Thursday, May 26, 2005

*Purr* and *Owwie*

Joey's in town for a week or so and I got to spend a lot of time with him last night. We watched Lost and Alias, then spent a lot of time being snuggly cuddly. Ended the night with spending some time at Carrow's due to hunger setting in at about 2:00 in the morning. I'll get to spend more time with him before he leaves, and hopefully we'll be going to Fanime either on Friday or Monday, since I'm busy on the other days.

My uterus feels like it's trying to claw it's way out of my body. Owwie. Meh, it's still better than it was before the BC pills.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bloody. Fucking. OW.

Guess who fucked up her neck today!!

Okay, so here's the whole story:
I was trying to see if something would work for a dance number, which requires having the person's chin waaaaay up. And I threw my head back too hard, I guess. So I now have pain from the base of my head to mid back/just around shoulder blades.

If it's worse or not any better tomorrow, I'm going to ditch my acting class to go see the doctor. Since, yanno, I've got to go dance even more tomorrow.

On a different note, on to auditions for the show. Sixty-four people showed up. Ten of them were adults (three men, seven women). Out of the remaining fifty-four, about seven were boys. The director's worried about getting enough talented boys to play the Wickersham Brothers...we need at least three, and we have one that'd make a deffinate Wickersham. The guy down the street I was trying to get into the show didn't show up today, so if he does tomorrow he'll undoubtedly end up as a Wickersham.

I'm rambling, and my ice pack needs to go back in the fridge.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Quotes of the day

Backstory: My kid show has been canceled last week, this week, and next week as well. So it'll be a month since the last time I've done it when the girlscouts AND my group are showing up.

(I just arrived at the Gaslighter to see the comedy show and am approached by my director)

Director: CAITY!
Me: Mark!
Director: Caity DAHLING!
Me: Whatie, dahling?
Director: Do you think we'll EVER do a kid's show again?
Me: What is this "Children's Show" of which you speak?

In other news, the comedy show was....okay. I didn't really get to enjoy it until the ANNOYING DUMBASS TEENAGERS left the balcony. Honestly, they got so rowdy and disrespectful that Security had to be sent up to keep an eye on them. Thankfully, they left after their two friends had about half way through. The following did occur, though.

MC: You in the balcony are going to have to settle down.
Me: Thank GOD, it's about time.
Two Teenage Twits: *Turn and give me an OMG BURN IN HELL look*
My brain: What? Shut the fuck up, you're fifteen.
What I actually did: *Ignores them and watches the show*

Monday, May 02, 2005


Auditions for Seussical are coming up this weekend. I've finished the dance to teach folk for it, but...yanno, I'm still having stress dreams about it. People not showing up, or not understanding the dance. Yargh.

I also have a 2 page paper due tomorrow, and a 7 pager due in two more weeks (that I haven't started yet). Gaaah....I'm feeling overwhelmed. I need hugs.

Edit: Finished four ASL papers (three about guest speakers, one about video tapes). I have two more video-tape ones to do, and God only knows how many webpage ones. Also, I need to go to a Deaf Event (I was going to on the 30th, but I forgot).

I also got my 2 page paper done nice and early. The 7 pager still needs to be started....and...have the topic decided on.