Friday, December 29, 2006

Most fun I've had in awhile!

Long story short: Impromptu ice skating outings with The Boy and two other friends of ours (a total of my three favorite boys who go/went to Celtic Night on Thursdays!) = SO much win. :D

Long Story:Even though I kinda suck at it, crashed into the wall multiple times, and had some pretty interesting near-wipeouts. At least I got slightly better with time. Time to add ice skating to my list of activities that I enjoy doing, even though I'm no good at them! Right up there with laser tag, mini-golf, and bowling (bet you don't know anyone else who spent a game getting strikes every time she fell on her rear!). Hehee....The Boy snickered at me when I said "It's a good thing I enjoy doing the things I suck!"

Heh, discovered in the shower this morning that one of my wall collisions left a bruise on my knee. I shouldn't be surprised, my knees are prone to bruising.

Best part from the outing: When I was taking a 5 minute break from skating (the right skate was angering my poor foot's big toe joint :( ), I spent the whole time leaning on the railing outside of the outdoor skating rink to watch my friends go by. Every time The Boy came past, he slowed down to deliver a drive-by kiss, wink, and skate off again.

Stayed there till it closed (midnight), then hit up a resturaunt/bar so we could warm up, get some hot drinks in us. Cue another comment from me: "I'm just glad to get something hot in me" and much snickering from the rest of the group. The Boy's amused that I'm making double entendre comments now. O:-)

Spent the night at The Boy's....again. It was the second night in a row. Wednesday, he invited me out for dinner and hanging out, but he picked me up at home and I forgot my keys, so was going to be locked out if he dropped me off at home. Neither of us complained about that arrangement, though.

Ear Update!
This'll be the last of these until something "interesting" happens, or I can suddenly hear again.

Went to the doctor today and got my ear looked at again. He was very impressed with the fact that the ear's almost 100% healed, aside from the fluid that's trapped in there still. It'll probably be there for 2-3 more weeks (ugh!!) and told me to keep up with my sudafed and gave me some nasal spray which, I guess, is supposed to help as well. Sinuses are sinuses, after all.

Over all, it doesn't feel like there's glue or jell-o in my ear anymore -- unless I stupidly drop my head below my heart, like when bending over to wrap my hair in a towel or something. I feel pretty much normal!

Well. As normal as I can get. ;)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Knishmas/Christmas! (LOTS to read here)

Hope you readers had a good few days of holiday. Tell me all about what you've done!

As for me, let's sum up the past few days:

Dec 22, Folk Music in Berkley!
Yes, I did go to the Folk Music event in Berkley with The Boy. It was a LOT of fun! Got to hear lots of songs that I didn't know, a few that made me giggle non-stop (particularly the one about the pickles.....I really want the lyics! I bet my brother would love it).

Oh, I also gave him the gift I knitted for him. You can see it in my Craft Blog.

Dec 24 (dubbed "Knishmas Eve" by The Boy)
Family came over at around 1:00, which resulted in putting my brother, sister, and sister-in-law to work decorating cookies before they could have lunch. Eventually, all of the cookies were painted and everyone was fed, and we had lots of chatting and merriment. Niece got picked up from work at 3:30 and came here, which was when we opened presents and stockings. LOTS of fun, as always. :) That day, I got:

- Interchangable Knitting needles (parents)
- 3 DVDs from my sister: Beyond the Sea, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and The Da Vinci Code.
- Lots of entertaining random things in my stocking from various family members.

A quarter to 5:00, and I went over to The Boy's place for dinner. Three other people ended up showing up, so there was a total of 6 of us there (including The Boy's curent houseguest) of which I've known as long as The Boy, one I've known through Friday Night Waltz for awhile, and the other person who showed up I'd met once before. Remember when I mentioned The Boy and his "Friend Of The Same Name" in October? That was him. :)

Dinner consisted of Brisket, mashed potatoes, muffins (made by your's truly), greenbeans, and fruit compote. It was all VERY yummy -- except for the pineapple sparkling wine. That stuff shouldn't exist! Anyway, after dinner, the only other female and myself washed/dried the dishes....she feels in her element while washing, and I love feeling useful while drying things, so it worked out. Once the table was cleared, we played about 5 rounds of "Fluxx"....which is a card game that consists of changing the rules constantly until someone somehow wins. It's fun!

Game over, there was dessert. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Mmmmmm. Then we moved The Boy's 24 inch Mac into the main room and watched 2 DVDs. First up was "Party Monster"....very odd. Never seen Seth Green and Macauly Culkin dressed in drag before. It was interesting, a little depressing due to the movie content. After that came "Cannibal! The Musical"....MUCH lighter and highly entertaining. Personally, the best part about watching these movies was when The Boy tugged me over to cuddle on his beanbag chair with him part way through the first one, and I got to stay settled there throughout the second one.

