Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day!

So, for Valentine's day, I got a bottle of Technu. It was the most romantic thing ever! As everyone should know, Technu is by far the most extravagant and romantic gift anyone could ever give.

Okay, I'm sure that doesn't make sense to anyone other than My Man, where it's been a running gag ever since he bought me some packets of it to keep in my backpack when we go on hikes back in summer.

And yes, I really did get a bottle of Technu in my Valentine's Day bag, burried under all of that tissue paper. It didn't even have any Technu in it, anymore, though. What was inside it, you ask?

And My Man loved the engraved silver pocket watch I got for him. :)

This weekend consists of:
-Friday Night Waltz
-Hiking in Muir Woods (primarily because I need to go for an individual field trip for my California History class)
-Dinner and Dancing at a restaurant in Palo Alto that has ballroom dancing and live music! I'm going to treat this as my romantic Valentine's Day outing, since My Man was so exhausted yesterday that we ended up going to bed at 10:30 pm.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Feeling unimportant/useless/not moving forward/not a catch.

What a winner I am. :(

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why the Kitola is a good girlfriend

My Man called me, too weak from a flu that he's caught to go pick up OJ and some motrin at the Seven-Eleven that he lives next to. So I went around and got the OJ, Motrin, Sudafed (because I took most of his last weekend while I was sick), a thermometer (because he asked for one), Zicam (in case it really is just a cold), and some flowers. Poor guy, he was confining himself to bed....and although he felt better than when he called me, his fever was still 100.3. He wouldn't let me get too close, just in case I hadn't given him the crud that I had and it was something completely different.

But yeah, last week we were both sick...him with a cold, and me with something ickier. Either an ubercold, or a mild flu (But I got my flu shot when they were being offered!...but I was sweaty one night and achey, so maybe it was something ickier). Anyway, we for some reason thought we had the same thing...since they hit around the same there was no acting like either of us had the plague. Lots of flop-cuddling, movie watching, etc. So maybe I did give it to him. :( I hope not. And mostly I hope he gets well soon!

Let's see, haven't updated for awhile. Well, long story short, two weekends ago we went to Tahoe so that I could learn how to cross-country ski. Photos!

Just started my final undergrad semester at SJSU. Graduating in May. Eek.