Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Big Closeout

So, the Gaslighter show closed last night, and with it the melodramas to be performed on that stage. I'm not exactly going to miss that particular show, but I will definitely miss the Gaslighter being there and being able to go see shows there.

Some highlights from the show:
-Joey showed up! It was really nice to see him again after 5 months. He has a new haircut and looks really good. Heh. He brought me a Red vs. Blue shirt, too. It says "I Like Me" on it.
-The guy who played the "villian" didn't show, so we had another cast member's boyfriend fill in. Thankfully, the 70's costume fit him.
-"Joanie" getting the entire audience to say the word "Bitch!" about 6 times in one scene.
-Using party poppers during Hand Jive.
-Using the party poppers while reinacting the death scene each time one of us did something that could've killed off the prom queen.
-"Corkey" Running out during the death scene reinactment with the biggest damn super soaker water gun I've ever seen and dousing the entire cast with water.
-Picking on random cast members at the end of the show to get a confession out of them...ending with the character "Jimmy" who was the detective of the show, having done it.
-The entire improvised bit about cyanide not really being poisonous, how it was a cover up by "The Man" and that it was really a common ingredient in pancake batter.
-Scrounging through boxes of crap during intermission with my friend from the Kid's Show, "Sterling," and finding some kick ass necklaces.

After the show, the lobby was PACKED with Gaslighter Alumni. Tamborines were passed out to anyone who could get one and we all sang the lobby songs one last time. After all of the audience had left - and the people from the show changed back into our civies - the owners introduced Mrs. Cupp....who was the ORIGINAL owner of the Gaslighter and had come out to see us off. We all sang the Gaslighter Rag then, too, and some of us even did the choreography that we'd learned. I tell you, there's a very cool kind of feeling when you get that many people together (at least 50) most of which might not know some of the others, and singing things that almost ALL of them know.

After that, and some milling around drinking/eating/chatting with people (I mostly hung around with "Sterling" because he was one of the few I knew), some of the Alumni got on stage and performed sketches that they had been in. When "The Doctor Sketch" started, someone I didn't know said "Hey, do you want the music?" and started singing the background music for that skit. I'd been doing that particular sketch for a year, so I started in too until our DJ turned on the CD with that song on it. It was surreal for "Sterling" and I to watch that sketch when we'd performed in it for so long...but very VERY cool.

And, of course, obligatory posting of a link to my MoBlog where I have posted 6 pictures from the evening (including one of the necklaces that "Sterling" and I found....titled "Found Bling"): Take a gander!

Well, long story short, I stuck around for 2 hours before I finally left due to the fact that very few people I knew were still there. I hugged everyone I knew, poked fun at the owner one last time, and left. I've been pretty much a rock through the entire thing, but I think it's finally starting to get to me. I'm never going to get to see a show at The Gaslighter again....or even do a show there. Granted, I was planning on taking a break after this one, but that doesn't mean I don't want it around.

Sigh. I'm being all nostalgic about something that isn't even technically completely gone yet.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Best thing EVAR

So, Children's Musical Theater was doing "The Full Monty" for their alumni benefits show. There were lots of folk there that I recognized from when I did COPA. But that's not the great part.

See, there's a specific trick to how to light the very last bit of the show. It's supposed to be virtually blinding from behind the stripper men, so that no one in the audience sees any...ahhh.....danlgy bits. Well, the lighting wasn't as strong as it could be....and I was in the third row. ::Snerks:: I just about fell out of my chair with giggles.

I'm soooo amused.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Laptop has RETURNED!

And it's charging wonderfully! Yeah, I had to send it to GeekSquad awhile back because it stopped charging all together. Not only was the DC jack broken, but the adapter wasn't working as well. But now everything is hunky dory!