Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another quiet -- though GORGEOUS -- weekend

So, as I mentioned in the comments on the last post, The Boy's grandfather passed away on Sunday morning while The Boy was still down in L.A. He took it kinda hard, since he'd just seen him the previous day, so when he came back from L.A. I kept him company for the evening. Spent a lot of time walking, talking, and he showed me a bunch of the pictures he collected -- as well as a collection of cufflinks he inherited from his grandfather. There were some fabulous things there, including a tuxedo set of onyx cufflinks. He says he's going to wear them the next time he uses the tux.

Tuesday, my parents and I had The Boy over for dinner at our house -- just the four of us. It was a super nice evening, and my parents really enjoy having him over. :) Yayness.

Wednesday marked the 1 year anniversary of Irish Dancing at a local pub I go to, so they had set up a dinner beforehand for anyone who wanted to attend. One of the other dancers kept refilling The Boy's hard cider before it emptied, so I took the opportunity to help him finish it off. We both got a bit tipsy from it, but it wore off (or was sweated out?) by the time the dancing was done. Actually, on Wednesdays the pub has Karaoke after the Irish dancing, and they were playing disco music at the time. Well, I've learned Hustle dancing, and have sorta been teaching The Boy how to do it, so we actually stuck around about a half hour longer dancing to the disco music. It's so fun and high energy! Love it.

Thursday, The Boy had free tickets to the opening of a new movie theater -- given to him by HP -- so we, of course, took advantage of them. We went and saw The Astronaut was such a nice movie! Very family friendly, and it had a warm and fuzzy feel to it. Great movie, though I was a little concerned for The Boy's sake when it got to a point where grandpa (in the movie) died and one of the grandkids found him. I think he was okay with it, but we ended up skipping out on the Celtic Music for the night and just went back to hang out at his place. I took a detour by way of my house, though, to pick up some chocolate chip cookies I'd made for him to take to L.A. and share with his family on the weekend.

Yesterday was gooooorgeous out, and I went for a bike ride through downtown to a park to sit and read. Finished my book by around noon, so I called my mom to see if she wanted to get lunch, and invited The Boy along as well...since he was taking the day off to get some things done, and everyone needs to eat lunch. We went to a nearby sushi place and got to sit in one of the booths where you take your shoes off before entering. It was really comfortable, and the sushi was very yum-tastic. Aside from that, my Friday was uneventful. Went to downtown Mountain View with my parents for dinner (found out later that The Boy and his parents were ALSO in downtown Mountain View for dinner, at the same time), then to Palo Alto for gelato and to see my singer-friend perform.

This morning, The Boy headed back to L.A. with his family to handle the estate and attend the funeral which'll be tomorrow. They'll be coming back on Monday.

It's another beautious day out. Maybe I'll bike to the bicycle store to get some actual bike shorts (the padded kind, so I don't feel like I bruise delicate areas due to the seat on my bike).

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Quiet Weekend

The Boy is down in L.A. this weekend, to record his grandpa's oral history. See, his grandpa has inoperable cancer in his neck, and The Boy wanted to get his history down before it's too late. He's been scanning in photos and pictures of family objects so that, with his interviewing that he's going to get done, he will be able to put together a DVD so that all members of the family will have access to the important pictures and stories -- instead of having them all split up among the different members. It's a GREAT idea and I totally support it.

Besides, it allows me some time to get much needed work done on my school papers. I've got one due on Monday (finished it), one a week from Monday (started it), and one a week from Wednesday. Fwoof! Guess I ought to get back to work.

This weekend will consist of Friday Night Waltz tonight, and lots of paper that I can go play NEXT weekend when The Boy is back in town. :)

Here's a couple of pictures from the anniversary party we went to last week.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Biking in the rain....? Sure, why not!

First off, here's a picture of those lovely "Just Because" flowers I got. I feel all fluttery every time I look at them.

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And I just had this conversation on IM with my sister-in-law...
[05:08] Her: any special reason?
[05:08] Me: Well
[05:08] Me: They were pretty.
[05:08] Me: And Jeremy felt like getting me flowers.
[05:08] Me: Just Because.
[05:09] Her: Keep This Man!
[05:09] Me: I shall do my best!

And trust me, I shall.

- Saw a pirate SJSU with The Boy and mah buddy B-Bear on Friday Night by a dance group called "Company One." What they do is take songs from other musicals and then write a completely different show around them. It was such a cute and silly thing, and had some of my favorite songs from musicals (like "Creation of Man" from The Scarlet Pimpernel and "Reviewing the Situation" from Oliver!). Much fun was had by all. Oh, and the Askew Grill over by campus is soooooo good. Mmm.

- Went on a 14 mile (round trip) bike ride yesterday down to Los Gatos and back. It was poooouring rain, but it was still so fun! Especially since we stopped in downtown Los Gatos for Chai Lattes. That was the best soy chai I've ever had! Oh, and I got to use my brand new bike and I didn't get too worn out by it. Though I can still feel where the seat was hurting me near the end.

