Friday, July 22, 2005

Fucking OW....

Okay, so with my bruised ribs or whatever, I haven't been coughing much. I try to keep that pain down. But sometimes, you just get something caught in your throat and you have to cough. That happened, and I swear I felt something pop. Ow ow ow.....thank God there's no STABBING PAIN OF DEATH anymore. Yay for ace bandages.

Mild update: Joey was in town to go to his sister's "wedding" (City Hall wedding with just bride, groom, and bride's family), since he'll be in VEGAS on my birthday, we spent some time together this weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be too cheery. My throat is still hurting, my ribs make me uncomfortable, and I screwed up my back so I've got a nasty knot in my shoulder. Joey actually went to massage my shoulders and said "Holy mother!! That ain't right..."

Thursday night, after rehearsal, I went over to a pub where there's a Celtic band that plays once a week. The same band has done the Kirkin of the Tartan at our church. Anyway, I went and visisted with them for a bit and the piper of the group started teaching me how to play Irish whistles. I've already learned a pretty simple polka.

Well, that's all there is to say right now. Time to put ice on my side.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ow, my me.

I think I've bruised a rib from coughing so damn much in the past two weeks. This really, REALLY hurts. So not my idea of a good time. Ah well....hopefully I'll get better soon.

Secondly, I got the newest Harry Potter book yesterday and was up until 5:30 am reading it. Very good. I won't give any spoilers. I was just very pissed and who was killed, and who did the killing. Grr.

Thirdly, I am highly cranky. I'll chalk it up to my soreness, tiredness (having been up until 5:30 am the other night reading Harry Potter) and having screwed up at rehearsal. Not just at one particular person.

Fourthly. I'm under the impression that the Gaslighter has already cast their show for the next round about, and I have been passed over as being a member this time around. Snarl.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Fangirl Moment

I don't normally get star-struck when meeting "celebrities" (granted, I've only met the cast of Unscrewed and Stephen Shwartz)....but I just realized something.

I would totally squeal and turn into a raving fangirl if I met Tony Shalhoub.

I've even had a dream where Monk decided I was really nifty and cuddly. It was strange. But kinda awesome. The dream itself was sort of a cross between "Monk" and "The Dead Zone"....where Monk had to touch things to see the future and figure out cases. But, Monk being who he is, had issues with touching it.

Man, I'd so love to be an extra on that show.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Updates Galore

Alright, I've been away so I guess I should give a few updates.

First off, I am thankfully feeling better. I still have a cough, but as I've been telling long as what I cough up is clear instead of the neon green-ish it's been, I'm happy! Our trip to the ranch was canceled, due to the fact that I would've been absolutely miserable. Spent the week seeing movies, mostly. I also went to Marine World with my niece, despite the fact that I had to stay drugged up on tylenol, sudafed, and cough syrup through the whole day.

On the 8th, I had a gaslighter show to do. The guy who plays the villian didn't show we had to draft the director's brother. Thankfully, the guy has 30 years of experiance under his belt so he was able to do it. It was odd having someone on book, though....and the first scene starts out so dark that he was unable to read it, so we got some very odd lines at first.

Amazingly, the guy who usually is the villian was at the auditions for the next show. IN ONE PIECE. My mom and I were both shocked at that.

Oh yes, and my mom and I both auditioned for the next Gaslighter show. Still haven't heard back from them yet, but I feel as though it went fairly well.

Joey was supposed to come up last weekend, but on the way up his car died. Soooo....he stayed in L.A. while it got fixed. The starter had died and the brakes were on their last legs. It's a good thing those got fixed when they did.

Hmm....what else? Well, the summer musical of Seussical is eating me alive. I had to spend the day yesterday choreographing with a friend of mine. And it turns out there's an emergency dance rehearsal scheduled for the same day of my birthday. Meh. Oh well...I've had rehearsals on my birthday before, so hopefully it'll just be a few hours.

Guess that's it for now. I'm off to pull myself together and do a wee bit more choreography for tonight's rehearsal.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Vacation? Hope so.

So, on Sunday I'm supposed to go on my family's annual trip to R-Ranch for the 4th of July week. Sadly, today I'm feeling utterly craptastic. My throat is sore, my chest is tight, I cough if I take too deep of a breath, and I kept waking up last night.

Hopefully, I'll be feeling better by July 3rd....I'd hate to feel sickly while at a ranch. I'd be all pissy. But, if I'm not better by then...I BETTER be by the 8th. I have a show to do at 11 in the morning.