Thursday, March 31, 2005

Best Aerobic Workout (save for sex, of course)

Dance along to these videos:

Tunak Tunak
Moscow! Moscow!

I bet you all wish you had a video of me doing all those dances, don'tcha.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Alright, Gaslighter updates

First rehearsal: Stressed out to the point of crying. The director was very blunt, but it was for the best (with a week and a half of rehearsals, you have to be). Met the rest of the cast. They seem alright. I'm the youngest (I think), and feel a bit intimidated...they're all already Gaslighter alumni, so I feel out of place.

Second rehearsal: Aside from the villian arriving drunk and pissing off the director, things went well. Didn't cry, WOO!

Third rehearsal: Pretty much had my lines down, felt a bit more comfortable. The director told folk that since I have asthma that if they were going to smoke, to do it away from the door. The last few nights, I'd had issues after awhile and ended up a bit wheezy...didn't tonight, so yay.

Upcoming rehearsal schedule:
Saturday at 11:00 = Costuming and run throughs
Sunday at 2:00 (may get canceled)
Monday through Thursday at 6:45 = run throughs without costumes
Saturday: Opening


Monday, March 14, 2005

New and Scary things...

About to leave for my first Gaslighter rehearsal. I'm scared out of my gourd. Update later on how it went.

Friday, March 11, 2005

This PSA brought to you by "One A Day!"

Okay. I now officially hate multivitamins. I took it, ate my breakfast, and STILL feel sick to my stomach. Last time I felt like this, I blacked out in the shower. Vunderbar.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Weekend Recap

Alrighty, I was busy this weekend! On Saturday, I took the pup to the dog park yet again, where there were a couple of dogs he ran around with when he wasn't chasing the ball. I came home and said toodles to my mom when she went off to go pick up dad for dinner between the shows he was doing lights for.

Five o'clock rolled around and Joey showed up. *Purr* We spent time at home alone opening "Valibirssary" gifts (Valentine-birthday-anniversary), so he finally got to recieve his Dr. Who scarf, knitted penguin, a bag of Vanilla Almond Moose Munch, and a gorgeous platinum and gold pen I got engraved for him. After which, we watched The Tartan Terrors at home. Unfortunately, the DVD started to act up by the end -- which is when the bit that I watch the entire thing for starts -- so we didn't get to see that part.

By around 7:30 or so we left for dinner at TGIFridays, where we practically drowned in Jack Daniels sauce. Mmm! After dinner, we went to Golfland to play around at the arcade for hmm...about an hour. Got back to my house by 11:30, which is when we went inside to watch season 4 of Coupling. We ended up dozing off half way through the third episode, and slept unil 5 AM...which is when Joey went home.

On Sunday, I went to go see the kid show "Nifty Fifties," which was actually really cute. For dinner, the parentals and I went out for Chinese food.

Been spending a lot of time playing with my Sims 2 University, which Joey got me. I've made a nearly perfect Joey-look-alike. *Snicker*

So there you have it.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Er...well then. Yay!

That was...the most informal audition ever. *Snicker* The owner reminds me of someone from Queer Eye, or Charlotte's wedding planner from Sex in the City

Owner: Can you sing and act and dance?
Me: Um...yeah.
Owner: Fabulous! Get her contact info!
Me: *Guh!?*
Lady who called me: Shouldn't you have her sing a little?
Owner: Sing!
Me: *...Does a little*
Owner: Neat! Dance! *Plays a Charleston beat*
Me: *Sorta kinda does the charleston*
Owner: Ooo. Good! Just wanted to see if you can move, and you can! Pretty well, actually.
Me: *Thinks that they must have pretty low standards!*
Owner: Well, I was hoping to give you a script, but we don't have any yet. We'll let you know when we do. You'll have to learn your part and music by March 26th, which is when we're doing the kid's show.

So. Yeah. Yay me I'm doing children's vaudeville! It pays too, apparently, but I don't know what. *dies* He said not to quit my day job for it...but hey, it's gotta pay better than being a student, yeah?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Well, I'll be jiggered

So. Two years ago, I went to a local vaudeville/melodrama theater and dropped off a card that had my info on it. Name, phone number, and that I was interested in doing their shows if they ever needed the help. Never heard from them again.

This afternoon/evening, my cell phone starts ringing. It's a restricted call, so I assume it's my acting class partner calling to see if we can meet up sometime.


It's a representitve for the vaudeville theater. Apparently, they're short handed and were wondering if I was still interested. So hey, why not? Told them I'd come down Friday evening. I'll get to talk with the owner, and I guess they're gonna give me a script or something. Woo auditions!

Also: My mom got a call from "The Broadway of Elementary Schools" today. They're apparently interested in having mom and I do their shows. Holy crap. We're talking, like, third through fifth grade kids doing things like SEUSSICAL or any other type of harder, more adult show. They're not even thinking of like "Annie Jr."...they'll do "Annie" instead. Wow.

They better pay good. I hear they're damn awful to their hired help. :P