Monday, February 28, 2005


Joey's going to try to come up this weekend. *Squee!* Mrr...I miss him.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Another trip to the dogpark today, and we saw a Border Collie mix who was completely taken with following Dhougal around. Here they are! Dhougal, my baby boy, is in the front. Chili is behind him.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Idiots shouldn't be allowed to have pets

Took Dhougal, my border collie, to the Dog Park today. I try to make it once a week when the weather's nice. All was fine for awhile. There were a few pit mix pups about Dhougal's age, and a cute little pug named Oliver there. Then, demon dogs showed up.

Well, it's not fair to call them that. The owners obviously have NOT spent ANY time training them. But anyway.

These two dogs were, to put it bluntly, nasty. The bigger one (looked like a rottie mix, I think...never got close enough to check) had a cloth muzzle on when he got there, and would still rush at dogs while snarling and barking. The smaller one (chihuahua/terrier, I believe) had just as mean in a much smaller body. Then, the owners took the muzzle off. As soon as I saw that, I put Dhougal back on his leash and went to hang outside of the fence.

There was a plus, though. Outside of the fence, there were other areas that were part of the school's 4H club, I guess. There was a fenced in area with goats moseying around in there. Dhougal and I stopped to watch them, and after a moment he started to bark at them. At first, all of those goats were scattered around in the pen, and after Dhougal's barking they were all together in a herd! I was very impressed, since he'd NEVER done it before!

About 10 minutes after the untrained out of control dogs showed up, the owners finally got some sense and left. Dhougal and I played around for about another half hour before coming home.

But seriously: DO NOT take your dogs to an OFF LEASH DOG PARK if you know they're that badly untrained. And if for some unknown reason you do, keep the muzzle on and for God's sake, do NOT spend the whole time on your goddam cell phone.


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Things that make a good day:

1. Getting to see an old instructor that you absolutely ADORED completely at random. At a totally different school.

2. Retelling what the American Sign Language (ASL) instructor had just told the class, and being told that everyone should practice their sign with me. Because I'm just that good.

3. Realizing, once again, that I actually CAN hold a conversation in ASL -- even if it is a short one.

4. Seeing an incredibly well performed play of Of Mice and Men -- even if the ending made you so sad that you curled up on your chair with your ears plugged, eyes shut, and bawling quietly.

5. Getting a phonecall from my love. Yeah, I don't get to see him this weekend...but it still means the world to me when I get to hear from Joey. (And dammit, he needs to get his arse down here or clean his apartment so I can go up....he needs the rest of his Valentine/Anniversary gifts!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Fairly sure this is fake...but if it isn't....the poor girl's parents.

Cyclops baby

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Dear Sweet Lord WHY!?

Bugs Bunny gets an Extreme Makeover no NO....BAD animators!! BAAAD! No biscuit!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Good and Bad things (Possible TMI)

Good thing: Getting a new Birth Control Perscription! I'm on my last pack right now.

Bad thing: Having an appointment at 11:15, waiting about an hour before you get to go into the doctor's room. Another half hour before she shows up. Expecting to have to get a Pap Smear since it's been over a year, but apparently you don't need to since the last one was normal, so you spent the entire HOUR AND A HALF waiting for a fucking perscription renewal.

The entire trip was a pain in the least it didn't end up as a pain somewhere else. Heh.

I miss the RN that used to be there. She was uber nice. Unfortunately, she's moved to a new medical group that I'm not a member of. I would so transfer to her, except that I like being able to see my doctor from when I was a baby sometimes, too. I saw him in passing today and got a big hug.

Anyway. Yeah, been a non-eventful day.

Monday, February 14, 2005

AOL's list of the most sent junk e-mail subject lines in 2004

  1. We carry the most popular medicatio*ns. (Vioxx appeared often)
  2. You've been sent an Insta-Kiss! (phishing/ID theft scam)
  3. You Have 17 New Pictures (phishing/ID theft scam)
  5. HURRY HURRY Hot Stock on the RISE
  6. All orders are shipped from authorized locations (online medications)
  7. 2005 Digital Cable Filters
  8. F R E E* 30 Second Pre-Qualification MORTGAGE Application
  10. Breaking news on the Top Pick stock

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ahh..what a weekend.

I won't get too into it, but I had an absoultely wonderful time with Joey this weekend. Despite the confusion with the hotel room, despite his forgetting the gifts he has for me, and despite poor Joey's car battery dying so that it took an extra two hours before he got back on the road -- I had a great time.