Everyone else left after the movies, at about 1:00, but I stayed until a little after 3:00. I really wish I had stayed the whole night, since I was invited to, but there was the family obligation of Christmas morning, and he understood that.

Dec. 25, Christmas Day
Typical events of the morning. Wait for everyone to be awake and functional before emptying out the Santa stockings. HOLY CRAP those socks hold a lot. Don't ask for specifics, I don't even remember what all I got from the sock alone.

After breakfast, which was actually cooked and served to the family -- it's the only year that we don't fend for ourselves for breakfast -- we opened the gifts under the tree. For the curious, here's the haul:

-The world's most comfortable swing dance shoes! (I'm really excited about these, and the next thing)
-A super cute/comfy/fun black and red swing dancey dress (Now I need a reason to wear these things!)
-Sterling Silver earlings shaped like garlic cloves (randomness FTW!)
-A really nice knitting bag to carry projects in
-"Handknit Holidays"....a pattern book full of wintery patterns for all holidays, not just Christmas specific. :D
-Clothing. Black slacks, which I needed, two waaaaarm soft fuzzy sweatery things, and a pink/black light weight wind breaker. Good for hiking! Now I need to go hiking, too. ;)
-A Jewelry box to hold all of the earrings I've been acquiring
-A very cool chemise/blouse thing that's loooong, but also able to be worn with jeans and without a bodice. Kinda fancy-ish.
-A dress that is very....odd. It's purple, black, it's kinda like a witchy dress....would be great for a Wicked Witch or Elpheba costume, or for FNW's Waltz Macabre. I don't have much reason to wear it, but it's kinda spiffy. Like a Wednesday Adams party dress. :P
-A stuffed Holy Hand Grenade from Monty Python's Holy Grail, as well as the cute and cuddly bunny with Big Nasty Pointy Teeth!


After gifts, I realized I had nowhere in my room to put my totally rocking swing dance I spent about 2 hours cleaning my room. I ended up with 3 bags of trash that weighed around 50 pounds at least....probably due to the amount of Archie comics I'm tossing. There's also two bags that have shoes (good condition), clothes, and various little toys that I'm going to be tossing off to Goodwill.

The one really sucky thing of the day was when I checked SJSU's website to find that my classes for next semester had been dropped due to lack of payment.....when the website hadn't sent me any e-mails to tell me that my account had notifications on it. ARGH. On the 2nd (first day the offices are open), my mom and I are going down to straighten it out......hopefully, I can get those classes back.

Other things:
- Have a Doctor's appointment to get my ear looked at again on Friday, just to make sure it's doing okay. It doesn't hurt anymore, but it feels like my ear has been used as a Jell-O mold. Hopefully the fluid trapped in there is going to drain's very annoying! I'll update on the ear after the appointment.

- I'm going to a New Year's Party with The Boy and his houseguest/roommate. :D Looking forward to it...I've never been to a proper New Year's Party.

- Going to a Wassail party hosted by a friend who does the Irish Dancing bi-monthly that I go to. Will be carpooling with The Boy to get there.

- To anyone curious, yes I've talked to Joey recently. The videos still aren't done, he's stressed out and depressed and has been put on "enough antidepressants to make Eeyore chipper," and says that he probably won't be talking to me anymore after the videos are done. He says that he "can't be around happy people right now" and that the fact that I'm seeing someone again is, apparently, having an affect on the guy. I feel bad for him....I really wish that he wasn't surrounded by drama, and that we could still be friends.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

General updating

Chinese Style Chicken Noodle Soup = Yummeh!
Feeling generally pathedic due to a cold = Lose.
Cold going away the next day = Yay!
Getting a SEVERE ear infection that was full of CRIPPLING EAR PAIN the next day? = TOTAL lose.

Went to the doctor, where the response was pretty much "Wow! Can my student get a look at this?" Yay for being interesting. It hurt sooooo bad......seriously, I started crying multiple times due to the pain. Got a perscription for Vicodin and some antibiotics. Ended up having two vicodin yesterday, total, as well as my antibiotics and sudafed.....and felt like I was going to throw up by the time I went to bed. So, of course, I opted to not have any more pills, aside from the sudafed, when I went to bed.

I actually managed to sleep the WHOLE NIGHT. Without the vicodin! Woot!! And today I'm feeling MUCH better. Still somewhat achey, and my ear feels like it's still got some cotton in it or something, but SO MUCH BETTER than yesterday. Hopefully, the pain won't come back and I won't need to ask for a ride to The Dell for Celtic Night.

Tomorrow, I'm preeeeetty sure I'll be going to a folk music thing in Berkley with The Boy. :D

Monday, December 18, 2006


When The Boy heard that I was feeling so crummy due to my cold (I only got 2 hours of sleep between 11:30 and 5:30 last night....which was when I finally gave in and got some Tylenol PM into my system), he perscribed that I have lots of chicken noodle soup and then told me that he made some "Chinese style chicken noodle soup," essentially inviting me over for dinner tomorrow.

