stayed in there for about 30-45 minutes before I got out, threw on my robe and curled up by the fire with some decaf Vanilla Chai tea to read as My Man did some work on his laptop.

I got so warm and cosy that I accidentally dozed off at about 10 pm or so....and woke up at almost 10:30 to find My Man trying to put a false mustache on my face. The twit! ;-) Good thing I woke up before he managed it and was able to take a picture of it. That'll teach me to fall asleep before he does. :) I'll have to start bringing props now to threaten to do the same thing to him, now. Hehe.

VERY good weekend, over all. Tomorrow, though, I have to go to the dentist. Blargh!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

End of the Year Updates

On the 28th, I went to a surprise party for my brother. I had to drive to Sacramento for the first time ever, and EYUCH the 2.5 hour drive was killer for me to do alone.

My Man returned from Hawaii on the 29th, after having a great time snorkling/scuba diving, and brought me a necklace of freshwater pearls. I missed him an awful lot, and there was much happiness and hugs around. :) I missed him an awful lot.

The 30th was when I went to my friend's wedding. That was probably the most surreal part of the weekend, primarily due to the fact that it was one of the friends in my core high school group who's married now -- and she's the first one to do so. Ha, my friend J.A. is next, and that'll be half of the group. Kinda weird that the events are happening within a year of each other. Anyway, the wedding was very pretty and it was nice spending a day with My Man, B-Bear, as well as J.A. and her fiance. After the wedding and (rather long) reception, we all went and saw Sweeney Todd at the movie theater. The Man posted the photos and video I took from the wedding here

For New Year's Eve, My Man and I went out to Palo Alto where there was a ball put on by the Paul Price Orchestra. The mother of my friend who got married plays the violin for them, so my friend invited us to go along and hang out with them for the new year. The dancing was a lot of fun, even though I eventually danced myself into acquiring paaainful legs. The countdown sorta sucked, though. I barely heard him say "okay, 10 seconds..............2, 1..." and then the band played Auld Lang Syne. We all had a bit of the "WTF where was the countdown?" moment, but whatever. It was still a lot of fun. :)

Looking forward to seeing what 2008 holds for me. Goodness knows 2007 was pretty eventful!