Monday, January 31, 2005

Weekend Recap

Alright, I was going to do this earlier, but I fell asleep. Stupid sleep schedule is still way off for me.

Anyway, Friday Knight Fever went pretty well!

Friday's show was the best, save for a music glitch. The kids were spot on with their lines, the audience was responsive, and the "Love Song" in the show was great. All of the goofy effects that made it a fun number worked -- mainly, the bubble machine. The audience loved it, the kids had a great time, and all was well.

Saturday's show didn't go quite as well. It was still pretty good, but during one of the scenes there was a huge pause full of dead air in the third scene of the first act. Also, during intermission someone (no clue who) turned off the bubble machine. So those poor kids had to due this incredibly sappy love song without the effect that made it bearable to do. Otherwise, though, it was fine. The kids enjoyed it.

Sunday. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Well, about half the cast had a fever so it was very low energy. The same bit of dead air was there, but not as long as the previous day, and once again the bubbles didn't work. We had PROMISED them bubbles, since we tested it before the show and they DID work. Turned out, someone went and unplugged the thing. Grr.

Oh! The best thing about Sunday's show. There was a little girl in the cast who ended up in the hospital after the last dress rehearsal to have her appendix removed, so she'd missed the first two shows...but thank goodness, she made it to the last one!

A few top memories from this show:
-The girl playing Miss Buttercup, the school Secretary, kept getting more and more over the top every night. By the end of the show, she was one of my favorite kids to watch.
-The girl who played one of the boy punks, who had NO clue how to do it. At one point, she stood with her legs far apart to point at someone while delivering a line, and then hopped and SNAPPED her legs back together. Real close. It made me laugh every time.
-One boy, who was a 5th grader that I've worked with since 3rd grade. He used to be a really sour kid who never looked like he had any fun. This year, he was friendly, outgoing, and always willing to play. He even gave me a huge hug after the last show.
-One of the girls who I've worked with before, and I know needed Special Ed. classes at the time. She's grown SO much in the past year, that it was honestly shocking. I was so impressed with her.

Hopefully, the production team will decide that my mom and I are NOT the evil team of nay-sayers that they must've thought we were...and that I'll be able to do this again next year. I love working with these kids, and one of them started to cry when I said I wasn't sure if I'd be back next year.

Saturday, January 29, 2005


The Kitola dislikes being moody and lonesome. Some of my friends showed up for the show today. But the one person I really wish could've been there couldn't due to the 7 hour drive.

Girl's Night is next weekend.

I am SO going to L.A. the weekend after that.

Friday, January 28, 2005

I have a better picture of my outfit from opening on my camera, but the pup's chewed through the cord used to move camera pictures to the laptop.

Devine Intervention

That's gotta be the only reason the kids were pulled together last night. A few bits of dialouge got missed, but they kept going. The Alley-Cats knew their dance last night....and they actually sat like little ladies!! We had been having issues with them sitting in their skirts all...wide-legged and slumping.

Tonight's opening night, and I've got to go get myself ready for it. Shower, 70's clothes, and I'm gonna try to get my hair to do the Farrah Fawcett thing.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Save me from drowning

Gleh...this show I've been working on is so not ready to be seen by an audience. No one remembers lines, the movement is slow, the sound cue guy doesn't know the script, the stage managers hadn't been around until NOW (same with set AND prop people), and the kids haven't been practicing their dances. Believe me, it shows.

I don't want to go and sit through the show five more times. This has been the worst one to work with. I miss the producer that was there for the last four years.

*Sigh* And Joey's so bogged with things to do to make his job easier, that he won't be able to come down and save me. Next weekend, I have a Lisa's Tea Treasure's "Girl's Night" with some folk. Hopefully, the weekend before Valentine's, I'll be able to either go to L.A. or Joey will be able to come up. Hopefully, going to L.A. will be what happens. After sooo much time apart, I want to be able to spend as much time as possible with him.

Monday, January 24, 2005

One year, two years, time goes by.

It's 2 AM, so my writing skills aren't up to par. I'll cut this short (possibly write a longer entry during the day), and just say this:

It's been two years. There's been ups and downs, but I'm still happier for knowing you. Love you Joey. Talk to you tonight.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sorry this journal's turning into a place to rant...

But I seriously don't feel like I can post what I want to at my usual LiveJournal account. Ever since I started to mention not agreeing with J and bitching in general about people getting engaged/married/engaged-to-be-engaged so young (I know that it works for some, but since it doesn't for most then I don't trust it)...people have been deciding to comment that I'm an evil jealous psychobitch.


Oh, and then someone decides to post in their own journal about how I'm "outrageously jealous" (what??) and then decides to take blows at my education because, wow, HE knew exactly what he wanted to do for FOREVER. Yeah, some of us need to check out a few different areas before getting into our majors. I looked into a LOT of different things before deciding on Preschool Teacher. Deffinately not glamorous, of course, but it seems like something I'd enjoy.

Meh. Moving on.

Kitola's "You Know What Shits Me?" of the week:

I can't stand it when people decide to tell the world that I'm immature, but then refuse to drop the topic once I've mentioned -- many times -- that I want it dropped. Also, they keep bringing it up after I have stopped mentioning it, and removed any "offending" stuff from the previously mentioned LiveJournal.

