Thursday, December 30, 2004

What a night...

...And boy, did I have dreams.

One was a Chuckie dream that I don't
remember too much of. Apparently, I was the one who caused Chuckie to
be what he is, so he decided that I and everyone else had to die, so I
spent that dream running around like crazy.

Another was that all the kids in Friday Knight Fever had forgotten
their dances, and George Costanza (The hell??) kept yelling at me
about it.

*Laughs* I want to know what the hell I'd done to cause those dreams.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Money woes

Still haven't found the $40, but it got replaced. That's something at least.

Not so much going on right now. Playing the run-around game with my transcripts at the moment. I can't get them to state until Jan. 3rd.

So here's something that's annoying me. With Joey so busy in LA, and me having to go to my brother's for his birthday on the 1st....I have NOTHING to do on New Year's. Guh. I really want to go do something. Last year, Joey and I went to Comedy Sportz, and it was the best New Year's I'd ever had. Not just because of the company, though. That deffinately was a big factor, but I just love going out to hang with people I enjoy being with.

Maybe R and B and I can get together. Not sure what we'd do, though.

Monday, December 27, 2004


I just lost $40. I was given it today at the movie theater, stuck it in my pocket, and now it's fucking GONE.


Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Time!

So! My Christmas was grand. First off, Christmas Eve. Family came over around noon and we had lunch (Woot Chinese Food! I love Sesame Chicken). After lunch, everyone unstuffed their stocking-gifts. I got all sorts of fun and useless crap from people. YAY! Then we gave out the actual gifts to the person we drew the name of. My sister-in-law loved the dragon book and box I gave her. And now I have Worms 3D for my PS2. Yay!

After everyone left, my parents went out to dinner. Then I got ready for my date with Joey. *Swoon* So. Laced up my bodice, brushed my hair, fluffed the boobies, yadda yadda yadda. And then he showed up and I was just....sooooo happy to see him. (Warning! Warning! Sappy gushing coming!) I hate only seeing him once a month, but when I do see him worries and troubles just kinda melt. He makes me so incredibly happy, and I don't think I could love anyone as much as him. (So, now that that's out of the way) After he showed up, we exchanged gifts. He enjoyed all the Family Guy/Coffee/Incredibles stuff I gave him (Yay for "Cubicle Toys"). And now I have a big squishy FOM pillow shaped like a heart, and three DVDs (Eddie Izzard, Sweeny Todd, and They Might Be Giants music videos).

So! Then we went out to La Fondue, and dinner was grand. I'd forgotten my ID, so sulked about not being able to order wine -- but the waitress figured that since Joey was old enough, I was old enough and told the truth when I said I was 21 or older. So I got me some White Zinfendel, yay! Soo good.

Click the picture below to enlarge it. I'm so going to frame this thing.

Stayed out until 4, and what we did until then is his and my own business. *Giggle* I'll just say that a grand time was had by all. And soooo relaxing when we napped together. I wish I had a free weekend this month so I could go see him and spend the weekend in LA...I love snuggling up on him.

On to today. Very relaxing. Here's the haul, for those curious:
-Exercise ball and video (I've been wanting one for SO long)
-A bunch of long sleeved shirts
-a "Talk Nerdy To Me" shirt
-an "I Eat Carbs" shirt
-Sirius Satellite Radio (Yay for Howard Stern!)
-One of them new Gameboy Advances (Not the...touch screen thing)
-Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (Already gotten a good start on that)
-A turqouise and silver necklace that is sooooo pretty.
-Renaissance Faire Boots....FINALLY!! I've wanted a pair for soooo long.

Well. That's all I got for now. I'm gonna try to arrange some time with Joey again before he goes back to L.A.

Time to watch Sweeny Todd!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Oh! An update!

Update on those poms I found: They got picked up the very same day. Yay!

Though I DO hope the owner got lectured about the importance of collars and ID...

And this just in: Someone posted in Joey's blog under my name, and, while I have no clue who it is, I do have a suspicion...anyway. Here's what they said.

"Hey boys, Joey couldn’t perform last night and I’m horny as all hell! Any of you in the LA area and want to fuck? I can send you pics of me first if you want… fuck…I’m SO HORNY! Damn you Joey and your flacid cock… I told you to get some viagra you pathetic joke of a man."

......Yeah. Because that sounds so like me. *rolls eyes* Even the people in the forums know I don't talk like that.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Sweet and Innocent my foot!

Take a look at what our sweet and innocent Border Collie did to our Christmas Tree today!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

My Daily Adventure!

