Friday, September 30, 2005

Car update

Radio's fixed. Yay! I didn't have to buy a new one. There was a business card from the original dealer wedged into the owner's manual THANK GOD. I took it to the service people yesterday and they got my radio code for me. Whew. Now I can listen to Howard Stern HUZZAH!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My car is back...

....but I have to buy a new radio. Dammit!!

Okay, here's the thing. My car, in the process of getting fixed, somehow rebooted the radio. It is now asking me for a code WHICH I DO NOT HAVE. While trying to GET the stupid thing, we have done the following:

1) Called the Auto Body shop ("OMG you have to call where you got the car.")
2) Called Chris' Dodge World, which is where we got it (" have a HONDA....we don't have info on HONDAS.")
3) ...Called a Honda Dealer ("Um...we never had this car....did you buy it used?" "Yes." "Oh, you need the original dealer, then.")
4) Did a search online for the VIN to find the original dealer....according to dad, that didn't work.

So now I need a new radio because I can't get this to do ANYTHING. Even to spit out my Spamalot CD that's in it.

Fucking fuckers of Fuckville...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Okay, I do Gaslighter stuff....WHY!?

Some highlights from today's craptastic show:

-8 year old's birthday party consisting of 30 children (at least)
-Children climbing on stage and throwing popcorn at each other before the show.
-Same children climbing BACK on after being told not to.
-Yelling during the show so the cast had to holler/scream their lines. My throat fucking hurts.
-Throwing popcorn, containers, cups, and A PIECE OF PIZZA onto the stage.
-Climbing onto the stage DURING the show.
-Causing the villian to get so tweaked out from them that he threw crap back at them after she melodrama, coming back stage and saying "DAMN that felt good."
-Getting kicked during the number when we went into the audience.
-Getting cat-called at by someone's father during the audience number.
-The Heroine getting punched during the audience number.
-Children yelling "Take off your clothes so we can see you naked!" while on the stage....seriously, WTF?

And to add insult to injury, instead of the usual $20 we get for these shows, I got $10. Gregh.

One positive thing:
-The Hero zipping me into my corset costume (he's the only one who could/had time to wrestle me into it) managing to do it easier than it has been lately.
Me: Well, that went up easier than usual.
Him: Yeah, it did.
Me: I'll blame my step aerobic classes for that.
Him: Well, thanks, now I'M not getting enough exercise.
Me: *playful punch*

...Okay, so I guess that's why I do the shows. I like the cast members. *snort* The owners are lucky we don't quit.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pissy tired ranting time. YAY.

I really want to go to the Scottish Games over with my brother and his wife next Saturday. Unfortunately, I have a Gaslighter show. Snarl.

I wasn't even supposed to be doing the shows this time around. I said I'd be willing to understudy. Fleh. Anyway, last week I went to return the CD I borrowed from the director, and we had the following conversation.

Mark: CAITY!!
Me: *Squeak*
Mark: I'm so glad to see you! I lost my cell phone and don't have your number. YOU HAVE A SHOW NEXT WEEK.
Me: ....buh?
Mark: What's your cell phone number?
Me: ......Uh...*gives*
Mark: *programs* GREAT! See you next week!! *leaves*
Me: ....*looks at dad* Don't I have a cast party that day?
Dad: Yes. Yes you do.
Me: Shit.

ANYway....the show was canceled so that we could have a rehearsal, since apparently there'd been NONE AT ALL for ANYONE. And we have a new person. AND....and they're changing the audience number and adding another one in. I don't know what either of them are, and when I left the rehearsal for the cast party they were still arguing over what the audience number was going to be.

Don't even get me started on the rehearsal. The highlight was when I got to glare/beat up on the guy playing Sterling Worth, the hero. He said he was gonna go see Seussical, and he'd gotten at least two flyers. He did not go, though.

Sterling: *spots me, beams, waves*
Me: *Death Glare +5*
Sterling: ....I'm sorry I missed it! *flee*

Aside from that, the cast party was fine. I got to get lots and lots of hugs from one of the Mr. Mayor guys, who gives the best hugs I've EVER had. Nice strong grampa-like hugs. Let's see, got to tell my story about crashing into the sign to a bunch of folk, same with the bit I just told above about returning the CD to the Gaslighter.

So yes. I'm pissy that I won't get to see my brother, his wife, or the band that I've gotten friendly with that's going to be playing there. Grr. Growl. Other disgruntled noises.

Also, I won't have my car back until sometime next week.

And now, to bed.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Yes, I should be at school. No, I'm not. Why? Lord, where do I begin...

Okay. I was all set to go to my classes. 7:30 and I'm in the car, ready to go to SJSU. Turn on the engine and defroster, because the window was foggy. No worries, it's usually fine by the time I get to Campbell Ave. and even then, it's not a big problem.

Key word: Usually.

Today, it was not going to defrost. In fact, when I got to Campbell Ave. I discovered that, lo and behold! I can't see a fucking thing! Thank you, cursed sun, for BLINDING me. Okay, don't panic too much....I just need to get onto a side street so that I won't cause an accident. So, there I am, pulling over to the side of the road and crawling along at 20 mph or less. Since I can't see out the front, I'm relying on the curb to guide me to a corner I can turn at.


Cracked right into a "DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION" sign. Freaked the fuck out, threw on my hazzard lights and panicked in the car. Called mom, called AAA, got out to investigate the damage. Eventually, a few strangers came to see if I was alright. One of which gave me a hug and stuck around until a cop came to take a report. Called AAA again to make a claim, went to where my car got towed (I apparently knocked the passenger side front wheel back so that I can't drive it correctly yet), went to the Auto Body shop to fill out stuff there. Bleh.

Just got home. Mom's picking up the rental car (she's going to use it and I'm gonna use the "truck") and on her way home, too. We'll see how it goes from there.

Damn. It's not even 9:30 yet. This is gonna be a fun day...


Show closed this weekend. I'll update with a bit more information when I have less post-show-depression.