Hopefully I won't be too snuffly/coughy/pathedic. :)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Quick bit of entertainment

So, I went to a party last night with The Boy that his dance troupe was having. It was muuuuch fun. At one point, I was snuggled up next to him on a couch while he was next to two other people (CA - female, and GR - male) when this bit of conversation started up after we'd been settled there for about a half hour or more.

CA: So who is this lovely young lady to you?
Boy: This is Caity!
CA: And?
Boy: .....?
CA: Is she a friend or what?
Boy: ....::Nervous laugh:: Uh, don't think we've had that conversation ye-
GR: Put it this way, if we try to seduce her, would you be upset?
Boy: ::More nervous laugh:: Uh...why don't you ask her?
Me: Wait, they're going to ask me if you'd be upset if they try to seduce me? ::Grin::
Boy: Nevermind.
CA and GR: ::Snerk::
Boy: I need to go mingle again.
Me: ::Giggle::
GR: ::Is a massage therapist:: Ah, good! Caity, you stay here and let me massage the other arm, and we'll see how quickly he comes back.

It amused me. :) ALSO amusing, a bunch of these people had danced at my brother's Renaissance Themed wedding 5 years ago and I had apparently met them before. ::snerks::

In other news, I'm battling an annoying cold and it's making me cuddly feeling and semi grumpy that it's still around!

Okay, gotta git. Time to print out directions to the Dicken's Fair, take a shower, then go pick up my friend.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Love having The Boy live so close :D

Last night, I went over to his apartment and helped him make pumpkin muffins. :D Nummeh.

Also, staying until 1:00 (only leaving because I have finals and he has an 8:00 confrence call or somesuch) with snuggling and whatnot = win.

Amusing thought: So, apparently his coworkers were really impressed with my swing dancing and they're bugging him to get the two of us to teach them how to dance. ::Snickers:: I told him that I wouldn't have looked nearly as spiffy without his ability to lead so well.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Happiness is...

Going over to The Boy's apartment for a dinner he made (soup from SCRATCH! I was impressed), getting cuddles and hugs, and just generally hanging out with him and his houseguest for a long time. Oh, and playing with his awesome 24 inch iMac's features. He recorded himself singing and used the "Transform voice" feature with the "Male to Female" option. It kinda sounded like me, it was WEIRD.

Sadness is...
A broken furnace at home. ::Shivers:: Plus, The Boy has his houseguest (who will prolly be around for a long while.....long story) and work in the morning, so staying over in his *heated* apartment with added bodyheat from snugglesleep isn't an option. Foop. :(

But I still got to hang out and had a great time. :D

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Procrastinating on Papers and Sleep

...So I made this!

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Yes, I know I'm a sap. ::dies::

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Last Night...

Was the most fun I've ever had, seriously.

At 2:00 I went and got my nails done in a French Manicure. They look soooo clean and nifty, and it was quite a different experience....I'd never done a manicure before, and it was kinda fun. I enjoyed it! And they just look so dang purty.

Well, that was done at the same place that my stylist is at, so pretty much as soon as it was done I got my hair played with. She actually managed to curl my hair, which is not an easy thing because, typically, my hair does NOT like holding a curl. These lasted all night! She also had fun putting in little clippies that were white flowers (sadly, you can't see these in the pictures).

5:15 rolls around, and I start with the make-up, playing around with mixing and matching my browns and purples in eyeshadow to see if it brought out the green in my eyes like it was supposed to. I think the desired effect was achieved. :) By 5:30 I was attempting to wriggle into my nylons (control top = less fun to get into), putting on heels and the infamous LBD -- Little Black Dress! I still can't believe that dress is a 6. The last fancy dress (except for Cinderella) that I got was for my sister's wedding, and it was a 9.

The Boy picked me up at 6:00-ish in his incredibly handsome tux (yes, it's his, he owns his own tux!) and brought a gorgeous boquet of flowers, which was sooooooo sweet and unexpected!

The drive there consisted of listening to Louis Armstrong (both on the car's stereo and The Boy's impersonation of him. I find it adorable), and much giggling over how an impression of Louis sounds a LOT like Animal from The Muppets. He kept tossing in Animal phrases/sound effects. Much fun. :)

Okay. SF City Hall. That place is flipping GORGEOUS. And huuuuuuge. Seriously, the only words I have for that place is "Wow".....go do a Google Image search for the San Francisco City Hall to see what I mean.

One of the most memorable and surreal events was after an announcement was made (essentially to the tune of "What a hell of a year we've had! Sadly, this'll be the last Holiday Party we're enjoy the hell out of it!), the people in charge decided it'd be a good idea to drop huge yoga ball sized balloons on a room full of people, food, wine glasses, vases of roses, etc. It was so fun! The balloons started bouncing off of folks heads, The Boy and I were dancing and kept getting bonked or volley-balling them off. Eventually, people discovered they could pop them with their forks and had a lot of fun doing that.

