Friday, September 21, 2007

Tomales Bay Pictures

Here's an album full of pictures taken from the kayaking trip. Look away!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Think I'll go for a walk outside, now...

The Boy left work early today, since it was his last day at HP (Yay for starting a new job! He's excited) he gave me a call at around 2:30 to see if I wanted to go for a hike. Of COURSE I did! I was feeling so restless yesterday that it was about to drive me crazy, so it was wonderful to get out and get my restless legs moving. We went up to Almaden Quicksilver and tromped around there for awhile, all the way to where the mining was. We even went through this little deer path thing between some bushes into this "fairy land" was all clear and there were trees all around it. You could see single strands of spider webs glistening in the sunlight that came through the trees, and you could tell no one had really walked around in there. It was so peaceful! I wish there hadn't been so much poison oak around there so we could've stuck around.

Well, we got to the top-area (as far as we were going to go, in order to beat the sun back) and had our sandwiches for a little picnic hanging out on the ground. It was very nice, and we turned around once we were done to head back.

So, speaking of poison oak, we brushed against some of it while climbing around on rocks and scurrying down areas that weren't quite a when we got back, we had to Tecnu ourselves up before showering. I love all of the Then there was much flop-cuddling and tea sipping.

All in all, an extremely calming afternoon/evening. My legs are definitely feeling it -- but also REALLY needed it. I feel great. LOVE all of the outdoorsy stuff.

Animals we saw:
Pheasants! They took off from the brush next to us.
A cute little lizard that was thin and long -- I think more tail than body
Lots of tenny yellow birds
A few dear near the end -- I saw a buck while we were driving out of the area

Monday, September 10, 2007

Into The Blue

So, on Friday The Boy and I left for a weekend long kayaking trip in Tamales Bay. We left and met up with four other folk Friday evening at a really cute little hostel (Pt. Reyes Hostel) -- which, although it was cute, the beds were too hard for me and I couldn't sleep too well. Anyway, the hostel is out in the middle of nowhere and is right where there's some great hiking. On our way up, we passed really close by some tule elk (which were also all around our campsite later on), and after we got there we learned how to play the game "Citadels."

Saturday, we pick up our permits, 4 dozen oysters, then got our kayaks and went off to paddle around in the bay to our campsite -- and went through a huge grouping of jelly fish! So cool. Anyway, first we stopped off at an abandoned artist colony where there was a rope swing to play around and explore. It was really cool to look around in the abandoned houses and to see what all was still there -- I actually found a letter in one of the houses from 1995, so they've been abandoned for at least 12 years -- and it was interesting to see how much the plantlife took over the houses in just that amount of time. One of the houses had these gorgeous vines hanging through the roof into an upstairs room (later found out to be poison oak, to the dismay of others).

Eventually, we got to our beach at low tide and hauled the kayaks up to the high tide point. With the space the fire circle already made there took up, there was just enough space for our four tents when the tide came up to the highest point. We sat around for a bit enjoying the wine that was brought before going on a hike, which was a little challenging at first due to the wine, but it got easier. We found a big group of tule elk and sat on a hill to watch them wander around and call out to each other. They sounded amazingly cool.

Dinner on Saturday was shrimp salad, olive bread, and raw oysters. Yes, I tried an oyster....but it was hard getting past the idea that it is (A) alive when you crack it open, and (B) possibly still alive when you swallow it. It was extremely salty, but that probably was partly due to the point that I tipped most of the liquids out -- which included the lemon juice. After dinner, we sat around and sang songs until around 10:30 or 11:00 at night, when we all decided to crash. Before going to bed, though, I pointed out the bioluminescence in the bay at the water's edge to a few folk. I was apparently the one person who had seen it before (thank you Catalina trip in 8th grade) and when I heard that the bay was bioluminescent, I made a point to remember to poke around at the water with a stick. It caused the plankton to light up and trail the stick like magic sparks. It's soooo purty.

Sunday, everyone stayed in the tents for awhile before getting out to have breakfast at the fire circle. We put off the inevitable of putting back on our wet suits (I would just like to say "ICK!" at this point), but eventually had to as we had to get going. We got our stuff together and into the kayaks -- which was thankfully when the tide was coming back in, so we didn't have to drag them so far -- and cast off into the bay again. We diddled around in the water for a long time, stopping for lunch at one point, and eventually got back to the kayak rental place at 2 or so in the afternoon. It felt reeeeally good to get out of the wetsuit and into the car.

We stopped in Pt. Reyes Station at a bakery -- chai and a peanut butter blondie tasted heavenly at that time -- and hung out as a group one last time before parting ways. The Boy and I hung around the town a bit -- including taking a nap in a grassy area -- before heading home. First thing we did when we got back was slather ourselves in Technu to (hopefully) prevent any poison oak reactions, and took a shower. Oh my GOD that shower was freakin' awesome. I felt soooo good afterwards, even if my shoulders were killing me at the time. Dinner was at Fresh Choice, then we rented the movie Neverwas to watch back at home. VERY nice movie, and I reccomend it.

My shoulders still hurt and want a massage like woah, but I'm VERY happy with the outing. I had a lot of fun and look forward to more adventures.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wow. Long time no update.

Sorry! I got so busy with the show and everything else that I sorta...blanked on this site. Um, I'll update with bullet points here, I guess.

- Lark Camp -
Lark Camp website
Over all, had a very good time, though parts were overwhelming and hard, but I'm all the better for it I bet. And definitely had the absolute BEST birthday ever while there. The hard/overwhelming stuff were mostly my own emotional issues with feeling like I'd been "ditched" whenever The Boy went off to play really late at night and I had to go to bed due to working the coffee shop the next morning and having to get up. It all got talked out, though, so we're good. :)

- Camping -
I went camping with The Boy and his parents for a few days a while ago, a week or so before school started. It was a lot of fun, and fairly relaxing. We stayed at a little camp area called "Little Basin" -- right next to Big Basin -- that is currently owned by HP (where The Boy works for now -- he's changing jobs), so only employees and guests of them are the only ones who stay there. The best part? We were there during the meteor shower! The Boy and I stayed out late on a dock and watched the meteors. It was great. There were a few that went across the whole sky and left long trails of star dust. Beautiful.

- School and Jobs -
I'm graduating next spring. Lots of papers to write this semester. Yeep. And The Boy is leaving his job at HP to go work at Zvents. It's a great site for looking up events. Try it out! Tell your friends! Pimp the start-up that my man's going to be working for.

- Summer Musical: Children of Eden -
The show's over, and I'm still sad about it. I'll post a link to a photo album once I have one made up. I just really miss all of the people, from the six year olds throwing themselves at me for hugs to the 62 year olds doing the same thing, and it hasn't even been a full week since the show ended. Le sigh.

- Upcoming Events -
- Weekend long Kayak trip this weekend
- Cast party for Children of Eden (date not set yet)
- Possible rock climbing outing with The Boy, practicing on a wall of course, since I'm a n00b.
- White Water Rafting is possible sometime, but hopefully it won't be too cold when it's decided.
- Renaissance Faire opens this weekend, will have to check that out at least once.

Um, I guess that's all for now. Is anyone still checking this site? :P