At about 3:30, Joey shows up and we head off to check into our hotel room for the night. King sized bed (Biggest damn bed I've ever seen) and a television with a DVD player. By 6:30 we were getting ready to head off to Dave & Buster's for dinner and video games. Lotta fun there! And wow, I really liked the Jack Daniels chicken I got.

Got back to the hotel room by 10 or so, and watched the end of a Lewis Black comedy bit and then four episodes of Coupling before we dozed off. We'd set an alarm to go off at about 8:30 so that we could catch the complimentary breakfast, but...well, we were too exhausted and slept in until practically check out time.

That was when we discovered the dead car battery. Called for AAA and they showed up within about 45 minutes to jump the battery. Drove all the way over to Pep Boys to pick up a new battery and the tools to change it...AND a portable battery charger.

All in all, like I said, I had a wonderful time with my man. Yeah, it would've been nice had we known about their romantic Valentine's Day special services...but you know what? I think it's best when you can spend so much time just being with someone and still feel completely and utterly loved.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

And There's Already STRESS!

We have no music director for the show. He up and fucking quit. All he had to do was do the orchestra and teach the music, but NO. He decided he wasn't going to because his family didn't want him to (read: the wife threw a hissy fit).

Great. Like it wasn't bad enough that we have no rehersal we have no music director at ALL.

*Sigh...shake head* We haven't even done auditions yet...

Quick update before classes

STC, the Shoestring Theater Company, had a meeting last night to see what show we'll be doing this coming summer. There were 4 shows on the list for this year: Seussical, Into the Woods, Cinderella, and Bye Bye Birdie.

The first to the chopping block was Cinderella, since last year we did "A Little Princess" was too much princess-ness in a row.

Second up, after a lot of debating, was Bye Bye Birdie. Mainly, because we couldn't garuntee that we would have someone to play Conrad Birdie, who's effectively a spoof of Elvis and Conway Twitty (Don't think I spelled his name right).

Finally, it was down to Seussical and Into the Woods. Both are shows that I would LOVE to do. Seussical is effectively an opera, but is SO fun (I've seen it)....and Into the Woods has music that's incredibly difficult, but a part that I would adore to play someday (The Witch). There was a lot of talk deciding between these two, until it started to seem like everyone was leaning more toward Seussical for various reasons.

So, The Shoestring Theater Company's summer production for 2005 is:

(Drumroll please)

Background: STC is a theater company that my parents started 9 years ago. I've participated in 8 shows by acting, 4 by doing the choreography. Both of those numbers are including this coming show.


Here's the list of shows we've done in the past, and the parts I've played:

Sound of Music -- None
Oliver -- Charlotte
Annie -- Lily St. Regis
Godspell -- Gilmer
Wizard of Oz -- Hanah/Scarecrow
HONK! -- The Tom Cat
Peter Pan -- Peter Pan
Little Princess -- Miss Minchin

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Girl's Night and an Unexpected Surprise

Girl's night was alright. We all got together and went to Lisa's Tea Treasures, where we had tea, little sandwiches, and decadent chocolate cake. Afterwards, we went to see the movie "Sideways," which I can only describe as a semi-chick flick that stars guys. Very enjoyable, but I'm sure Aviator will beat it out.

During the whole event, I had a slight feeling of being left out. Hey, it happens when the person who's the closest to your age is still 14 years older than you. And since I was wheezing a bit due to my throat (oh, by the way, I've discovered it's most likely allergies)...I was just sorta grumpy feeling. Well, around 11:00, I get the chance to talk to Joey while he's taking a break from hanging with his pals to visit. Apparently, I didn't sound too happy on the phone....and he decided to come over for a visit! He stopped by around midnight or midnight-thirty, and it was just so good to see him.

Besides, it means the world to me when he does things like coming over when I don't sound my happiest. It makes me feel so's just wonderful.

Still going to have him all to myself next weekend. I just can't'll be wonderful.

--In Other News!--
I'm watching the tail end of the Superbowl (I'm not a football fan), waiting for Simpsons and American Dad to start. I'm hoping it'll be over soon enough so I can still see those shows before Desperate Housewives.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Change of plans

Hmm. Well, Joey's coming home this weekend. BUT, since he can't get Friday off, the only time I would've been able to see him would have been Saturday night. Which has already been slated to a family Girl's Night thingy. So, this weekend is going to be just a family visit.

Next weekend, though. That weekend's all for me. We're talking, he'll be at a hotel instead of parent's house sort of thing. *Purr* That's fine....I can wait another week. Besides, by then I should have the final bit to his Valentine's gift bag (I love putting together bag/baskets of gift stuff).

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Guess who I get to see this weekend.