Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An update of sorts

Just updating again, since the last few notes have been real downers.

Still single, but I've gone from being depressed as hell to wanting to punch The Jerk in the now being annoyed at him but knowing I can do better. :)

I've been on Lexapro to help with this situation depression, and am on my last refill. Gonna talk to my doctor about the best way to wean off of it, but it's REALLY helped me over this slump.

Last semester was KILLER, due to the stress and depression I was having...but I still got all As. :)

Just about to start my final semester in the student teaching program, which includes full time student teaching (in a first grade room!), two college classes, and doing the PACT. So, this'll be another killer semester, especially since I'll be choreographing another show in Menlo Park and hopefully doing some subbing on the side...yay moneys. But hopefully I'll survive.

All in all...I gotta say thanks to my IRL friends, especially my theater buds AW and MT (the latter of which actually went to high school with The Jerk...but is now more my buddy than his, ha). They really helped me out by inviting me out to things and just letting me be around them.

Oh, and this summer's show has been announced.


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