Mom and I were off to get one of our dogs a new collar (she's slipped it twice already), and as we were going down the street we saw two small fuzzy dogs. It was a fairly busy street, so we pulled over and decided to see if we could find their owners.

Well, these two pomerainians (I can't spell for the life of me, they're now being called "Poms") decided I was not someone they wanted to hang with, and barked at me for half an hour while my mom checked around the neighboring houses. No one was home. The dogs did run up to a house and paw at the door, but no one was there either. For a lack of anything else to do, we decided we should call the Humane Society.

While mom was on the phone with them, the dogs finally got tired of barking at me and came over to visit. Once they were calm, they were very sweet! The smaller tri-colored one climbed onto my lap, while the blonde would keep it's eyes half-closed while I visited with him.

We finally got through voice mail hell and understood we'd have to take the sweet things to the humane society ourselves, or keep them at our house (and we couldn't do that...our pets would hate us for that one). So, into the back of the Rodeo they went and we drove on down.

The woman at the Humane Society told us that they'd hold onto them for the owners to come get them for five days, and if they didn't the dogs would be put up for adoption. Since they were obviously very sweet and freshly groomed (the owner obviously loves these dogs), we were told they'd probably have no problems getting a home or at least a breed rescue to take them.

On our way home, we stopped at the house and I asked a neighbor who was home if they knew where those little dogs might live. She agreed that they probably were at the house they pawed at to get in. SO. I wrote a note and left it on the door that the dogs were found and at the Humane Society for safe keeping, and left a number for them to call.

Whew. What a day. Anyway, here's a picture of the two little darlings. Click on it for a bigger version.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Sooo...update time.

Let's see....tomorrow I go get my tooth drilled and filled. And then I'm soooo grabbing Jamba Juice for lunch.

And, oh yes, Joey's plans changed again. He's not coming down this weekend, now he's coming down for Christmas. I'm very very happy about that, of course. *Dance* So, I've rearranged with R, and we're going to go to this place called "Lisa's Tea Treasures" some time mid January. That'll be great fun.

I can't WAIT until this tooth is's bugging the hell out of me.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dentist of DOOM...

I seriously despise going to the dentist.

So guess where I have to go in about a half hour. *whines* At least she lets me play music to distract myself.

Of course, it doesn't help to know that I probably need a filling. Since...there's a hole on one of my teeth that I can feel with my tongue. It's EXACTLY where I got a filling last time, too, which is what pisses me off because that means either it was a crappy job, or it fell out, or I've got another on the same bloody tooth. *Facepalm*

Okay, a good New Year Resolution: Take better care of teeth. Floss, for the love of Todd. It'll make dentist trips less painful.

Monday, December 13, 2004

My Dream last night...

I had a dream that Joey got me a gift from Tiffany's. *snerk* That's just so amusing because it's soooo unlikely...

Hmm...maybe I should decide he owes me a "sparkly" for canceling Christmas Eve's date.....

Nah, I'm not the evil manipulative kind of gal.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Stitch n' Bitch: Knit Happens

Stitch n' Bitch: Knit Happens

My new crafts journal. There's so far only two projects pictured, but expect many Kitola pictures in the future. I model everything wearable that I make!

Why My Gal Pals kick 12 kinds of ASS

One of my gal pals has decided that I shouldn't cancel my reservation at La Fondue, and that the two of us should go have a girl night on Christmas Eve. Looks like I'll still have a date to go hang with. Granted, I'd rather go out with Joey...but if I can't have that, I'd rather have this.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make sure that my cat isn't trying to make a nest in the Christmas Tree.

Friday, December 10, 2004

*Snerk* I believe this is accurate..

"Softcore porn" - You're all bits and pieces
"Softcore porn" - You're all bits and pieces
Take What kind of fucker are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.

You're a bit of everything. Willing to try new things, you can also be very conservative when the mood suits you. You've read a lot about sex, and you see it as liberating. You are progressive and confident. You own loose clothing, but also a select sexy items for special occasions. Sometimes you get stuck in routines, and sex becomes boring. You may not look like it at first sight, but you're a great fucker.

Fav position: on top or doggie style with variations
Wildest thing ever: doing it in the bathroom in public
Fetishes: spanking or some minor bondage

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Calmer now...but still depressy. Whee.

Fuck the Christmas Season

*Snarl grumble general pissy/crushed feelings*

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Joey's got a new job and all...but why does the timing have to suck so much that he can't come back home for Christmas? Even though he's gonna come down next weekend, it's NOT. THE. FUCKING. SAME.

*Snort* The following was taken from my LJ as well...for more added ranting.

