Sunday, January 28, 2007

Edwardian Ball

I had soooooo much fun at the ball last night. Even though I forgot my wallet and we had to turn around when we were virually there....The Boy was being so darn sweet about it, though, and tried to keep me from feeling too bad about it. Felt pretty guilty on the way back to the house, but fine on the way back to the ball.

The music was awesome, the acrobatics were aMAZing, and oh the sexy ballroom dancing that there was between me and The Boy. ; ) There's nothing hotter than ending a slow and sultry swing with a kiss....mrawr.

Also, to quote The Boyfriend: "You're getting a lot of looks, you should revel in it....even some of the girls are checking you out" Talk about bumping my esteem up a few levels.

Bumped into people I know there, from FNW. One of which I know the name of, but he didn't seem to remember meeting me, and another that I know (originally) from Celtic Night at the pub and went ice skating with The Boy and another friend of our's way back in December.

Anyway, I'll put up a picture of us all dressed up once The Boyfriend gets them off of his camera.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A new Labyrinth and Vivid Dreams

Last night, The Boy and I went to go see "Pan's Labyrinth" with some of his friends (I invited one of mine, but he bailed, the bum). I was impressed that I'd met them all before, at least once, and I get along with them (aside from the one currently living with The Boy, but simply because I don't really know how to relate to him).

As for the movie, it is REALLY cool. If y'all ever get the chance to go see it, you should. The effects are very cool and dark, like in Mirrormask, but it's also got a good horror aspect. There were parts that I had to watch between my fingers while semi-burried against The Boy, due to the ick factor.

One thing that is in the movie are these fairies that, at the beginning, look like bugs. Big icky LONG bugs. Apparently, these bugs appeared in a dream of The Boy's last night, and he's a very vivid dreamer. ::Snerks:: At some point in the night, I was awoken by being abruptly grabbed and pulled/rolled to The Boy's side of the bed while he swatted at where I had been.

Me: ::WTF OMG MY HEART:: Mnugh!?
Boy: ::Completely, totally asleep:: Bug. Big bug.
Me: ....Wha?
Boy: There was a bug. ::mumble zzzz::
Me: ::Half asleep:: You scared the hell outta me.
Boy: Sorry.

All of that happened while he was asleep, or at least not completely awake at least. I asked him about it in the morning and he very vaguely remembered something about it happening. Now, it amuses the hell outta me. :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's already a busy year!

Why yes, I have been seeing The Boy nearly every day this year so far, why do you ask? :D

Wednesday, I baked cookies and went over to The Boy's house later on with about half of them to hang out and watch Mirrormask. VERY cool movie.

Thursday, the Wizard of Oz rehearsals started again and holy crap I'd almost forgotten how disorganized and repetative they are. Yargh. Was supposed to meet up with The Boy and our whistle playing friend (Um...I shall dub him Whistles for here) and sing bawdy sea shanties, but the friend didn't show. So instead, I went over and just hung out for a quiet evening of poking at his computer, learning a few folk tunes, and getting some knitting done.

Friday had Friday Night Waltz, YAY, and that was fun as always. Whistles came with The Boy and I for his very first FNW event, and I'm pretty certain he enjoyed it. Didn't do as much dancing as I normally do, though, since I kept getting really dizzy/nauseous really easily for some reason.....probably had to do with dinner, since The Boy was having the same problem. Even with that, though, we ended up getting home from the dance event after 2 AM and crashing for the night.

Today (Saturday), we went Wassailing. A big ol' party group of folk, some people from the Wednesday Irish Dancing that The Boy and I do and others who are from a Morris Dance Troupe that we know all got together to do 6 "home invasions." Essentially, we went around to these houses, sang our wassail song, got fed food, did (or watched) some Morris Dancing, and went to the next house. So, our party was pretty much like locusts....but it spawned parties for the people who we invaded, so that was fun! I just got home from that, and whew am I tired. And full. I've been fed total crap all day today, except for the breakfast I had at The Boy's.

(Also, hi, sharing showers is fun and friendly)

Anyway. The Boy is hiking tomorrow, but I'm not going. It's a 20 mile hike, and while it sounds like a good one....I don't have that much stamina for hiking yet, and I have another Wizard of Oz rehearsal to attend tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Holy Crap....what a GREAT weekend. (Again, LOTS of reading)

Essentially, I was with The Boy from Saturday morning, 10:30, until Monday evening, 10:30. About 60 hours!! So much fun. Well, let's get down to it. :)

Well, on Friday I got a call from The Boy, asking if I wanted to go for a hike, so I went over to his place 10:30 in the morning on Saturday. Put together a pack, grabbed some ToGos Sandwiches to take along for a lunch, and off we headed for the Santa Cruz mountains to a place called Castle Rock. Now, I've not done hiking in YEARS, but I love getting outside and doing things, so I was up for it. The Boy's a pretty fast walker, even on city streets, but I was able to keep up with him. I even did some rock climbing -- hand hold and foot hold climbing, not just getting over rocks that are in the way -- which was entertaining for The Boy when I'd get to the top and then make nervous noises when it came time to get down. He's run down like a mountain goat, and I'd stay at the top wide-eyed and snickering going "Ummm.....okay..." All in all, it was beautiful out there, a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to going on another hike with him sometime in the future. :D

Here's a quick picture I snapped with my phone when The Boy found a cavey thing and was telling me to head up with him....I couldn't resist, he looked so stuck!
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Afterwards, we went into downtown Saratoga and got some hot cider to sip while wandering around the area. Stayed there essentially until the drinks were gone, then headed out. This was when he told me his weekend plans: Staying the night at the friends' party,then sledding on New Year's Day! So we spent a good deal of time going around to sport equipment stores and army surplus stores so that he can get new snow pants and boots, and so I can get a pair of my very own pair of pants and gloves.

