Monday, June 11, 2007

Valhalla Renaissance Faire -- 2 weekends, 1 update!

Weekend the first:
I got to roll around in the dirt!!

Okay, so there was more to Valhalla than that, but it was still a highlight. Best moments include:

- Getting to meet new people who I totally clicked with.
- Peeking out of my shy-shell in a few of the bits that I was involved in.
- The beggar in the streets of the faire just made me smile. Adorable like a filthy little puppy, he was!
- Spitting contests with cherry pits. I'm not very good, but I participated!
- Balancing a cabbage on my head while walking through the faire.
- Kick the cabbage! Thankfully, it wasn't on my head. ;)
- Singing in the streets
- Getting to be pulled through and learn some dances with the Merrie Pryanksters....SO much fun. I want to learn all of them!
- Taking a moment to see Lake Tahoe -- which I'd never ever seen before -- and I could see Nevada from the shore!
- The stars at night were GORGEOUS.
- Sitting at the campfire and singing
- And, of course, getting to spend the whole weekend in the wonderfully fun setting with my favorite fella.

Granted, I did have a moment where I felt a little overwhelmed and had to hide at camp for a minute. And I was still only peeking out of my shy shell, spent a lot of time observing.

Weekend the second:
So, aside from the expected rolling in the dirt, here's a sum-up of what happened this weekend.

1) BEARS. There were apparently like, 6 bears (including a mama and two cubs) that decided to start wandering through the faire and campsites at night. I never saw one, but I had seen the security folk walking around through the camps with tranquilizer guns and flashlights whenever they heard reports of one near by. I also heard other camps make lots and lots of noise whenever there was one that came near by. And apparently, one of them got into the food booths and knocked over the fry vat because the oil smelled yummy. Who knew bears liked fried onion!

2) The Boy and I were pretty much it for the St. Helenas peasant guild, so mostly it was chilling out and enjoying the faire, rather than gigging.

3) Boba Fett showed up at a campfire during the after hours party and sang "I wanna be a cowboy" before waltzing along with "Waltzing with Bears." Know who was under that costume? The beggar! I believe I mentioned him last time as one of my favorite bits of faire atmosphere.

4) I learned how to use a drop spindle to spin yarn out of wool! Hopefully I can get one soon and can do that while sitting around at faire either on my own or with The Boy while singing.

5) I got attacked by a sign. ::rubs head:: I was sitting with The Boy while he was singing, with my eyes closed to enjoy the music without distraction, when a huge gust of wind came and knocked over a large sign that was next to us. The Boy stuck up his arm to block it, but the corner still managed to smack into my head and startled the hell out of me -- it could've been a LOT worse, so many thanks to my hero for playing defense! Anyway, because I yelled and started to tear up -- because damn, it did hurt and startle me -- people kept coming over going "OMGOMGOMG ARE YOU OAKY??" and alerting the EMT people on site.....ugh. It just embarassed me, since it was just a little lump and red mark. It took what felt like 5 minutes (an eternity if you're incredibly embarassed and just getting more upset by the embarassment) to get people to let it be and go away. Anyway, I'm fine. Still a bit red and tender on my noggin, but fine.

All in all, a very good weekend still! I really have enjoyed this experience and hope soooo much to continue doing this sort of thing. Oh, and those new boots I got last week worked SO much better for my poor feetsies.

Here ya go, take a look at my weekend! No, the color coordinating between The Boy and I was not planned. More of my favorite pictures (ganked from a site with over 1300 from the first weekend) can be found in this photo gallery of mine: Valhalla Faire 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

General Updating...Again

Let's see...

Great America:
A bunch of my friends from high school, a new girlfriend, myself and The Boy all went to Great America on Sunday, May 27th. This was GREAT fun, because I hadn't seen some of them in a long time, or I hadn't been able to hang out with them due to scheduling conflicts. Even though Great America's gotten cheesy and they aren't even trying to make their line waits interesting with their atmosphere. Still, the rides were fun and everyone enjoyed interacting with everyone else. I really like the new girlfriend, and The Boy loves my friends, and says I can keep them. :P

Boy's Birthday (May 28):
Here's what The Boy got for his birthday from me (which I spent all day Saturday putting together):

A basket wrapped in celophane and tied with a blue ribbon. In the basket was a box of blackberry jasmine tea, which he'll hopefully really like (since he's a tea drinker), and a bunch of bagels. HOME MADE BAGELS. And let me tell you, those bagels were a pain in the butt to make, but they're very yummy. Perhaps partially because they were made with love. ;)

So, I made a batch of cinnamon raisin bagels for him, which came out WONDERFULLY. The second batch was a combo of onion and poppyseed, but unfortunately the onion ones were undercooked, and the poppyseed ones came out very small. Probably because the recipe didn't have any sugar in it -- which yeast apparently needs to interact with in order to rise properly.

Well, despite the fact that he didn't notice the basket right off so that we ended up having some very yummy apple pancakes for breakfast, he did try one and apparently agrees that they came out wonderfully.

Hurrah for a thoughtful and appreciated gift. I'm glad he likes 'em. <3

This Weekend:
I'll be going to Valhalla up at South Lake Tahoe for a Renaissance Faire. The Boy got me into one of the guilds, and it's my first time on the "other side," as it were. I'm really looking forward to it! We'll be leaving this afternoon, picking up some other riders, and then off we go. Hopefully, it'll be lots and lots of fun, so I'll enjoy going back NEXT weekend as well.

I'm also baking cookies to bring and share with people, hopefully I'll get lots of new friends. Though there's also people from Friday Night Waltz who will be there, too. Speaking of which! There's my timer. Gotta go move cookies around!

Is The Kitola still a coward?
Yes. Yes I am. Trying to get up the guts to fix that, though.