Saturday, September 30, 2006

Renaissance Faire

Hokay, I'm home from the Ren. Faire. I've....had better times, but all in all it wasn't bad. Because so much happened, this update is mostly in list form. :P

First, the not so good:
- It was really...REALLY cold. For me it was, at least, and I spent most of the time with my arms folded or rubbing myself in an attempt to stay warm. I should've worn one of my thicker skirts.
- I still haven't warmed up OMG.
- The boys I went with kept ditching me. In retrospect, 4 guys and 1 was bound to happen.
- Due to the constant disappear of my companions, yes, I did have a small cry when it was too crowded for me to join them at the joust (when I'd found them) and it was too crowded to go see Moonie and Broon.
- I didn't get to see Moonie OR Broon.
- Ninja-Boy's mocking me randomly. Yeah, I know it's his humor to do that sort of thing, but it still bugged me.

The stuff that made up for all of that:
- I got to see my dancing buddy, J, as a wandering singing drunk and as a leech seller, YAY!
- I saw the Bartender from The Dell and kept running into him. I don't think he actually remembers my name, but I don't mind that he refers to me as "Cinderella" all the time.
- Seeing the Bold and Stupid Men again. I swear, Bolt Upright is one of the top reasons that I even attend the faire, and when I told him that I got a kiss on the hand.
- Making the Puritans yelp because I siddled up next to one of them and gave him a drive-by-peck on the cheek. He still had lipgloss on him by the end of the day, ha.
- Baklava MmmMmmmm...
- Aramil converting the Puritans to Catholics. He went as a priest and essentially told them that the church allowed wine at the services.
- One of the performers, Kenny Kline, convincing us to see his show by telling us about dead gerbils and Catholic girls gone bad. Also, by attempting to sweet talk me.
- On that note, all of the random folk at the faire who kept hitting on me. It's enough to make me want to wear a bodice all the time.
- The guy at the food stand who kept commenting about every time I lept onto a bale of hay directly across from where he was stationed. "There she goes again!" It made me grin.
- Seeing the troll ride by on an old time bicycle.
- People watching. Particularly watching the faire workers. When I got ditched by the boys for their joust, I wandered around then parked myself by the front gate to watch the Puritans shove communion wafers at people and saying "Do you know what this is!?!? YOU DO?! CATHOLIC!!!! CAAAAATHOLIIIIIIC!" I also watched the leech sellers, too, and just about had a giggle fit every time I heard that infomercial-esque "Are you tired, run down, listless? Then you need LEECHES!" Mmmm, better than Vitameatavegamin!

So now I'm home, still trying to warm myself up, and in DESPERATE need of a massage. Also, to cuddle up against someone. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a cuddleslut. I just love me my physical contact -- and after a day with those boys, whp really don't lend themselves much to being cuddlesome, I really need just a warm friendly fella to snuggle up on.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Huge WTF and even bigger ARGH!!!

An e-mail the pastor at our church sent out to everyone on the Theater Group's Board e-mail.

"After much discussion and consideration, the Session voted the
"To suspend the operations of the Shoestring Theatre Company pending
an investigation by Session reassessing its purposes and practices, and
to create an investigative committee to address the Shoestring Theatre
issues." "

You can't blame the theater company as a whole for one disturbed individual! ::Fume roar.....and most of all cry:: I don't want Cinderella to have been our final show...I hope they won't axe us for good....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

That was fun!

Mom and I randomly went to the Renaissance Faire today out of boredom. It was different going there in my civies, rather than all decked out in garb, but that was fine. I ended up doing a little shopping that would bore my buds when I officially that's good. We also got stopped by William Shakespeare -- who spoke in sonnets at us for somewhere around 3-4 minutes. I giggled the whole time. :)

Next Saturday, the 30th, is my "official" outting to the faire with a couple of my buds. Can't wait! I get to be all dressed up and you get lots more interaction when you're walking around with folk your own age and dressed out in participation. Or at least, I do. Maybe it's just the bodice. ::snerks::

Anyway. That'll hopefully be lots of fun...even if I do have to be the one to drive 152. I hate that highway!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Yarr, a Belated Update.

So, how did I celebrate my "Talk Like A Pirate Day," you ask? Why, I went and put holes in my head - of course!!

See, for a year or so my friend B-Bear and I have had this sort of "Well, if you do it then I'll do it" thing when it came to getting ears pierced. And, well....ever since Cinderella ended, I've been feeling incredibly "girly." Anyone who knows me knows that this is odd behavior for me, as I'm typically a fairly big tomboy. While I'm still fond of rough-housing and everything, I've had an urge to be all....girly! Heck, I've even been hoping for an excuse to wear my purty blue dress that's been in my closet for a bit.

Well, long story short (too late, I know)...B-Bear and I went to Valley Fair mall specifically to get my ears done. Of course, as soon as we got to the place I started to become a total coward. Cue a substantial amount of hemming and hawing over the decision. What was the cure for this? He went first, of course.....I couldn't NOT do it then! It hurt about as much as I expected, but now it's pretty much fine. :D

Now I have a whole new world of accessories open to me! 4-6 weeks, I will. Right now, I've got to clean and twist it every day and keep it in. Talk about WEIRD.

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I've auditioned for The Wizard Of Oz at the Jewish Community Center, and I've got callbacks on Tuesday with my mom. She thinks they want me to be Dorothy or something. I'd be a freakin' OLD Dorothy! I'll keep y'all posted on how that goes.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dress me!

Alright folk, it's possible I'll be off at a Halloween Ball thing, where "Creative Costumes are encouraged" problem? My brain is run dry! So, all of you out there.....send me any thoughts you have. Funny, cute, entertaining, goofy, off the wall....even horrible puns. Hm, make that ESPECIALLY horrible puns. Just so long as there's enough movement ability for waltzing, polkas, swings, and all that jazz.

Have at!!

Edit: Here are a few ideas that I found and kinda like. Thoughts?

Cat's Pajamas: Wear an "instant" cat set (ears and a pin-on tail), with drawn-on nose and whiskers. Then add your favorite colorful pajamas!

Tickled Pink: Wear pink clothes and carry a feather.

Devil's Advocate: Wear buttons and carry signs that say "Devil is #1" and "Vote for Satan," etc.

Monkey Wench: Dress up as a pirate wench, then add some monkey ears and a tail.

Inspector #12: Make a name tag that says "Inspector #12". Just like the real Inspector #12 who puts the stamp of approval on clothing, or appliances, etc., you can carry a magnifying glass, put a pencil behind your ear, and "inspect". You may also have a pad of Post-Its, printed with "Inspected By #12" and stick them on other people.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Friday Night Waltz

.....was the most fun EVAR. Much love to mah buddeh J (until he gets a better alias for posting) for telling me about it and inviting me along. I can't wait to go dancing again. 3 hours may have been hard on the legs, but SO worth it. And it kicked me RIGHT out of my funk....and is getting me out to meet new people, too. So so so so so so fun.

P.S. Thinking of getting my ears pierced.....because playing Cinderella's made me feel all girly and fun. Thoughts?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A lovely show, a lovely show...a finer show you know you'll never see...

Cinderella's Over. I'm......extremely depressed about it. I have only ever cried during the end of one other show - and that was Peter Pan.

I cried today before the show, after the show, during the "thank yous", before going on for curtain call, and for......about an hour during strike, at least. I'd even managed to give my crying to another girl from the show - and I feel bad about that, but it was good to have someone to cry with. I'm completely exhausted, and kinda sore......I fell out of the carriage yesterday at the end of act one. Heh...

Alright. Gonna go to bed. Pictures will be posted when there are some to post. Hopefully, it won't be too long...