Friday, March 24, 2006

X-Ray Vision!!

Got my x-ray results back. Nothing's broken or cracked, so woot! Still painful, though, har. No clue what could be causing it and I'm being threatened with being sent to a sports doctor nooooo.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Series of Unfortunate Events

- Sick for 2.5 weeks
- Cough so much my ribs get sore
- Start to feel better, but have one cough triggered randomly
- Feel something in ribs go POP.
- Abrupt pain
- Have to pull into a parking lot on my way home to avoid blacking out while on the street.

......Ow. Very much ow.

I saw the doctor. Got x-rays taken for a wet readings, and get to call back tomorrow to see if there was anything exciting. In the meantime, I have vicodin for when I go to bed.

Actually, I feel better than I did on the way home. I could barely work the turn signal, turn the car, or lift my backpack on my GOOD side. The turn signal and car stuff is actually better than before. I've yet to try the backpack. Heh.

No situps or pushups for me in PE, though.

And now, at this very moment, I am on Vicodin and taking pictures of myself as a panty ninja. There's one in my MoBlog if anyone is curious! Wow. Vicodin is weird. Hokay. Going to bed now.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Update to anyone interested

Feeling better now. Had a sinus infection, like I figured, and am on antibiotics to make that go away. Bruised my ribs, I think, from coughing so much while I was sick so now I have paaaaaain. Pain in my left shin, too, for unknown reasons. And while being in sick makes me feel ubercuddlesome....pain makes me bitchy. So I'm sorry to anyone who's been exposed to my bitchiness lately. Don't take it personally.

Midterms next week, but SPRING BREAK is after that.

Gotta go for lunch and the Kid's Show at the Gaslighter.....then a break for dinner....then another show. I'll be SO glad when the Kid Show is done. I'm sick of it. I mean....I love the cast people. It's just....the show itself is getting to me. And I'll be glad to have at least SOME of my Saturdays back.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well then....

Four days of sinus headaches + Friend nagging me to get it checked out all night yesterday = Guess Who is going to the student health center again?

Monday, March 13, 2006


On the road to recovery, but I've been having uber headaches the past few days. The kind that make me want to stay in bed instead of getting up and doing what I have to do. Also, been having random fits of depression for....about a week.

Har. I'm a little ray of sunshine lately.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Wow. I feel like walking death.

Heeeey. Haven't posted for awhile. Thought I'd get my groove on over here before I have to haul my pathedic ass to school. Gonna do this in an outline format, though, for rapid fire updating.

-Been sick for a week, think it may have evolved into some sort of sinus infection.
-Had opening night last Saturday. Was sick for it and felt like death heh. Went pretty well, though! Aside from a few personal flubs. (Scarf fell from my ponytail and I slipped on it while dancing, in the same number my skirt tried to fall off when my heel caught on it, almost got hit in the face by my class-ring-necklace flailing about....)
-Got to hang out with B-Bear after the show and watch movies. We've both been sick and in ubercuddle moods, so we got to puppy-pile woot. ::dies:: Umm...we watched Boondocks Saints (AWESOME movie) and Zorro (AWESOME movie that I'd never seen before).
-Feel like a reject from "Night of the Living Dead" today. Got maybe two hours of sinuses were hurting so bad that they woke me up constantly. Only reason I'm going to school today is because I have a group presentation on Wednesday, and I think we're meeting up today or something. I'll get some sort of caffeine injection from the drive through coffee place on the way. Plus, I had some day time cold meds.

Guess that's all for now. Hope everyone else is doing better than I am today. Heh.

Found out that a paper I thought was due on the 15th was actually due last Wednesday....which was a day I didn't attend due to feeling like such shit. The teacher takes off 3 points per day a paper is late (including weekends and holidays) even if I had known and turned it in today, I'd have gotten 0 credit. I fail at college this semester. Heh...