- Baked some dark chocolate espresso bean cookies. SO good.

- Went to a VERY interesting event last night, too. The Boy's manager had her 10th year anniversary with her husband. There was Indian Food (Which I'd never had before...yummy, but boy it sits with you), a belly dancer, about a million (or 30, hard to tell sometimes) kids running around like mad, dancing (my favorite part!), and lots of fun!

- This morning, The Boy went for a run so I cleaned up his place a bit and then came home to do some term paper work. May be going back tonight to watch a movie, but don't know yet.

All in all, a very good few days. I'm soooo happy.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dawww..... <3

"Just Because" flowers are the BEST kind of flowers.

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Interesting Life

I had such an interesting weekend! Sadly, I don't have a great amount of time to type up everything, so I'll summarize.

On Saturday, The Boy and I drove up to the house of one of his friends up off of the Russian River for an event dubbed "The Bunny Burn." Apparently, this woman and her family/friends have been holding this event for 10 years, where they would build a big ol' bunny effigy filled with paper and fireworks, a gianormous bonfire, and then burn it all up while the gathered company dances and sings animal songs while wearing masks. That part was exactly as awesome as you can picture it being.

The weather was kinda grey and foggy when we got there, and it had rained before we got there, but it was still really pretty there. We were the first folk there, so actually we got put to work and helped clean and set up for the event. I wanted to help with the harder labor, but my ankle was still healing so that I couldn't be quite as useful as I'd have liked to be. My task was pretty much keeping The Boy company while clearing the yard, helping him build the bonfire so that it didn't collapse in on itself, and staple-gunning bunny heads to walls. Don't worry, they were PAPER bunny heads. ;-)

This year's bunny was pretty much sewn together fabric that was stuffed with paper and fireworks, so it went up REALLY quick once it caught fire....but the actual bonfire stayed up and lasted a good long time. There was much fun down there on the beach with glowsticks, singing, dancing, and burning. Once that fire died out, we moved up from the beach to the yard and continued visiting and made s'mores. Mmmmms'mores. And once we were all tuckered out, we climbed into our tent down by the beach for sleep.


Sunday morning, we were up at about 8 or so. The Boy took one of the kayaks up the river into the "downtown" area, but I wasn't quite awake enough to be up to it, so I stuck around on the beach to do some exploring, went up to the house and grabbed a nice hot soy chai latte, and settled down to look at the prettiness back down at the river. I got divebombed by a hummingbird a bunch of times (it swooped about 10 times, I think), saw a huge turkey vulture across the river, AND! And I saw a river otter swimming around. That was way cool.

Around 1:30, we headed back here to get cleaned up, grab a catnap, and scurry off to my parentals for Easter dinner with my brother and his wife, my sister, my niece, her new boy-toy, and my mom's friend's family. There was much joyous chatting, joking, teasing, eating, and general good times had by all.

I'm vera tired, have an urge to exercise while simultaneously wanting to just snuggle up and watch a movie. But, I have to flee now and get a bikerack and the junk-bike off of my car before leaving for school. Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! Oh yeah, and happy-belated-Zombie-Jesus-Day!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A very nice evening

Okay, so I had nothing to worry about. The Boy's parents are sweet and a bit entertaining to watch them interact with him and each oter. The Passover part of the evening -- which is, what I think, I was worrying about moreso than meeting the parentals officially -- was done in a way so that I didn't feel too left out. Yeah, I couldn't read/sing the Hebrew, but everything was also explained to me, along with what the traditions meant. The Boy says that it was probably a good thing, since the meal is typically used to teach the youngest members of the family about the whole fleeing from Egypt and plagues and they got to actually re-learn how to explain everything to someone who had a very small clue about the whole thing!

So, yes. That was good, and I think it went well. Even though they did see that yes, I actually do enjoy and encourage The Boy's he put it, "Yeah, they noticed that. Much to their shagrin." I can't help it that he makes me giggle! One more thing that seems like a good sign to his parentals liking me, his dad gave me a hug when I showed up, and his mom gave me one when I left. Hurrah for hugs!

In Other News!
Can't seem to have a post without one of these sections, eh? :P Anyway, just putting this hear to mention that I have a new bike -- which is good, so I'll be able to start learning trails and stuff around here. I'll get some pictures of it later on.

I also have new glasses! Okay, my eyesight isn't that bad (20/25) but the fuzziness on signs and stuff drives me crazy, so I prefer to have glasses. These are rimless, though, so you can actually see more of my face now.

Here are the new ones (don't know if you can tell I was nervous while taking this picture....was waiting to be picked up to go meet the parents yesterday):
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And for comparison, here's the older ones. This was taken pre-Glenn Miller event. The Boy piled hats onto my head.
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