There were three areas to be, essentially. There was a room with blusey/swing music, the main hall where you could slip into the back for the company party pictures (we got one, but I don't have a copy yet....The Boy has it, but when I have one expect to see it!), and a room that had a wonderful big dance floor and "casino," but it was sooooo loud in there that you couldn't hear anyone.

We spent most of our time, after dinner, in with the swing band dancing the night away. It was way too amusing that the straps on my dress kept slipping down my shoulders, we'd both start laughing every time I snuck in a "wardrobe adjustment" whild dancing. There were also some professional/competitive dancers that were brought in, and they kept commenting to The Boy and me about how much fun it looked like we were having. Well, that's the point of dancing if you're not being competitive about have fun! And he is my favorite dance partner, partially because you know he'll improvise and attempt new things just to see if they're possible. He's an absolute JOY to dance with, and a good lead. He tells me I'm a great follow, too. Hee.

I was introduced to a lot of people....more names than I even remember now! It was a little awkward being the person who didn't know anybody, so I probably came off as extremely quiet. Except for on the dance floor. That's my element, baby!

By the end of the night we were both exhausted. My feet were killing me from being up and dancing so long in those heels (I've even got a blister on one foot, but it'll go away). After the long drive home, we just went back to his place and crashed for the night. Mmmmcuddles.

Got home this morning at about 8:30. Now I'm bundled up in wool socks, jeans, a sweater, and just enjoying reminiscing over the night. Le sigh.

I'm one damn contented Kitola.

Oh, yes. Y'all want pictures, I guess. Here we go!

These are the flowers he brought me. Aren't they purty?? And the eucalyptus smells heavenly.

Full picture of the LBD. Not a great picture, but still....check me out, I'm girly!

Headshots! Lookit those curls. Wowyzowy.

The holiday party picture of me and the boy will be up as soon as I have a copy. Swearsy!


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Crank Callers can go to HELL

So, at Friday Night Waltz. I was already kinda edgy because I had to park somewhere new and find the new venue (which was a lot smaller than the usual about traffic jams during the waltzes!), and new areas make me just a little tense.....even if I've been in the area before.

So, cue the phone buzzing in my pocket. It says restricted, but I dart outside to answer it anyway. All of the conversation here is essentially paraphrased.

Me: Hello?
Them: Yes, I'm from Victoria's Secret and I'm calling to confirm an order that was given.
Me: ...Uh, I don't know what you're talking about.
Them: I'm going to find you and rape you and then I'm going to kill you and-
Me: ::WTF....HANGS UP::

I then went inside and gave a hug to the first friend I saw, one of the DJs who's really big and intimidating when he wants to be. Told him I just had a scary call and then my phone buzzed again.

Him: Lemme answer it!
Me: Be my guest. ::Hands over the cell::
Him: Hello?.............No, wrong number. Yeah, you do that. ::hangs up::
Me: ::Holds out hand to take phone back::
Him: They're going to call back. They said that your daughter made an order.
Me: ::WTF:: Um.....I don't have one.
Him: Yeah, and they said they'll try again.
Phone: ::BUZZ::
Him: Ohhhh goodie! ::Answers, switches from happy voice to "you will NOT fuck with this person" voice:: Yeah, you really do have the wrong number. Nobody here made any orders, so -- ::pause:: --Yeah, this is a crank call, and if you call back again I will star-sixty-nine you and then the police will deal with you. ::Hangs up::
Me: What'd they say?
Him: ::Gives phone back:: "Now listen here young man, I think I should know what I'm talking about"....and their voice started cracking.

They didn't call back after that, thank goodness, and he was all gloaty about how intimidating he is. Heh. And yea, I know it was probably just some punk kids, but it wigged me out enough so that I wasn't having as much fun as I should've been having. Plus, my worst-case-senario paranoia kicked in and as I was leaving I kept looking behind me to make sure no one was following me....and when I got in my car, first thing I did was lock all the doors. Half the drive back I checked the rearview mirror constantly, too.

I'm doing a bit better now that I'm home. Still uneasy, though. I need a great big bear hug.

Well. Tomorrow will be better. And busy!

Friday, December 01, 2006

This takes a certain kind of special....

Welcome to the perils of having your girl-talk friend right next to "The Boy" in your cell phone's contact list.

I just text messaged the wrong person. A general "boys are confuzzling" thing straight to The Boy's phone. ::Facepalm:: Smooth......

Well, at least no names were mentioned.....but......urgh!!

Seriously. Wrong AIM window, that I understand.....but who texts the wrong person?

::slinks off to die of embarassement::