Monday, December 10, 2007

Knishmas Party!

My Man and I threw a party this past Saturday. A very fun party. It took DAYS to throw together, and we were taking it apart well into the night and today.

I am sooooo tired from the weekend. It was incredibly busy and high energy, save for today, and it's draining on a person.

So, instead of's my pictures from the event! I only just got them resized and uploaded.

Nightmare Before Knishmas, 2007!

Note: Those photos don't include the ones a friend of ours took of the destruction of the gingerbread houses....we basically put them up to a load bearing test. :D

Note 2: I gave My Man his holiday gift after everyone left. It was a photo book of all of our events from the past year, and when I say "photo book"...I mean I found a program for putting together a book, and then you order it and it comes to you as an actual bound book with the photos all printed in it. He really liked it. :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Thoughts on a friend

Went to the opera last night with My Man....and aside from yesterday being one of those days (meaning our cart disappeared at Target, horrible crowded at dinner, terrible parking in San Jose), it was a fairly nice time. The singers were good, and my opera friend was extremely animated and a joy to watch on stage.

However, after the show we went to Il Fornaio with her and some other performers from the opera, which is where she said she needed to call a friend, that I wasn't to tell any embarassing/gossipy stories from high school....and then proceeded to disappear. For about 20 to 30 minutes. Naturally, I felt completely ditched by her. Even her friends from the show leaned over at one point and said something along the lines of "apparently the dirt you have on her is that she ignores her friends" and they felt bad for us.

Found out afterwards that she ran into one of the donors for the opera....which is apparently a huge thing, because if you get the donors to favor you they'll fund you in more shows. The opera folk then understood the networking she had to do and brushed off the disappearance.

I guess I can understand it too. It's just.....I've already played second fiddle, or lower, to someone's career before with my ex (and I'm so glad I'm out of that relationship, let me tell you...feeling like an afterthought or a burden sucks ass). I just never thought I'd have to go through that with one of my friends. And as much as I've commented about her diva personality, her occasional self-centered-ness, with another friend of our' just really hurt, moreso than with my ex actually. Even when I commented that I've come to expect that sort of treatment from her, it doesn't make it easier on me. It's so frustrating, and I don't know if I'm over reacting or not, but it just....really upsets me when someone who has dubbed me one of her best friends (even with the clarifier of "from high school") seems to write off my company like that.

::sighs, wipes eyes::

Anyway. At least there was My Man to help me regain some of the feeling of being loved after that.

In other news....My Man gave me a key to his condo. :)