Frankly, pulling that shite on me after a very stressful SIX HOUR rehearsal with 3rd - 5th graders is a one way ticket to my shit list. A grand total of four people have ever been on it, and only one has redeemed himself from it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Urge to kill....rising...

Check it out, a post that isn't about people getting married at a ridiculously young age!

This one is about people getting unmarried.

Alright, so my cousin is married and with three girls. The four year is going to special ed preschool because she doesn't speak (she'll parrot, but she doesn't talk on her own), the three year old refuses to potty train, and they have a new one that's three months. They're living off of my cousin's paycheck of $1400 a month, and food stamps. The wife refuses to work.

Guess who threw my cousin out of the house. That's right, his wife. She's filed for divorce, and is asking for MORE than half of his paycheck....while still refusing to work.

What. The. FUCK!?

I'm so MAD that I can't see straight. Those poor girls aren't going to have any kind of a chance now, if the courts end up letting them stay with the mom. I'm almost certain CPS would come down on their mother's ass and the girls would end up in foster care.

Talk about immature and selfish. Their anniversary was last week. The wife asked my aunt for a cruise -- just last week. When the papers were already FILED. Just....GUH.

Just what I needed was another reason to hate people. And what really pisses me off, is that I've spent so much time defending her to other people. Then she goes and pulls this crap. Just...what in the name of all that is good and holy could this person be thinking!?

Monday, January 17, 2005

Okay, here's a big WTF

Sorry Bill, you are not walking sex.

A bit of explanation

Reasons I was feeling so shitty were basically a combination of things. Mainly, I was stressing from the show I'm working on, and there were two people calling me "immature" and "jealous" of J because of my feelings that she may be rushing into things and royally screwing herself over.

But like I said, feeling a bit better now. Just mopey that I may not get to see the Joey this month due to his horrid work schedule. *Crosses fingers* He may come the last weekend of this month, but that's the weekend of the show. And despite that I have no tickets, I'm probably expected to be there. I wonder if I could get the director's approval to ditch one night. Hmm...

Currently watching something on NBC about St. Jude's Hospital. Made me remember the little girl I met while doing these shows that had had a surgery to remove a brain tumor the summer before I met her. She was such a wonderful kid. She's still great, actually. Very sweet, and her sister's one of my favorite kids in the show this year.

*Random tangent* Last night, I created a posting board for a friend and myself, in order to write out stories with characters we used to role-play in D&D with. I made a similar page years ago, and we had these huge elaborate posts that went in all kinds of directions. It'll be fun to get the creative juices flowing again. It might even help with my artist's block.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Feeling less shitty/unloved today

Spent time hanging out with K today, who is so totally AWESOME for a 16 year old. Plus, when I told Joey how perfectly horrible I felt last night (I sent him a text message around 2:30 because I was sobbing, and an e-mail this morning to explain it), he made me feel much better by sending me a comforting reply. And knowing how busy and hectic he is in L.A., that meant a lot.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

And now, a big WHAT THE SHIT!?

Greh. I'm stressing the hell out with this play. Not with the kids, though. With the vocal director.

The vocal director is giving both the director and myself hell by telling us how to do our job. She told me today that she wants me to change the choreography in two numbers! What the FUCK is with that and who the HELL does she think she is telling me to do that.

It's stressing me out. I've already had to alter a number because she was pissy that the girls were going to be facing upstage -- due to lack of stage space. Let's not forget to mention how hard it is on the kids if you've FREAKIN PRACTICED A CERTAIN DANCE FOR TWO MONTHS!!!!!

*Mutter grumble* I really want to just tell this woman off...she tells me how to do my job, and thinks that she CAN just because I'm so young. Alright, so I may not have a son in the 5th grade like she does, but what the hell makes her think she's so high and mighty?

Well, I'll be damned if I alter ANOTHER dance because she's being fussy. I've already altered a dance TWICE because she didn't like it. I'm NOT going to alter two more dances with just one more week of rehearsals left.

Spring Schedule

10:30 - 11:45 = Acting
10:30 - 11:45 = Story Telling/Creative Drama
1:30 - 2:45 = ASL 2 (minor class, I think?)
3:00 - 4:15 = Child/Adolescence in a Multicultural Society (major class)
Amazingly, still nothing.

I'm sooo glad Fridays are free for me! I can make weekend trips to L.A. now. I'm so going up the weekend before Valentine's Day (which is on a Monday this year).

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Argh. I hate schools.

FINALLY registered for classes at the school I'm transferring to. They wouldn't let me until I'd gotten all of my transcripts in -- despite that most of them were just bullshit classes. And THEN they didn't sent me any letter to let me know that they recieved my transcripts and that I could register.


I'm in 4 classes, so I'm covered by health insurance at least (which is good, since I need to get a prescription renewed).

1 class is in my major for Child Development, one is in my minor for Deaf Education/Culture, and 2 are in theater because I needed the damn units.

This'll hopefully be easier in the summer or fall (depending on if I decide to take summer classes or not).

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to My Love!!

