Sunday, October 22, 2006


Went down to the Oktoberfest in downtown today, and at around 3:30 The Boy called to say that he and his Friend Of The Same Name were there and gave me a place to find them. :D So I got to wander around with him and his bud through the craft booths and stuff, stole his hat at one point, got to link arms with him, and oh....we polka-ed randomly in the less crowded areas. I think that embarassed/annoyed Friend-Of-The-Same-Name. T'was amusing.

Also amusing, we were wandering in a painting store when this occured.
Cast list:
Me - Ta da!
TB - The Boy
FotSN - Friend of the Same Name

Me: ::staring at a painting of a guitar.....with an ostrich's head infront of it::
FotSN: ::Blinks:: Uh...
Me: I don't know...I just....what...?
FotSN: I dunno, it's kinda cool.
Me: Well, yeah, but....what the heck, yanno?
TB: It's great if you're into Emu Rock.
Me and FotSN: ::GROANS::

Heh...I'm still wincing/giggling over that horrible pun.

Well, anyhoo, they weren't there long since they were taking a break from the costume project they're working on. The Boy said that once that's done he'll be more available to do things, so yay. :)

I spent some money, too! I got some pretty pretty dangly earrings that I probably won't get to wear unless I go somewhere fancier. And I got a camisole/tank-top from Dash Hemp that's 100% hand loomed hemp. It's a veeeeery pretty blue, but not sure when I'll be able to wear it. Oh wells.
Back to knitting I go. Though I should be finishing up my 2 page paper that's due in a few weeks...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Here's the World War One Flying, wait, that's wrong.

Anyway, this here is my attempt at making a "Tickled Pink" costume from this, that and the other. Crappy Cell phone quality, but that's okay. I'll try to get pictures from FNW.

The outfit includes this:
- Two tank tops, one black and one pink, for layering.
- Pale pink plaid skirt.
- Light Pink tights
- Hot Pink fishnets over tights
- Dance Pants (not seen) because holy crap that's a short skirt.
- Black heels
- Pink cheap "jewelry"...plastic beads, jelly bracelets, possibly pink feather earrings/accessories if I can find any.
- Hair in two low pigtails with pink ribbons (can't be seen here)
- Pink ostrich feather for tickling...and wearing in my hair when dancing. Heh.

So, aside from my room being TRASHED, whaddaya think? Does it look like Barbie threw up onto a school girl outfit?

Some Yays.

Yay hour long walk with The Boy. Also yay that the last half of the walk was arm in arm. Warm arm and friendly contact yay. :D

Essentially, I was antsy and said "I'm urging to wander/ too busy to join?" And he said that I had perfect timing since he'd just put down his project and that "a walk would be lovely!" Decided to walk around his area instead of mine (He's only a mile or so away, but he's closer to downtown than I am), because mine's not too interesting at night, and invited me up to show me the place and offer water. NICE place.

Boo having to get up in under 6 hours to throw myself together for the day AND take my niece to West Valley College due to her having been kicked out of her house. That's a VERY long story that I don't have all the details of.

Boo also for having realized how many papers I've got due next month. But UBER YAY for the walk having calmed me down from my anxiety over it.

Tra la la. I'll update whenever I get more ideas as to what the heck this'll end up as. :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Costume for Friday Night Waltz

So, Friday Night Waltz is doing a Halloween thang this week. I think I've decided to go with "Tickled Pink." In case y'all don't remember, here's the description:

Tickled Pink: Wear pink clothes and carry a feather.

The reason for picking this? Well, as my friend put it: I can be wicked sexy playing with that, and the feather = instant flirtation.

Soooo tomorrow, I go on a excursion to go find pink stuff. Thrift stores, Goodwill and the like. Plus, hi, it's October. Breast Cancer Awareness month. The month of PINK!

Edit: Awww. My favorite dance partner isn't going to FNW this week due to having a project to work on. :( Foop.

Friday, October 13, 2006

::Dies:: More cowardice

So I e-mailed and offered to go see a movie if he's ever still up for it.

I now have a reply to that, AND a comment he left on my livejournal account sitting in my e-mail box......and I'm cowardly about OPENING them.

I win. ::snerks::

....I'll look at 'em when I finish these drawings for class...

Edit: That wasn't so bad. Essentially, he's pretty much booked this month buuuut says he might be able to free up a few non-Friday-Night-Waltz Fridays. And yeah, the comment to the livejournal makes me think that now he's at least got the notion that I'm interested. ::Snickers:: Yay?

Thursday, October 12, 2006


My uterus is trying to claw it's way out of my torso. ::Grumps:: I wanna just stay home and knit. Stupid classes.

Oh, and I've done a few projects recently, and posted them in My Craft Blog.

Did Irish dancing last night a little, but my dancing buddy wasn't there. Sadness. :(

Edit: It figures that once I get my courage up enough, he isn't at The Dell either. And, not sure if it's related or not, but wow my esteem is doooown tonight for some reason.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Updating outside of Comments :P

School has a lot of stuff it's throwing at me at the moment. Working on a 3-5 page paper, and I've got to illustrate 15 pages for a storybook in my Children's Lit. class (Already have 2 done) in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, I'll be going to Irish Set Dancing, and then on Thursday to a local pub for Celtic Night. I've got a lot of friends at the pub, but I'm still new to the Irish Dancing so I'm extra glad my favorite dance partner will be there.

Back to my paper now. Almost done with page 2!

I'm still a coward. Also, thinking about possibly suggesting "Fly Boys" for a movie, if I get the guts. :P It's a war movie, but it's an old style war movie....where it's not about the blood and guts, but about the people and their relationships.

Friday, October 06, 2006

In short:

Boys are confusing. :P

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wizard of Oz and other things

So we got a call from the JCC people for Wizard of Oz. Mom and I are gonna be appletrees. What FUN. And the costume is just ever so attractive (From what we saw, the head piece looks like Cthulhu mated with a tree). May or may not also end up as an Ozian and/or a Winkie, since they don't know that yet. Man, I wanted to be Munchkin #3. Hmph.

Hope all the folk at the Ren. Faire are still dry. It's been all grey and drizzly today over here. Not quite helping my mild down-and-outs that I've had since I came home yesterday. Just happens sometimes, not sure why.

Um...oh. In other news, my parentals were handing out the bulletins as greeters at church today. There was something in the bulletin about the committee that was put together to decide whether the theater company would stay or go. While them having to hand that out at church was probably stressful, there were apparently a bunch of folk that came up to them afterwards and told them that they would call the members of the committee and speak positively on STC's behalf. That might be helpful, at least.