Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Update

Joey got his gifts today and says that he likes them. Apparently the gloves fit, so that's good....and I know he likes George Carlin, so the book was a hit. Hopefully the satchel will be useful.

My gift from him? Three large bottles of Mead! Which is awesome in the fact that I now HAVE mead...but not as awesome is that I'll never be able to drink all of it by myself because I'm such an alcohol wuss. *dies* I'll take one of the bottles to a DnD session with BBear, Aramil and FluffyNinja (the other two haven't been mentioned before due to the fact that Aramil lives in Chico and FluffyNinja is more BBear's friend than mine, since they were in the same grades in highschool).

Wow, I have lots of pretend names for people. :D Awesome.

Anyway, since I'm here, I'll do a bit more updating. I saw The Producers yesterday.....twice. It's that good. Seriously, if you have to see only one modern musical/movie, you MUST see this one. It's absolutely hysterical, and I love the music. Plus, it's a hoot to see Will Ferral playing Franz Liebkind, the neo-nazi...and Uma Thurman as Ulla (I totally didn't know she could sing and dance...she's REALLY good). Oh, also, when you see the movie you must stay throughout the entire credits. Trust me on this one.

The second time I saw the movie, I saw it with BBear and FluffyNinja...who also loved the movie. We saw it at 11:15, so we left the theater and close to 2 AM. We went to FluffyNinja's house and just sorta hung out. I got to watch the boys drink a few drinks, then watch some video footage from the last time they got smashed. It was sad and funny at the same time! We ended up puppy-piling on a Love Sac and talking about...the most random shit possible.

BBear: *goes to the bathroom after having given a long talk about how he has a button fly and that it'd take forever to undo it*
FluffyNinja: ...but he always comes back so quickly! He must have...a TUBE in his pants.
Me: Like...a catheter!
FluffyNinja: Yeah.
Me: ...Was that the right word? I think I said cadaver...did I say cadaver or catheter?
FluffyNinja: *bursts out laughing* He has a cadaver in his penis!!
Me: *Squeal cackle* Zombi penis!
BBear: *returns* Uh....what'd I miss?
FluffyNinja: We're talking about the cadaver in your penis.
BBear: Oh! Is that all? Okay!

And it just got worse the closer it got to dawn. Yeah, dawn....I came home at 7:15. Whoops. Parents were all "Ahh holy crap where were you!?" Ah well. Next time, like when I go to a DnD session or somesuch, I'll warn them that I may stay uberlate.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful time this season with the ones you love. Yesterday there was happy familiness (except for my poor sister-in-law who was sick, and my sister's husband who had to work). We had much fun with our typical Chinese food lunch and gift opening, including the stocking stuffers we got for everyone.

Around 8:00 I went off to see a movie with Joey, but since he was sick and I was exhausted (spent the past two days up until 4 AM roleplaying with B-Bear), we called it a night there. Also, since Amazon apparently hadn't sent my gift yet (it was ordered on the 22nd), he didn't want to get his yet. Oookay then.

I called B-Bear to see if he wanted to go hang out at Denny's or something so I could get a salad, since my parents were out to dinner/Christmas Eve Churchness...but ended up having pancakes and peanut butter. Woot? Heh. Twas good and melty peanut buttery..

This morning was veeeery relaxing. We gave the dogs and cat their Christmas Stockings full of fun new toys, and I think my favorite part of today was watching Roxie tear around the house with a toy that had feathers sticking out of it. She liked to grab it and chuck it about a yard away and then leap ontop of it.

Well, since everyone seems to post their "hauls" this time of year, here's mine.

Excluding the lots and lots of awesome randomness from my stocking, here's what I've gotten:

-Lots and lots of warm shirts/sweaters
-New set of flannel PJs
-Two pairs of jeans with AWESOME patterns on them
-Video Game: Shadow the Hedgehog (which my parents say was supposed to be Kingdom Hearts 2, but the release date was pushed back until April. Bleh!)
-A really nice brass Irish Whistle
-A GPS system for my car (Yay no more getting lost!)
-Seasons 1 and 2 of Monk....I already have Season 1, so I'll try to exchange it for 3 instead.
-A shirt that says "Geek is Sexy"
-A necklace with a d20 in it YAY! You can see it at Think Geek
-PostSecret (the book version of Post Secret which updates every Sunday)

In other news: I got my grades from last Semester!
Motivation in Children: B+
Development of Human Potential: B+
Modern Dance: A
Step Aerobics: A
Other Child Development class I've forgotten the name for: B+

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

One week later

My knee still friggin' hurts like nobody's business. Dammit...it's only just now starting to bruise, too. This ain't going to be a pretty knee. The pain centers around the, what I'll call "knee dimple" (that indent on the inside of the knee)...and sorta radiates a sore/stiff/throb pain up to about three inches above my knee. Heh. I fucked it up good.