It's the happiest time of the year...? Fuck that.
Humbug I say. I feel like I just got trampled all over. And spat upon. Chewed up, spit out, and kicked to the side of the road.
Turns out Joey isn't going to be coming down this Christmas. I'd made reservations for us to go to La Fondue on Christmas Eve. I had an outfit all planned out and ready for the outing. And now he won't even be here.

*Sigh* I know that he's got a hell of a lot of work with the new job and all....but that doesn't mean that I don't feel heart broken about this.

I want to go and smash things in my room. I'm and crushed and just....a huge ball of emotion. I want to scream and cry and curse.

He says "It's not like I won't be seeing you before the holidays!" since he's coming down next weekend....but.....fuck, that's not the SAME!! I'm glad I get to see him and all, would mean so much more if I got to see him for the Holidays. I don't even know if I'll get to see him for New Year's.

Just...fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK.

Christmas Shopping! Sorta...

Well, had my Nutrition final today, then went to Westfield to do some shopping. I was hoping to grab some things for myself as well as friends and family. I ended up getting my last required stocking stuffer, something for my friend R, and....over $80 of Victoria's Secret stuff for your's truly.

Heh...what? I'm allowed to splurge on girly crap once a year. Shaddap.

SO excited...I'm hoping to get Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for Christmas. Hot damn, that game would be worth putting the batteries back into my old out-dated GBA.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Know what shits me?

I dislike it when I call people and the phone goes unanswered. After about 2 hours of trying, even. It causes me to woooooorry. *Whimper worry pokes at her cell phone*

Edit to add: Turns out he was in a meeting until waaaay late. Whew! *Beams*

Monday, December 06, 2004

Open to all who read this:

I'll make up a new entry with answers. Don't be shy, ask me anything.

A: First, recommend to me:
1. a movie:
2. a book:
3. a musical artist, song, or album:

B: I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want and I shall answer.

C: Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Daily News

Avoided going to an "Authentic Scottish Christmas Party" at By Th' Bucket. Eh...makes as much sense as when the South Bay Scottish Society held their meetings at Stuft Pizza. *Shakes head* Scary old men in kilts. Unless it's at the Reniassance Faire. Then it's less scary.

Anyway, avoided that by doing a mall crawl with B...but got visually over stimulated by the crowds, lights, sounds and so on that I had to get home in order to relax. Yay for being easily over stimulated. I dislike being spacy and cranky.

Here's something I never expected to happen: An old guy I went to Highschool with, used to be good pals with and had a sort of falling out with (long painful story which also involved an "accidental" punch to Joey...) has IMed me. The following things have been said by him, that I'd NEVER thought I'd hear...

"I was sorta hoping that we can put everything that's happened behind us and be friends again."

"sorry I was... you know what, I'm just sorry I was what I was."

The mind. It BOGGLES. Well, this is actually a huge thing for him. I'm honestly amazed. Maybe he's actually grown up....well, he'd have had to. Last time I hung out with him, he was what...16?

Still...I'll approach this cautiously..

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Odd dream...

I had a dream that my last post, the one with Joey's picture, got a huge amount of comments. From people in the forums and who read Joey's blog. *Boggles*

Also in my dream, Nikki (Joeystalker), left a comment trying to be friendly at me. WTF, mate?

Friday, December 03, 2004

Greatest Call ID Picture ever

*Dies* I love my JoeyJoeJoeShabbadoo. (10 points for whoever spots the referance)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Last week of REAL school

Well, just finished up my final Kick Boxing class, thus ending my last week of classes at De Anza College. Come Janueary 25, I'll be as San Jose State University.

Looking back at my time at De Anza, I can see that it has been incredibly good to me. If it weren't for my good friend B talking me into taking a fencing class there with him, I never would've met Joey. I never would've ended up transferring there from West Valley College, and would never have made the friends I have.

I will seriously miss my PE instructors, C and M. I've been taking classes with the two of them for nearly two years total. As well as my ASL instructor, who I've only had for a year, but is by far the best ASL teacher I've ever encountered. While I won't be taking another class with her for awhile, I plan on attending her upcoming workshop dealing completely with Sex and Drugs. >:D

Well. Next week is finals. I only have to attend on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. After Friday, it's all over. While I'm sad about this, I'm glad to be transferring. Once I'm free of my need to be a student, I'll be able to move wherever My Heart takes me and have a real job. Not just relying on odd jobs that come up like the choreography in the Los Gatos show.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

This, That, and The Other

Thanksgiving: My Thanksgiving was grand enough. No family came to dinner, so it was the parentals and some of their friends from work. The kids L and A were pretty easy to deal with. A locked himself into the room with the PS2 in order to play Kingdom Hearts....he also Ooo-ed and Ahh-ed over my Boffer Keyblade. L was very social and kept getting herded around by the puppy.

