Tuesday, October 06, 2009

perfect example of my mental/emotional state right now...

scene: leaving the meeting for my theater company

mom: i need to go get some gas, you can ride home with dad if you want.
me: ...okay. ::starts to wander that way::
mom: ::playful sarcastic:: oh, sure, ride with him just because i need to get gas!
me: uhm, okay...::turns to go ride with mom::
dad: ::playful sarcastic:: oh, what, you don't want to ride with me?
me: ......::starts sobbing::
dad: ...OMG I'M SORRY! ::hug attack::

....yeah. mildly amusing, but seriously pathetic too.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Wow! Far too long. Just sent you a facebook friend request and hope we can talk soon. My life has been as crazy as yours but mostly positive. Keep smiling!