Listening to Podcast 3 of Martin's....Gator's pissing me OFF at the end of it. Just...so damn annoying. *twitch* I want to kick him in his face.

Mood's kinda....meh. Relationship drama going on in my head. Hopefully I can talk to mah buddy in Australia to get their take on it.

Oh. And I've got a cold. At least the startings of a cold....fleh.

Updated my craft blog with pictures of everything I've knitted.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Bar hopping

Went out to Celtic Night last night at both the Grand Dell AND Duke's of Edinbourough (Wow I can't spell that for the life of me), and I took B.Bear with me, due to him being depressy.
We got to the Dell at about 9:00-ish, but only a few people that I vaguely knew were there. First thing I did was crack me knee into the bar so hard that I felt dizzy/lightheaded and couldn't breathe. Not fun!

Anyway, we hung out at the bar part of the room and looked at each other's sketchbooks when the bartender came over and saw. He said that we HAD to meet someone, so he brought over the guy's beer to lure him over. Turns out, he's the artist for the Neverland Transit Authority, a webcomic. We talked for a LONG time, the three of us, and I mostly listened while he and B.Bear talked about animation classes at DeAnza.

There was also a REALLY CREEPY old guy there. No, I'm SERIOUS. He creeped me the fuck out. See, B.Bear and I were talking to each other, and I heard a cell phone camera go off. I checked my phone, because sometimes it takes pictures in my pocket....but nope, it's not mine. I look around, and see this old dude with his cell phone at me. I give him an odd look and he takes another one, saying that it's for "Hugh Heffner." Cue the nervous laugh and my asking if that line was as old as Hugh Heffner himself before going back to my conversation with Benny. Later on, I go to sign up my name on the band's mailing list, so that I can be informed about where they're going when, and the guy comes back.

Dude: Have I seen you somewhere before? You look familiar.
Me: *WTF look* Uh...I was sitting over there.... *points*
Dude: Oh. I thought maybe I'd seen you on American Idol or something. *Creepy smile*
Me: Heh....uh...heh....nope! I'm going....back over there now. *flees! With a huge limp because OW MY KNEE*

Did it stop there? NOPE! Later, he came BACK over to me and Benny...

Dude: Miss Andrews!
Dude: Do you want to see the picture I took?
Me: Whatever...?
Dude: Okay, I'll e-mail it to you *creepy smile*
Me: ..... *whimpers, looks at B.Bear like "omg please can we go now?"

We pretty much left after that. I seriously do NOT want to know what he was going to do with that picture......ew....

At Duke's, we sat and listened/sang with the music until the Piper started playing. Christ, my ears hurt....we were right next to him. Now, I love pipes....but not that close to my ears! We stayed until he stopped that song, not wanting to be rude, and then left.

So yes. That's my night o' bar hopping. I didn't even drink anything! :D

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finals and Dreams

Well, my finals are all done. I expect to get all As and Bs in my classes, so that's good.

Since my final was at 7:15 today, I came home and went back to sleep. I had a very depressing dream....I had a dream that my dad had died, and no one was giving me sympathy or letting me cry. I tried to call Joey during the dream, and he never answered his phone. Bleh. Icky dream.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Hey. Feeling a bit better.....starting to go in an upswing, I guess. Still not my happiest, but hopefully getting better. I figure that not crying within the last 24 hours is always a good sign, yeah?

Been updating the crafty blog lately with all sorts of fun stuff. Feel free to go comment on things. Unless you're Joey. If you're Joey, don't look, because I've been posting the gifts I'm making you.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Same ol' same ol'

Still depressed/lonely. Low self esteem is far from fun...particularly when it causes you to cry for a half hour in the car....then again before bed.

I need cuddling, hugging, and affection....I need to know that if I was put into the hospital or something happened, that certain people would go out of their way to see me. I know my friends that are spread out around the country wouldn't be able to, but the ones that are at least in the state.....I just....I don't know. I feel as if something wereto happen, that everyone would be too busy/lazy to make the trip.

Don't worry. I won't be doing anything to myself. I may be depressed, but I'm not stupid. I just need to feel that I'm not a nuisance to folk.