Hope to see you soon sweetheart...I need to give you your birthday present(s).

Monday, January 10, 2005

Stop me from shopping..PLEASE!

I really shouldn't be spending so much money..since I don't HAVE that much to begin with. Aside from the things I've bought Joey for Christmas, Birthday, and Anniversary combined (Gads, probably close to $150 or more for all of it {I've been shopping since October}...not as bad as it could be, but it's a lot for me)...I've been buying shit for myself.

Today, at Target, I bought:
A sooooft silk shirt (Which I can't WAIT to wear)
Knee high black/grey socks
a Yoga DVD

I'm not usually a shopaholic. I'm down to $45 in my wallet. :'(

Stop me before I shop again!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Who knew there were so many ways to say THAT!?

I had an ASL (American Sign Language) workshop to go to today (I'm starting to think about being an interp.) involved nothing but sex/drugs.

I now know in sign language:
3 different ways to say penis, vagina, clitoris, breasts, blow job, cunnilingus, and probably others (too lazy to go grab my notes)...and 7 different ways to say intercourse/fuck.

Plus a HELL of a lot more. I can't wait to show these to Joey for amusement's sake.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Open question to all readers:

Question: Is it bad form to flaunt smoochy pictures to someone you crushed on for 5 years?

Here's the situation: Meet my friend J. When she was in 8th grade, and on for 5 years, she had this huge crush on my friend, B. Currently, J is "unoffically engaged" to someone now (that sparked my last post *scoff* 10 months...), and B has yet to have had a girlfriend. She sends B a picture of J and her boytoy kissing.

Am I wrong in thinking that this, joined with the fact that she's been flaunting the ring at me, that she is being HORRIBLY unclassy? It just doesn't set right with me.

Because it's bugging the hell out of me...

I have a feeling Joey will eventually post something similar, and most deffinately better than I can word it...but I've got to get this vented here as well.

What the SHIT is it with people getting engaged/married/pregnant/WHATEVER at young ages? I went to Alumni Day at school, and discovered that someone who was in the 10th grade when I graduated is engaged.

Let's add to this that K is also married, pregnant, and moved to Germany.

I also knew a girl who was engaged at 17 (thankfully, I think that they broke up).

OH! And J, is "unofficially engaged"....whatever the shit that means. And they've only been together for about 7 months.

What in the world is up with this? Joey's right with how people probably don't even know who they are at that age (DEFFINATELY not at 17), and shouldn't be getting married until closer to 25. But..Gah. I don't know. The whole idea of these people who are younger than me doing this just squicks me out for some reason. It makes me feel old. Or annoyed. Or maybe slightly jealous. Who knows.

Either way, it just angers me.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Update on "Buzz" and "Delilah"

Well, my assistant choreographer helped me think up something to make the dance easier for these two kids, and decided that we'd show it, then teach it on Monday (since, yanno, we don't get to work with them again until Monday).

Turns out, after talking with my mom (she's directing...the entire family is full of theater rats), they do the dance FINE on stage. But, if that's the case, then why do they like...not even TRY while in the choreography room with me? I's not like I'm able to see that they're doing it better, if they don't take the practice time with me seriously.

Geh. Sometimes I just don't know why I work with kids. But then I get rushed with a huge hug, and I end up remembering.

Besides. I just love the theater. Yay for drama geeks!

Monday, January 03, 2005

...I do this for a living WHY!?

So. Went to rehearsal today, first time since the winter break. It was the worst thing ever. *Facepalm* All was fine until the kids playing Buzz and Delilah came in. Delilah's such a space case....

Me: "Delilah," you need to hold your hand like this so "Buzz" can grab it.
Delilah: *Stares at fingers and wiggles them*
Me: No, like THIS...*Fixes her hand again*
Delilah: *Moves fingers to stare at them again*
Me: "Delilah," pay attention!
Delilah: *Talking about her fingernails* They're pretty...!
Me (in my head): ...What the fuck!?

The entire hour I had them was like that. Urrrrgh...this show goes on in 5 weeks. And that girl is a fifth grader. Good GOD.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

A comment from Joey's blog...

Happy Billy Says:

By the way…. Hey Kitola are you hot? And have you nailed Joey yet?

*Just....dies* For some reason, this comment amuses me to no end.

Happy New Year!

Alright, started out the day feeling like crap because (1) Joey's in L.A. and it's too far for me to go to be with him tonight, and still go to my brother's tomorrow for his birthday, and (2) all of me friends have been so damn evil that they haven't called me back while I was trying to organize some sort of get together.

All that combined lead to a very bitter Kitola who grumpily spent New Year's watching a movie and having dinner with parents.

The movie, By The Sea, was VERY good. If you love Bobby Darin, you'd love to see Kevin Spacey play him. My God, he sounds EXACTLY like Bobby Darin when he sings. It was almost scary when I learned that he did all of his own singing.

Well, anyway, the bitterness has passed. Oddly, it all sorta...melted away. I just felt so much better when I got a call at midnight from Joey. That meant an awful lot to me.

Well, hope everyone who reads this (does anyone read this?) had a good New Year's, and that 2005 treats you wonderfully.