Next, we rented a movie (Kinky Boots....pretty good movie, go see it if you haven't), and grabbed some noodle soup at a Chinese resturaunt before going back to his place and getting comfy on his bed to watch the movie on his 24 inch screen Mac computer.

Once the movie was over, I went to Target to get some thermals and see if I could get some good boots as well....sadly, there were none that were comfortable in my size. Then, I darted home and packed up for the weekend. The poor dogs and kitty were all clingy and would be saying "Where are you goooooing don't you luv us?" if they could talk. I took pity on it and let my kitty help me while I wrapped my brother's birthday gift. While I was doing all of that, The Boy was back at his place making pumpkin bread to take to the party the next day.

When I got back, he put together a fire and we settled down with tea to read by it while the last of the bread was baking. Stayed out there until 12:30, which was when poor ol' Huckleberry Finn was making me fall asleep (I love Mark Twain, but the dialect gets difficult when you're so worn out). And FINALLY we went to bed for the night.

Spent most of this day driving out to where the party was at.

We woke up, then a few hours later actually GOT up out of bed, and while I was showering The Boy made pancakes for breakfast. His roomie didn't want any (that fella's kinda anti social. I saw him for all of 5 minutes the whole time I was there), so we had a lot of pancakes for just the two of us. They were pretty darn good! After breakfast, we put all of our stuff into the car, including chains for the tires (just in case), and the saucer-sled...the trunk was pretty full. Once everything was packed, we headed out. Grabbed lunch at some Chinese place between here and there, and took the leftovers with us to add to the party food.

It was a little intimidating, at first, to meet all of these people who The Boy had known since college and/or high school. Thankfully, there were kitties there, and that helped break the ice. Both myself and one of the other friend's new girlfriend spent the first few minutes of our time there petting or playing with the cats. Over all, his friends kept commenting that it was scary how alike The Boy and I are, and one of the girls was very pleased that I knew of the movie Boondock Saints and WASN'T a 14 year old boy. I think I made a good impression on them. :) Phew!

One thing that I find entertaining, in an odd way, was that at some point we were swing dancing to the music....but when The Boy pulled me back from a twirl out, my elbow cracked into a wall/doorway. The poor Boy's eyes widened and he pulled me into a hug saying "I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry!" He felt sooo bad that he did that. It was a pretty good wonk, too. Got red and a bump and everything. It's still sore, even. At least my injuries tend to amuse me if they're not too extreme.

Sometime around 2:30, The Boy and I set up sleeping bags and we crashed out on the floor for the night. There were still people awake here and there, but we both fell asleep relatively quick.

Another day with lots of driving!

Once The Boy and I were up and fed (I had a bagel, he had left over Chinese food because the bagels were covered in cheese and he's lactose intolerant), we annoyed his not-quite-awake friends by doing the Chicken Dance. That's about when one of them teasingly said "Good God, there's two of guys aren't multiplying, are you?" Hehe.

While the other two people who were going with us got ready to leave, The Boy handed me this sketchbook that the group's been adding entries to at their get togethers for the past three years and told me that I had to add something. I drew a picture of one of the cats playing with a feather toy, since that's what was going on infront of me and it was a little too early in the day for me to be inspired by anything I didn't see in real life. The girl going sledding with us (who also owned the cats) saw it and knew exactly which cat it was. I was happy about that. :D

Hokay. So, we drove up and up and up into the mountains (my ear didn't bother me much YAY!) until we found snow. We parked, got out of the car, pulled on the snow gear, and trudged around in the cold and wet to find a really good sledding spot. We found a hill that had two runs -- one that was clear and shorter, and one that had a few more obstacles and was longer. We spent a lot of time switching back and forth between the two runs, and the trees kept leaping out and attacking my legs. It never hurt, but it was entertaining when my heels hit a tree and I ended up kinda split-legged with the tree in the middle half way down the run, and I could hear the boys at the top groan in sympathy. ::Cackles:: Yay lots of padding.

There were snow fights, burrying The Boy in the snow (the friends got a banana and two small oranges and gave snow-boy a fruity penis, then took pictures), generally lots of tomfoolery, before we headed back to the car.

Here's where the funny part is. We drove back to where the friends lived and dropped them off, changed into slightly cooler clothes, and headed off again. I was supposed to have dinner with my family (parents, brother, brother's wife) in Davis, because it was the brother's birthday on New Year's Eve. So The Boy joined me and we met them in Davis at the resturaunt, since it was on the way to my brother's house from where we were. It went VERY well. The Boy commented later on in the night that my family was fun, which was REALLY nice since even my friends have never made that comment...heck, my guy buds are all afraid of my dad for some reason, and Joey only hung out with my family once early on in our dating, and once at my sister's the two years we were together!

Anyway, dinner was done, so we kept going to Dixon (again, on our way home from where we started the day) for cake and presents. We stuck around there for a bit after my parents left, and The Boy and my brother had a lot of fun finding out their connections with each other. They'd actually met before I'd met The Boy a few times, because they have a lot of mutual friends that they didn't know about. Talk about a small world!

We left my brother's and came home, singing and talking the whole way, and got back to his place by around 10:30. I helped him unload the car, put my stuff in my car, then helped him carry stuff up to his apartment. A hug and a kiss, and the weekend of insane busy-ness was done as I went back to my car to go home.

Hiking + New Year's Party + Sledding + Dinner with The Boy and family = Very tired but VERY happy me.

I may even be going back over to his place tonight. Tuesdays is his "making" night, and he said I was more than welcome to come over and bring my knitting to work on and hang out while he started on an electronics thing, since I'd be clueless on the electronics.

The Kitola says "Purrrrr." :)