Ate too much at dinner, as everyone does, and afterwards we all played madlibs for awhile. I'd never heard an 8 year old girl suggest the words like "stinky, butt, fart, and weiner" so often. *facepalm*

By around 8:30, Joey showed up and I was thankful to be rescued. We ran off to see Spongebob Squarepants, the Movie (who L declared "The greatest movie of her life that she's seen this year")....and it wasn't that great. Though totally worth it for the Hasselhoff stuff. The theater was virtually empty, so keep that in mind readers: Thanksgiving night is a good time to see a movie!

Ended up staying out until 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning. Not too sure on the exact time, as I was kinda zonky by then.

Friday: Typical family stuff today. Woke up early and went to San Mateo to have breakfast at Stacks. Mom, dad, brother, sister, and niece were all there, and all us siblings made it a point to embarass the snot out of 16 year old Niece. *snicker*

After breakfast, we all went to Ah Sams to pick out a Christmas ornament. My brother got a wood working monkey, mom got a glittery purple bird with a floofy tail, dad got a glass blown snail, and I have a frog that sits upon an eighth note playing a flute. I don't remember if Sister and Niece got anything...

After we came home, the females walked to Mervyn's to take advantage of the sales. I picked up two pairs of jeans (I always need jeans), and Niece got an assload of clothes. I don't understand being a shop-aholic. I guess I'm missing that particular "girl gene," since I can't STAND shopping for shoes and can't phathom sacraficing comfort for "cute."

Niece got into a snit when "Hot Guy From English" called and wanted to see a movie with her. We invited him to see Polar Express with all of us, but HGFE didn't want to see that. So that caused Niece to claim that she didn't want to either because it looked "Too Happy" and "the eyes are scary." *Facepalm...again* She eventually went to see Alexander.

Saw Polar Express and loved it!

Had leftovers for dinner, then everyone went home. Quite a day in the life of The Kitola.

Saturday (Today): Saw Joey today for about an hour and a half. Since he saw his San Jose friends yesterday, and is seeing the San Francisco ones tonight, and is leaving in the morning...I got to spend some time with him to get a proper goodbye before he leaves Sunday Morning. That made me feel just wonderous.

Things I'm Thankful For:
-Having Joey in my life for the past (almost) two years. Twenty-two months and three days, to be exact.
-Having friends and family in my life.
-That I was able to have Rover in my life. He had so much personality.
-Being alive and happy.
-Being loved.

That's it, when I'm going, you're making me into a diamond!

"The LifeGem is a certified, high quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life."

Honestly, I think it's a neat idea, but I'm kinda creeped by it. Talk about a new meaning to "family jewels?"

Friday, November 26, 2004

Because I can

Sleepy. SO tired. Update later. Picture now. Crappy shot of me, love Joey's expression. *Falls asleep*

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Joys of Joey

Last night was WONDERFUL. I got to spend a full 6 hours and 45 minutes with my Joey. He looked so different than I'm used to. His hair had been in his hat all day and it was flattened with curls at the bottom....combine that with the sexy fuzzy stubble he's got going and he looked like a pirate. *Swoon* Damn me and my geek and pirate fetishes.

He showed up around 9:00 and met the new puppy. Dhougal now has Joey approval! I'm sure that the pup is pleased to know that. After some puppy-play time, we went to go get some pearl tea at Fantasia. Despite the OHSOCOLD air, the tea was still reeeeally good. Well, the company helped too, of course.

Once we had our tea, we went to go see The Incredibles. We had both already seen it before, so we allowed ourselves to be a bit distracted during the movie. Mmmm...distracted.

After the movie (and my being chastised for not recognizing Jason Lee as the voice of Syndrome), we went back to the office to entertain ourselves, be generally snugglesome, and watch some online videos. We saw the latest Red vs. Blue, some new stuff from Loading Ready Run, and...of course....Chirpy. *Shudder* That bird still gives me night terrors.

Today, after dinner, I get to see him AGAIN! I'm really looking forward to it--though I'm saddened that he can't go out to breakfast with us tomorrow morning. I'll make him do it with us next year. *Snicker* Guess I'll update again when I have the time.

Happy Turkey Day to anyone reading this!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Saturday, November 20, 2004

It's getting closer!

