Saturday, November 27, 2004

This, That, and The Other

Thanksgiving: My Thanksgiving was grand enough. No family came to dinner, so it was the parentals and some of their friends from work. The kids L and A were pretty easy to deal with. A locked himself into the room with the PS2 in order to play Kingdom Hearts....he also Ooo-ed and Ahh-ed over my Boffer Keyblade. L was very social and kept getting herded around by the puppy.

Ate too much at dinner, as everyone does, and afterwards we all played madlibs for awhile. I'd never heard an 8 year old girl suggest the words like "stinky, butt, fart, and weiner" so often. *facepalm*

By around 8:30, Joey showed up and I was thankful to be rescued. We ran off to see Spongebob Squarepants, the Movie (who L declared "The greatest movie of her life that she's seen this year")....and it wasn't that great. Though totally worth it for the Hasselhoff stuff. The theater was virtually empty, so keep that in mind readers: Thanksgiving night is a good time to see a movie!

Ended up staying out until 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning. Not too sure on the exact time, as I was kinda zonky by then.

Friday: Typical family stuff today. Woke up early and went to San Mateo to have breakfast at Stacks. Mom, dad, brother, sister, and niece were all there, and all us siblings made it a point to embarass the snot out of 16 year old Niece. *snicker*

After breakfast, we all went to Ah Sams to pick out a Christmas ornament. My brother got a wood working monkey, mom got a glittery purple bird with a floofy tail, dad got a glass blown snail, and I have a frog that sits upon an eighth note playing a flute. I don't remember if Sister and Niece got anything...

After we came home, the females walked to Mervyn's to take advantage of the sales. I picked up two pairs of jeans (I always need jeans), and Niece got an assload of clothes. I don't understand being a shop-aholic. I guess I'm missing that particular "girl gene," since I can't STAND shopping for shoes and can't phathom sacraficing comfort for "cute."

Niece got into a snit when "Hot Guy From English" called and wanted to see a movie with her. We invited him to see Polar Express with all of us, but HGFE didn't want to see that. So that caused Niece to claim that she didn't want to either because it looked "Too Happy" and "the eyes are scary." *Facepalm...again* She eventually went to see Alexander.

Saw Polar Express and loved it!

Had leftovers for dinner, then everyone went home. Quite a day in the life of The Kitola.

Saturday (Today): Saw Joey today for about an hour and a half. Since he saw his San Jose friends yesterday, and is seeing the San Francisco ones tonight, and is leaving in the morning...I got to spend some time with him to get a proper goodbye before he leaves Sunday Morning. That made me feel just wonderous.

Things I'm Thankful For:
-Having Joey in my life for the past (almost) two years. Twenty-two months and three days, to be exact.
-Having friends and family in my life.
-That I was able to have Rover in my life. He had so much personality.
-Being alive and happy.
-Being loved.

That's it, when I'm going, you're making me into a diamond!

"The LifeGem is a certified, high quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life."

Honestly, I think it's a neat idea, but I'm kinda creeped by it. Talk about a new meaning to "family jewels?"

Friday, November 26, 2004

Because I can

Sleepy. SO tired. Update later. Picture now. Crappy shot of me, love Joey's expression. *Falls asleep*

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Joys of Joey

Last night was WONDERFUL. I got to spend a full 6 hours and 45 minutes with my Joey. He looked so different than I'm used to. His hair had been in his hat all day and it was flattened with curls at the bottom....combine that with the sexy fuzzy stubble he's got going and he looked like a pirate. *Swoon* Damn me and my geek and pirate fetishes.

He showed up around 9:00 and met the new puppy. Dhougal now has Joey approval! I'm sure that the pup is pleased to know that. After some puppy-play time, we went to go get some pearl tea at Fantasia. Despite the OHSOCOLD air, the tea was still reeeeally good. Well, the company helped too, of course.

Once we had our tea, we went to go see The Incredibles. We had both already seen it before, so we allowed ourselves to be a bit distracted during the movie. Mmmm...distracted.

After the movie (and my being chastised for not recognizing Jason Lee as the voice of Syndrome), we went back to the office to entertain ourselves, be generally snugglesome, and watch some online videos. We saw the latest Red vs. Blue, some new stuff from Loading Ready Run, and...of course....Chirpy. *Shudder* That bird still gives me night terrors.

Today, after dinner, I get to see him AGAIN! I'm really looking forward to it--though I'm saddened that he can't go out to breakfast with us tomorrow morning. I'll make him do it with us next year. *Snicker* Guess I'll update again when I have the time.

Happy Turkey Day to anyone reading this!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Saturday, November 20, 2004

It's getting closer!

Half a week more. Just a little over half a week before Joey comes back home. *Bounces* I'm too excited. Deffinately will update this after the visit with all sorts of lovely details (though not the ones that I dub too personal. ;-) )

Sunday, November 14, 2004

A little better

Feeling a little better today, despite the stress dreams I've been having. Wish I knew why I kept having them...ah well.

And it appears that the Joey-stalker has followed me to my blogspot. Loverly! *Waves to Nikki* Hello there! Yes, I know who you are. Don't be so surprised. If you want to try and annoy me, fine. Just don't dish out anything that you don't want back. I can be an uberbitch when prodded at enough.

*Peers over at the new puppy and sighs* He's cute and sweet and all...but he's not Rover. I still miss that dog something awful...I don't want to relive this experience within the next few years. Cookie's 10 years old...that's no spring chicken. *Sigh* Thankfully, Roxie will be with us for a long long time. Hee...and poor Joey with his allergies...I still feel bad about that..

Soooo lonely...

Meh. Period hormnes, missing my boyfriend, and a lack of affection/friends around here...does not a happy Kitola make. *Merfs* I wish he'd call me back already.

Greh. Feel like I'm gonna cry.