Half a week more. Just a little over half a week before Joey comes back home. *Bounces* I'm too excited. Deffinately will update this after the visit with all sorts of lovely details (though not the ones that I dub too personal. ;-) )

Sunday, November 14, 2004

A little better

Feeling a little better today, despite the stress dreams I've been having. Wish I knew why I kept having them...ah well.

And it appears that the Joey-stalker has followed me to my blogspot. Loverly! *Waves to Nikki* Hello there! Yes, I know who you are. Don't be so surprised. If you want to try and annoy me, fine. Just don't dish out anything that you don't want back. I can be an uberbitch when prodded at enough.

*Peers over at the new puppy and sighs* He's cute and sweet and all...but he's not Rover. I still miss that dog something awful...I don't want to relive this experience within the next few years. Cookie's 10 years old...that's no spring chicken. *Sigh* Thankfully, Roxie will be with us for a long long time. Hee...and poor Joey with his allergies...I still feel bad about that..

Soooo lonely...

Meh. Period hormnes, missing my boyfriend, and a lack of affection/friends around here...does not a happy Kitola make. *Merfs* I wish he'd call me back already.

Greh. Feel like I'm gonna cry.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Didn't think it would be so hard...

For the past few months, Rover's been whimpering and wuffing and whining at us. We thought he was going senile, so gave him calming pills to help him relax.

For the past few weeks, he's been really listless.

Last week, he got a bath. I noticed red splotches on his back, but mom said they were freckles.

Friday morning, around 11:30 AM, I noticed he was bleeding from his mouth. We took him to the around the corner vet's, and they said he had lost a tooth. We put towels on the furniture and made a vet appointment for Thursday for him to get cleaned up. Mom was going to take a urine sample in to the vet on Monday.

Yesterday, he wasn't eating except for chicken broth, since we assumed his mouth was still sore. He went for his walk, but it took 45 minutes to get around the block.

Today....he was so listless. He rarely moved. This morning, he made this hideous wailing/screaming/crying sound that caused mom and I to rush out. He seemed okay, but we stayed and stroked him. He slept almost all day, save for when mom would wake him up to make sure that she could. After dinner, he didn't want a treat from the table. Then, as I was cleaning the table, I noticed he was laying down on the floor....and started peeing a storm. While lying down. Mom rolled him over to clean him up, and saw these red splotches/spots all over his underside. We wrapped him up in a towel and took him to the emergancy vet clinic.

I can't remember exactly what was said. There was blood in his stools, but it was it wasn't from swallowing what was in his mouth. He was still bleeding from his mouth. Also, the red splotches was blood up close to the skin. Something, somewhere, inside him was bleeding. It could've been hundreds of things, including cancer or his body "being allergic to itself"....or anything, really. It was going to cost between $1200 to $2200 for the overnight....if he survived it. And survival was a slim expectation. So...we decided it would be best if he were put down.

We got to say goodbye. We were probably with him for an hour or two. I lost track of time. Poor ol' guy was so sad and listless. He just lay on the table. He licked dad's ear a few times, but generally was just...laying there and getting hugs from all of us. Mom opted to stay in the room while it happened. I tried to...but I spazzed out when I saw the needle come out. I had to leave. I sat outside and waited.

It wasn't more than a minute later that mom came out of the room. After hugging the vet, of course.

*Sighs* He was my 9th year birthday present. While looking for a puppy at that particular place...he chose me. Whenever I was visiting with another pup, he'd run up and jump at me. He was the owner's favorite, and our's as well. Being only 9 years old, I named him Rover....because that's what dogs are called.

*Curls up and hugs her Joey-jacket* I called Joey and cried at him for awhile....poor guy. He feels bad he wasn't able to be here and be with me. I wish he could've been too...I really need a hug.

April 1, 1992 -- October 17, 2004
Say "Hi" to Brandy for us, ol' boy...

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Lovely post..

Woke up feeling generally lonely and depressy. Gotta love hormones and having a boyfriend who lives a 6 hour drive away and works his ass off so I rarely get to see him.

And run on sentences. Gotta love those, too.

Merf. Damn my birth control pills and the hormones that are an effect of them!! *Stab* At least I'm not as insane when the "Menstranity" starts anymore. At least according to my love...which is good. Now I'm just a little grumpy about the inconveniance of it.

Want sex NOW. *Glares at L.A.* Give me back my boyfriend.

Monday, September 13, 2004

And so, the insanity begins...

I'm climbing over from LiveJournal here to comment in the few journals I see here that require responses. I'll probably be posting more personal stuff in here, since I doubt my family shall find me here.

I'm so damn horny right now. *Weeps* Pre-period hormones and loneliness are the suck.

He is getting SUCH a pouncing next week...I can't wait.